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  1. Great report & pix
  2. Very interesting!! How are you using those heavy-looking skirted jigs there? V popular in the US.
  3. Stumpjumpers are great Aussie lures but they are plastic, not balsa. I don't think they've been made of wood since they were first made many, many years ago.
  4. DO NOT USE the cheap raw imported prawns from the fish shop or supermarket for bait!! I'm sure they catch fish but you run the risk of infecting local waters with white spot virus. OK to use cooked imported prawns.
  5. It is harder with the angle of the photo you took, but I'm convinced its an EP with the deeper body and large eye. If you look at your comparison pic, the EP has a larger eye than the bass.
  6. A nice EP. What did you catch it on?
  7. Wow! You did pretty well then. None of the Bass Sydney guys I know of caught a 40cm FL. 380mm was the best I heard of from my mates. Don't forget to send in your catch card.
  8. Was this for the Hawkesbury-Nepean R Bass Catch Nick?
  9. Huh! I had exactly the same thing happen in June this year on the Lane Cove R. I was finishing a session on the yak and less than 100m from the take out when I noticed a very large whiting flapping about in around a foot of water. I picked it up and could see no obvious injury. It was beauty and surpasses any PB whiting I've caught. I threw it back.
  10. PM sent Foosh. Yes, I had left it much too late to advertise it on FR. I had too much on my plate lately. We hold 2 Basscatches a season. The next one is late in the season, in Feb on the 3rd weekend. Put it in your diary everyone!
  11. Bass Sydney's first H-N Basscatch for the season is on this weekend. If you want to bass fish for a good cause (all catch data going to Fisheries) and meet some friendly, dedicated, environmentally conscious bass fishos, then register to fish this weekend. You can fish 2 days, 1 day or 2hrs its up to you. If you want to join the people camping at our campsite you can do so (Fri &/or Sat night). Camping is free, food provided for $10 per dinner and free breakfast on Sunday morning if you're there. I left this a bit late to post up, but you can still register. Go to Bass Sydney's website and click on the BassCatch tab. Or just click on this link - http://basssydney.com/index.php/hidden-bass-catch-form/view/form
  12. Howdoweplaythis & others have already hit it on the head. Mobility is key - its about covering water...or seabed actually. Small bites - probably small fish. One thing to add - I use qtr oz jigheads but prefer 3/0 hook size. This allows you to use larger plastix and be confident of enough hook exposure. I had my 2nd Botany Bay shorebased flatty jigging session for the season this morning. Not fantastic but they're definitely coming on. I landed 4 with the largest 55cm. 3 of them on aforementioned jighead with Zman 3" Minnowz and 1 on a 5" Zman jerkshad with a 5/0 wide gap worm hook and added lead strip.
  13. Tip: Don't ever bother freezing untreated slimies for food or bait as they just turn to mush when thawed. Eat them fresh (yum) or if you want to store as bait, fillet them then salt them down. All you need is newspaper (many sheets), slimy fillets and lots of salt. Salt a layer of fillets then wrap in newspaper and put in fridge overnight or about a day. They will firm up and can then be frozen & thawed fine. They stay on your hook well and bream, flathead, etc still love them.
  14. Firstly to answer your Q - no, Avomine did not make me drowsy and I did not take one in the morning, just the one the night before. I first came across Avomine many yrs ago when my daughter was young and would get car sick a lot. We used to give her one tablet the night before and no carsickness and also did not seem to make her drowsy the next day. Having said all that, I need to say - (1) This was a long time ago. As I never go outside on a boat, I haven't needed to take it. (2) I also found that a few yrs ago (8 or 9yrs?) that I couldn't buy Avomine as I was told it was taken off the market. Then more recently (~2yrs ago) I found that they are available again. I bought a pack as I thought I was going outside in a boat which never happened, so I have not tried the new batch. I had never heard of it being available in different coloured packs years ago, so maybe they have changed the formula or strength in more recent years...?
  15. Avomine! You take it the night before just before yo go to bed then they give you a good sleep and no sea sickness the next day.