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  1. Try some soft plastics maybe. No need to go to the fish Munger then
  2. Id say you hi sticked it! When getting rod tip to high on even a kingies of that size you can snap a rod. Obviously depends on the design of course but a lot of rods have this weakness.
  3. Beats my PB
  4. What area are you fishing, state ect??
  5. And I thought this area was about fishing reports
  6. For a moment I thought this was a shooting forum Some nice drummer there
  7. So for a tinny to head into open water what is required as far as safety equipment goes?? I got hastled for being past the open water line in botany bay by waterways a while ago & had what I thought was the right gear for being within 2km.
  8. I thought you just had a tinny?
  9. Nice work Kingabruz. Been trying for 2 months to get out for a crack at them but just to busy
  10. Nice
  11. Great fish there GP
  12. Nice bag yowie I can never seem to get a legal red whenever I'm on the hacking but thats not to often. Nice king to mate! Apart fron being great on the bbq I love the kings done sushimi style or also cured & part of a salad. Its been ages since I've been to the port, might have to be my next trip
  13. Well done to you & the missus Interesting that they just went for the store bought squid! Was it whole though or strips?
  14. Well done Penguin. Looks like the kings have been fished pretty consistently in the bay for the last 4 weeks. And if course I havent had time to get out Well at least someone is enjoying themselves.
  15. Nice kings & soungs like a grwat day out for the family