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  1. Another day in Paradise...

    Top stuff Neil. Great pics as always.
  2. Brisbane Water Bream Plan B

    Got to love a plan B that pays off. Some nice bream there. Well done Cheers Rah
  3. Zman plastics

    All zman though?
  4. Swordies bag out on crabs

    Top stuff Swordies!! Beats cleaning out the gutters like me!!!
  5. Zman plastics

    I haven't had a problem with them if kept in their zip bags but have had a couple melt if with other plastics or stick together.
  6. Looking for a fishing mate

    Good on ya Brett!! True raider spirit.
  7. Kids, Wild Bass & PB's

    Some top bass there mate. The boys much have be absolutely cheering!!! Cheers

    Happy birthday for yesterday BN.
  9. Sunday king with my daughter

    How good is That!!
  10. Port Hacking

    Nice feed there yowie. Great flattie too Cheers
  11. Found - box of flies at Pittwater

    Good on you Derek!!
  12. Looking for a fishing mate

    Hey There Michael, It might help if you let people know whereabouts you are located and what type of fishing you are interested in doing. Good luck. Cheers Rah
  13. PB Dolly

    Congrats on the PB. sounds like A fantastic weekend away. Cheers Rah
  14. further 'bidgee update

    I hope monday has great fishing weather for you then.
  15. G'day Raiders, Saw this on Facebook. Posted yesterday. Notice to Fishers in Port Stephens area NSW DPI and Huon Aquaculture are undertaking a research project to assess the viability of Kingfish aquaculture in offshore sea pens off Providence Bay Port Stephens. Last week, severe storms damaged one sea pen leading to the escape of Yellowtail Kingfish. Fishers are advised that a fishing closure was implemented today. Recreational and commercial and fishers may now not take fish within the Marine Aquaculture Research Lease. This is a temporary closure (till 7/2/18) to allow farm repairs and recapture of farmed Kingfish. Mariners are requested to avoid the lease area during recovery operations with ongoing diver assisted repairs to mooring infrastructure and sea pens. www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/aquaculture
  16. Jewfishing

    Sorry can't help with jews. Hahah.
  17. further 'bidgee update

    Good to see you getting amongst a few BN. No pics this time? I bet you will be heading back to the spot where you had the battery troubles. Cheers Rah
  18. On the Hacking

    How good is that to get the rod back!!! Some nice fish there too. Cheers Rah
  19. Bait shop clifton gardens

    Try doing a Google search.
  20. Jewfishing

    Are you after jews of something else?
  21. SP's DO WORK!!

    Nice flatty. There will be no stopping you now.
  22. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    Wow!! Thatis Awesome!! Well done scratchies.
  23. quick Nymboida session

    That's Awesome!!
  24. Salt and fresh

    G'day Raiders, A quick report from the last week. Camped down at wollondilly for a few nights last weekend and did some lazy fishing with corn as bait while the kids went to check out the caves and landed 3 carp all about 50cm. Fun on light gear. Couple of days ago I hit up the shoalhaven river for a flick for flatties. Landed 8 in 2 hours in the middle of the incoming tide. All just about legal or just under. The bigger ones haven't shown up in that spot this year. For those that have been asking about plastics lately, all caught with a zman 3" paddle tail in bloodworm. My go to at that particular spot. 8lb braid with 12lb leader. Cheers Rah
  25. Salt and fresh

    Cheers mate. Always happy to get more than one. Carp were fun. Different style to what I'm used to, left the bail arm open until the line started peeling then flicked it over to strike. Thanks again for the tips. Haha always good to catch something new. Tick another one off the list.