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  1. Big shark Botany Bay

    Awesome footage. I do kayak fishing in that area now im worried......
  2. First Ever Kayak Outing - Narrabeen Lake

    Well done. A great report. Nice catch on your first kayak fishing outing. Please do safety recovery test on your kayak. I got flipped on a very calm day when tug boat came too close and fast. Created fast moving waves over 1.2 meter high and repeated waves 2 meters apart and flipped my 14.2 mtr Hobie PA14. It was my first accident after fishing over a year in yak. Wear a good PFD life jacket. I managed to flip back by stepping on to boondox landing gear legs and pulling side anchor trolley line and only lost very expensive anchor rig. Be safe on the water and good luck.
  3. Kayak fishing for white seabass

    Nice video. Where about you fishing?
  4. Sashimi

    More the wings are crunchy.
  5. Sashimi

    Have you tried sushi in Japanese restaurant or sushi train. Try it first.There have squid or calamari. If you are think of doing at home try this. How to clean. When you catch calamari kill it humanely and squeeze the ink out in seawater it cleans much better than fresh water. Pack in ice or keep it cool until you go home. Calamari has two layer of skin.Outer slimy layer and a fine film skin. This layer makes the meat chewy. Cut the body tube away main body. Cut the tube one side to make one large trangle shape Remove stomach Saparate the wings from tube. Use paper towel to rub off the skins in one direction. Yes you might use quite a lot paper towels. But this is quick and easy and no use of water. Water is no good for sashimi. Once all cleaned half the meat and slice very thin and use korean sashimi chilli sauce or what ever sauce you perfer. Or have it like sushi style. You might find it rubbery taste. You will either like it or you wont. Its like first time eating and an oyster. The wings and tentacle has different texture too. Good luck. P.s if you dont like quickly batter and deep fry.
  6. Sashimi

    Yes the risk is very very small. I know black fish has worms and parasites in the gut black lining. Some people do sashimi these fish but they fillet right away from there guts. Even large travellies but if you fillet sashimi stay away from guts. Most Japanese and koreans people catch fish for sashimi and 20% ends up in frying pans. Every fishing outing if i have caught enough i have filleted for sashmi. Been doing this for 30 years its safe.
  7. Sashimi

    Australian salmon i give a miss. Silver bream is good choice, drummer. Yellow tail surprising is very good. Calamari too Bleeding the fish is very important. Lot of us clean and scale the fish and fillet but poeple i know who been filleting for sashimi leave the scales on. It helps skins come off clean with the fillets. Once filleted dont ever wet it. You can wrap with lint free cloth or good quality paper towel and leave it in the fridge for couple of hours. It rests the meat and firms up and taste has more texture not mushy. How to fillet lookup you tube. Slice it up and have it with beer etc. Give it a go and enjoy.
  8. Fishing Friends

    Thanks PaddyT. The locals or fishmen uses cheap prawns there. I surely will tell them not to use it when i go there. I always use fresh Hawkesberry prawns but very pricey.
  9. Fishing Friends

    Welcome steve to fishraider. As weather is warming up there should be more fish in the harbour. Its luck and matter of repetitive spot fishing, one day you catch good feed and next day dougnuts. In late Nov and Dec go to Green point reserve at Watsons bay south side ( looking towards harbour bridge. Couple of hours before sunset there are fishmen chasing big travelly. Its great catch and release fishing if you dont like eating travellies. Use light gear its great fun. My biggest catch there was 57cm. Great numbers of travelly come into harbour maybe to spawn. Good luck. P.s use cheap coles pink prawns No sinkers and burley bread.
  10. Close call rock fishing!

    Good to be a live and safe. You should buy lottery ticket.... Good luck.
  11. The kayak krews hairtail catch-up!

    Hi there fellow members love to join your next hairtail session in August. I have been long time land base fishing but Not much experience in kayak fishing but kin to learn from experience members from this group. I will keep an eye on your fishing trip. Cheers.
  12. Kayak hairtail

    Nice report. So where about did you catch does nice hairtails i like to try night fishing on my kayak.
  13. Hobie Mirage drive 180

    Sorry mate my typing error Aus $ dollar. We will find out soon how much there sell for. As for upgrade i though converting the old mirage drive parts to new 180 mirage drive. Thanks for your correction and info.
  14. Kayak virgin

    You can get a new trolling motor design called Bixpy jet. This unit combined with lithium battery weights only 5 kg. My trolling motor and battery weights more than 30kgs. Expensive but ideal for cutting down weight. Very interesting concept. Its just manufacting the designs preorder now. Www.bixpyjet.com I liked it so much i ordered one for my Hobie pa 14 2017 model.
  15. Hobie Mirage drive 180

    Hi there i preordered back in sept last year and got my Hobie PA 14 miragedrive 180 in mid December 2016. Its awesome vessel had to get a trailer and ordered a Boonedox landing gear which is permanently attached to the kayak for easy lauching. The new miragedrive is quick and easy to peddle. There is no upgrade. You have to buy a new miragedrive. Its about us $1000.