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  1. Botany Bay

    Thanks for that. Went out today armed with sh*t loads of burley, as in a pilchard log, 2kg pilchards & even stuff I had saved in the freezer from my last trip, caught livies & still came up with zip. Anchored east of the cans for about 1.5hr, anchored & at molly for about 1.5hrs & anchored at 3rd runway for about 1.5 hrs. Oh well, that's fishing Nice day out there though but nothing around, water temp was 17 so may be the reason or I'm just out of luck with being there at the right time. Anyway that's my fishing in the bay done till after winter but I will keep trying as one day my luck has to change
  2. Botany Bay

    Thanks mate, been all over the place trying for a kingie but I think its one of those right place right time things in the bay, this time I am going to use a similar strategy & anchor up & spent some time there with heaps of burley. Wednesday looks like the day weather wise Cheers for the info
  3. Botany Bay

    Care to share the approx. area where you were anchored up? I'm heading out early next week & would like to target kings doing the same thing.
  4. Only One Red

    That's a stonka Baz, just catching one fish like that would make the whole trip worthwhile. I looked at going to Perth once for a trip Sampson fishing out of Hillary's but bought a new motor & gear for my Tinny instead, still on the bucket list though Thanks for sharing
  5. weipa

    Couldn't be disappointed with that lot
  6. Coogee to Bate Bay

    Have to admit that Foreshore rd is the last pace I would launch from on any weekend day. Its just the way my roster works but I really enjoy the bay when I get a day off from Monday to Thursday as there is no one or no agro around. Surprised you didn't do some trolling on either side of the heads for Kings as this is the 1st thing I would do if I have an ocean going boat before heading deeper. I have been on a few charters south of port hacking before Coalcliff that produced some nice flatties but then again catching anything up to 80cm is pretty common inside botany bay so I don't really go on charters anymore for that reason. Good to see you came home with a feed anyway
  7. Culburra beach 5&6th May 2018

    Hi Raiders, had a chance to head outside for a fish which for me is pretty rare & also have a catch up with a mate I hadn't seen for a while. Saturday afternoon was a cracker, very little wind until late in the day when it picked up & again there in the morning which was unfortunate as we were going to head out to the 'banks' which I was really looking forward to but no go . Sunday went to all of my mates close in marks & got a few just legal snapper & plenty of nice flatties, went to another spot & I though I was onto a 5kg+ snapper but when I finely got it to the top it was a biggest squid I have ever seen in the flesh, caught it in the point of the body with one hook while there was a sweep on the other, I figure I had caught the sweep & it was trying to make a meal of it. Still a great weekend although I was hoping for a bit of wide out action. Sunday night salt & pepper squid with enoki & Asian green salad, cant get any fresher
  8. Deep dropping with Team Bait Catcher

    WOW, awesome trip & fish guy's. No wonder there's smiles all round Love all the pics, especially the last shot with all the hardware on display
  9. North Coast Warms Up

    Great looking trip there guys & those fish are crackers. Very envious indeed
  10. Pittwater Land Based

    Well done JF, always a bonus when you bring a feed home
  11. Wollongong Snapper

    Looks about 42-45cm to me Doesn't matter as long as it was over 30cm. I bet it tasted great, how did you cook it?
  12. Mowie off the rocks

    How do you add the twist?
  13. Mowie off the rocks

    Nice fishing! Thanks for the tip on the kiwi dropper, never heard of that one & it looks pretty good
  14. Port Stephens- snapper season approaching!

    Whats the best bait at this time of year for snapper? I am going for a trip off Culburra this weekend. Taking a heap of plastics down but what colours work well on snapper generally? Hopefully catch some livies of yellow tail or slimies so that s going to be bait
  15. Kings on jigs

    Nice kings, I mean seals
  16. Ripper day

    Nice work Cody, bet that was so much fun. A lot of fisho's stick their noses in the air at the thought of eating Bonnies but if treated right by killing & bleeding them immediately & putting them on ice they are great eating. Really nice looking fish there. Enjoy.
  17. Wooli - Spanish Mac with video

    Great post as usual scratchie I actually didn't realize mackerel made their way done the NSW coast so far. Just one thing Id like to suggest is that if you intend to freeze any kind of meat or fish a food vac machine is worth its weight in gold. It will reduce freezer burn & keep the fish/meat so much longer. I find mine essential for when I catch more than I can eat or when I take game like deer or rabbits that I want to enjoy 3 or 6 months later
  18. Solid tailor

    That's a thumper alright Congrats to the young lady Good thing that hook landed where it did
  19. Bate Bay

    Well you should have enough fish stocked up in the freezer now anyway. Safe travels
  20. Port Stephens- team scratchie

    Nice work scrathie. Catching a feed is always a bonus but the real joy is just getting out there & having fun with the young ones.
  21. Not a good Friday-Botany 30.3.18

    My mate & I fished all my usual hang outs today which I at least normally catch 5-10 flatties for a few keepers up to 55cm but today all I could.manage 1 flattie that I didnt even measure before returning. Not sure if the moon phase was out or something but ended a bit of a flop today Still better than working of course Plenty of you out there today around mollie & just south of the 3rd runway so how did you do?
  22. Not a good Friday-Botany 30.3.18

    Were you fishing with baits or SP's for those FS? Well done on the catch!
  23. First Blue Swimmer Crab

    Well done Steve, I recall bringing in my own 1st blue swimmer catch I how it added to a great xmas lunch. Kudo's on mentioning the spot as well! This is what fishing reports is all about. If your not going to mention the area then its not really a report really?
  24. Blue swimmers save the day

    What area mate? Part of fishing reports is actually giving a general area imo
  25. Not a good Friday-Botany 30.3.18

    I presume.your talking about Foreshore rd or also now called port Botany ramp? Plenty.of other ramps avaliable in the area! I was in & out in minutes at the ranp I used