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  1. Soft Plastic Scent

    Vanders, its called Spike-It. Comes in 2 forms - liquid in a small bottle and you just dip your plastic in it and it also comes in pens like a marker pen. REALLY strong garlic smell!
  2. Luderick on the double handed fly rod

    Fantastic! Congrats. My attention will be turning to blackfish again soon. Is there much cabbage on the ocean rocks around the place & same for weed?
  3. Luderick troubleshooting

    The only thing I would do in that situation, before swearing at them and giving up, is to go down to 4lb leader.
  4. Hawkesbury-Nepean Bass Catch Feb 17 & 18

    Bloody long way to come Dirvin! You'd think there would be more response from the Sydney crowd.
  5. Come on you experienced or aspiring bass fishos! See my post in the Fishing Trips section - www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/topic/86264-hawkesbury-nepean-bass-catch-feb-17-18/
  6. The second H-N Bass Catch of the season is coming up again over the weekend of February 17 & 18. As always, anyone who wants to fish for bass, provide info to NSW Fisheries and get together with a bunch of friendly bass fishos is asked to register via our website (www.basssydney.com) or you could try going direct via this link to the BassCatch registration form = http://basssydney.com/index.php/hidden-bass-catch-form/view/form After you've registered, you will be contacted by our Bass Catch Officer with more details. During the registration process, you will be asked if you want to camp with us at our (free) campsite and if so, which nights (Fri 16th &/or Sat 17th). Bass Catch newbies will be required to attend a briefing either at our club meeting at Northmead Bowling Club on Tuesday night, 13/2/18 or at the campsite during the weekend. Our food is OK, plentiful and cheap - you don't even have to cook after a day's fishing! Raffle prizes galore, the Port Appreciation Club, casting targets, friendly folk... If you want to ask any questions feel free to PM me.
  7. Sashimi Bonito Always A Risk!?

    I like sashimi bonito more than tuna!
  8. Short arvo fish

    EP it is
  9. Flystration

    Great read! Well done.
  10. A couple of km's on the Nambucca

    Great report & pix
  11. Swordies fish Glenbawn

    Very interesting!! How are you using those heavy-looking skirted jigs there? V popular in the US.
  12. Bass plentiful at lostock

    Stumpjumpers are great Aussie lures but they are plastic, not balsa. I don't think they've been made of wood since they were first made many, many years ago.
  13. Having Fresh bait

    DO NOT USE the cheap raw imported prawns from the fish shop or supermarket for bait!! I'm sure they catch fish but you run the risk of infecting local waters with white spot virus. OK to use cooked imported prawns.
  14. It is harder with the angle of the photo you took, but I'm convinced its an EP with the deeper body and large eye. If you look at your comparison pic, the EP has a larger eye than the bass.
  15. A nice EP. What did you catch it on?