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  1. Hollllly molley!!! Nice work.
  2. That is the best!!!
  3. that was a while ago. You should be able to check the DPI website for updated info. Cheers Rah
  4. Very cool.
  5. How good is that!!!! They are great fish on their own, but 2 on the 1 lure. Magic. Cheers Rah
  6. Nice one Donna, Good to see you on the board. Cheers Rah
  7. Great Pic Neil.
  8. I've gotten a couple of flatties down the end at shoalhaven heads. Not as many or the sizes of last year at the same time though. There are fish consumption warnings for West of nowra bridge too.
  9. Great pics. Hope the weather clears up for you. Cheers Rah
  10. Nice flattie Yowie. And good tip on if it stays upside down. Cheers Rah
  11. Not bad for an early start. Can't wait to see the pic/video. Cheers Rah
  12. Sounds like great R&R. Well done. Cheers Rah
  13. Made me thirsty too!! Great video. Cheers Rah
  14. G'day Raiders, Taking the kids on their first camping trip in 2 weeks to Merry beach. Has anyone fished the beach there recently? any tips or tricks. I've never really beach fished before so have done some searching and googling but thought it would be a good idea to ask the brain trust. Cheers Rah
  15. Nice fish!!! Cheers Rah