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  1. Rat Patroll

  2. Deep dropping with Team Bait Catcher

    Way to go Swordie and fellas. Top day out.
  3. Bycatch spinning for tailor

    Not a bad result for no Taylor.
  4. Morning glory

    Fantastic Jon.
  5. Early morning bottom bash

    Nice feed there mate.
  6. Berowa yak session

    Top bream mate.
  7. insanity of cod fishing

    Top report mate. Great effort, can be difficult draging the yak around.
  8. Estuary Perch

    Top stuff Jonno and Swordy. Love that double hook up!!
  9. Great pics, looks like a great place to be. Cheers Rah
  10. Bream bonanza

    Top stuff mate.
  11. Few BREAM

    Top stuff fellas!!
  12. Welcome aboard Mike and the Deckee team. Looking forward to what will be coming up. Thank you again, Donna and Stew for what fishraider is today. Cheers Rah
  13. The last few bass

    How awesome that she she has been sponsored.
  14. Boat Service Shop recommendations

    Give our site sponsor 1st mate marine a call. All other recommendations via PM Cheers Rah
  15. Port Stephens- team scratchie

    Fantastic day out!!
  16. Shoalhaven River Flathead lure fishing

    Nice flatties!! Has definitely been quieter than last year for my land based spots on the shoalhaven. They are there but just not the sizes of last year. Great work. Cheers Rah
  17. Surface bass

    Some top bass there mate. Been meaning to grab a pack of the frogs. What colour have you been using? Cheers Rah
  18. Awesome!! Bet your itchin' to get out again. Well done Great pics
  19. IMPORTANT SURVEY ALL - show our relevance

    Done Agree with captain spanner.
  20. Finesse frog

    I personally use 10 or 12lb leader on bass. This is to also help with wayward casts. Hasn't seemed to affect catch rate. Nice fish at 40cm mate.
  21. Finesse frog

    Do you have a pic of how you are rigging them?
  22. Gosford Rail Bridge

    Thats a nice flattie there. Lesson learnt hey. Cheers Rah
  23. quick bass session

    Great report mate. 37's and 38's aint bad. I'm hanging to try out some new local spots, just need to find a good access point. Cheers Rah
  24. 77cm King on Bream rod

    Top fish on the bream gear mate. Well done Cheers Rah