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  1. Not what we planned for

    Would have pulled that zodiak around like a bobby cork. Great fish 😊
  2. The rice trick is an urban myth plus besides its salt water & will corrode the internals anyway. So the kings are back on in the bay then, thats nice to know
  3. I'll be up there Monday for a week of hols & taking the old 67 quintrex sportsman up. I hope I run into some of these in the bay http://www.smh.com.au/environment/conservation/depths-of-despair-as-20000-ravenous-kingfish-hit-port-stephens-marine-park-20180201-h0rpqi With thise numbers loose you can imagine they will decimate any school fish in the area!
  4. Get up to Port Stephens ASAP if you can.

    I thought that recapture would have been undway almost straight away. The usual media beat up or one sided veiw of things or personal agenda. Interesting to here the claim they were schooling off little beach though? My industry would be greatly affected without aquaculture!
  5. Unforgettable Day

    Great when it happens Whare did all this happen though? Its always good be be told a region this all happened in a report, not necessarily the exact point!
  6. Material i use to cuttlefish

    We have around 5000 members of which around 10 percent are paid premium members. We do a yearly cleanout of people who haven't added any content There are currently 4 admins and 4 mods although there were more originally but found the forum was being over moderated. Our forum is predominantly hunting and firearms related with various other categories like fishing and 4x4 etc, because of this it has attracted a reasonable amount of trolls and trouble makers so we are all pretty active and very decisive on whats allowed. i guess something your forum doesn't have to be to concerned about Free members only have access to part of the forum, while the paid members have full access including classifieds so its a bit of a club within a club then after running costs are covered from this money the rest is given back to the premium members in prizes.
  7. Material i use to cuttlefish

    Thanks for the offer Mrs swfm but I am already an administrator of another Australian forum which take up a reasonable amount of my spare time. I will make sure I report anything in future through the appropriate channels. Happy fishing
  8. Material i use to cuttlefish

    Richardo, once again an interesting youtube BUT again as I said before, this section is where we talk about where we have been fishing & what we caught not anout gear & techniques. If you go back to the forum page you will see the different categories. Not sure.why the.mods are not telling you this? http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/forum/27-general-fishing-section/ www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/
  9. Cuttlefish bite..lol

  10. Cuttlefish bite..lol

    No disrespect recardo but you keep putting these type of psts in this section which is about fishing reports! How about putting then into a relative section!!
  11. Whiting

    Any seafood eats best when you do as little to it as possible. I like whiting dipped i to seasoned flour, sautèd in butter & finished with some squeezed lemon & chopped parsley. Also know as Meurniere. In 4 to 5 minutes your eating whiting........mmmm.....
  12. Balmoral Beach Jetty

    A head torch is good cheap investment
  13. How cuttlefish attack

    Looks interesting although Im not sure why its posted in fishing reports??
  14. Botany Bay Tuesday

    And they say you always need 'liveys' to be able to get kingies
  15. Port Hacking

    Nice fish yowie, thanks for sharing
  16. Inflatable Life Jackets

    I cant say I have ever seen the older foam type with pockets or mess on them. They are designed to be a life vest not a fishing vest if thats what you are talking about. Af for not being bulky, well they all are, thats why people have moved to the inflatables. The other types (enclosed waters) are less bulky. Anyway I have a very good condition type 1 & a very good type 2 (would have to check that one for the exact type)you can have if you want & live locally to sydney CBD?
  17. Beach This Morning

    What beach?
  18. Port Stephens- Comp weekend (added)

    Looks like Boandabah island in the background so somewhere near soldiers point is my guess?
  19. Botany Bay 24/11/17

    I was out there on the same day from 7am-11am & caught a few flatties for 1 keeper. I also caught an 80cm fiddler ray as well which was a bit.of fun on light gear for a few minutes.
  20. PB Flattie

    Well done but yeh its nice to see a picture. I pull heaps of flatties in with SP's, you just need the right colour imo. My PB on SP is 80cm & went 3.8kg. Your would.have been close to 4.5 or more.
  21. Kurnell - Cronulla - Gunnamatta FAIL

    Try some soft plastics maybe. No need to go to the fish Munger then
  22. Botany Kings

    Id say you hi sticked it! When getting rod tip to high on even a kingies of that size you can snap a rod. Obviously depends on the design of course but a lot of rods have this weakness.
  23. Georges Jew

    Beats my PB
  24. Busted off twice

    What area are you fishing, state ect??
  25. Lures vs bait scenario results

    And I thought this area was about fishing reports