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  1. Hi Poacher Always good to have atleast one squid. Great mixed bag for the day. What a surprise that bass must have been. Cheers
  2. Good report and certainly a good bag of fish. Got to love those whiting. mmmmmmmmm
  3. Pretty productiv day well done. I can't wait to give it a lash tomorrow. Cheers
  4. Nice fish well done
  5. Fantastic sambo looking to give the beach a go this week end myself. Well done
  6. Well done fellas great report and good variety bagged.
  7. Looks very professional. Well done
  8. I have owned 4 boats and my most recent 6.5 meter half cab has them fitted. Personally I find them an excellent feature. It seems if you have a high profile boat with cabin that can get pushed in a wind or in certain sea conditions the ability to be able to level the boat is fantastic. I was given some instruction on how to use them when I brought the boat and had the first ride. I would get them again on a similar size or larger boat in the future. I also spoke to a person from Barcrusher at the boat show. He very knowledgeable and helpful. His advice was for trim tabs over 6m. Cheers
  9. Fantastic effort I am sure it would be worth the pain. Dave
  10. Great effort well done
  11. Hi raiders I would like to target some game and sports fish off shore from Sydney(port hacking) I have a 6-7m glass half cab with 200 hp 250 litres all 2yrs old and serviced each winter with all the required safety gear including EPIRB. My thoughts were given I am new to off shore in Sydney was to start at some FADS off Port Hacking and venture to The Peak and 12 Mile in the coming weeks. I have been doing a lot of reading in the forum and eventually I would like to go to Browns Mountain. I would be grateful to the experienced raiders to comment on my plan especially with regard to suitability of the boat and the weather conditions considered possible. I would also appreciate to know regulars who would be willing for me to follow side by side to gain some experience and confidence. Just to keep in touch on the VHF would be good peace of mind. Feel free to give some help on the fishing techniques. Thanks Bucaneer
  12. Hi all thanks for all the replies. Its a very active forum and great reading. See you on the water and hope to have many good fishing reports to make,
  13. Hi Roberta The dam is up so much will have to leave the boat at home. You inspired me to get out the beach rod / alvey combo and brave the cold in the am tomorrow. I would be happy with a samba or 2.
  14. Greet effort quick fish, brave the cold and get a feed. Where do you put you boat in not easy when you are solo?
  15. How can we get the details and register. Can't wait