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  1. I can see a tidal flow type (no pun haha) arrangement working here. In the mornings people use the wider lanes to launch whilst the ealry am fishos use the smaller single ramp to retieve, in the afternoons the day trippers can use the larger lanes again to retrieve whilst the evening fishers use the single ramp to launch... sounds workable.

  2. Hi All

    Im fairly new here and wanted to share my experience with the moron rivercat captains at Silverwater.

    Ive used this ramp around 5 times now as its the nearest one. Security seems fine during daytime, plenty of rangers, council workers, police, joggers and cyclists around at all time, the new wharf is ok but yes Ermington is better.

    The one problem is the rivercats. Most are well behaved, only making around 1ft of wake/wave, however Yesterday, We had just docked in our 14 ft half cab when an east bound Rivercat came past at around 15 knots, Ignoring the no wash zone he was leaving and sending a large wave 2 - 2.5 ft high at us. it soaked me from the thighs down, drenched every sqaure cm of the boat inside and out and ripped the boat's tie rail off caused our vessel to nearly capsize.

    The boat almost ended up on the ramp. If we were tied to the front of the jetty and not the side, we would have definately been in trouble. From what i could see the moron dipped his bow or sped up, to cause such a a large pressure wave, it scared the shit out of me and my partner and damaged our boat. This was a complete cowboy and im in the process of reporting all this.

    Luckily we had just docked, if had of had the car/trailer there retrieving the boat, im certain i would have a written off boat and car right now.