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  1. Now that's a mixed bag, well done πŸ‘πŸΎ
  2. Not wrong yowie, When I tried to retrieve my lure, he swallowed and the entire lure with double trebles Didn't even touch the sides, not a nice place to be even for a 20cm whiting. They are my favourite fish to target in the river, I love the sport of it, but the ultimate predator once again lost to the human.
  3. After reading jenno64 report this morning on the loo, i thought after the kids drop off, car rego and tyres I'll then go check a trap and have a qik flick before lunch, glad I did. caught 3 in the 40s , dropped an 80cm boat side and will eat this one for dinner as my soft vibe was inhaled and I need it back! 62cm , 2m of water, tide still running, 30mins on the boat ,tempura batter fillets n chips for the fam, and the carcass for my next trap drop , win win !
  4. Wow.... once again killing it , great session jenno, I'm going out soon around Como , hopefully I can at least get one big girl !
  5. Great report Jim, well written, informative and most important an enjoyable read. I could picture myself out there with you, great bit of reading after a Long days work. Keep em coming.
  6. Big girl well done mate! U have cracked the Georges code for quality flatys, and always great to see em sulk away .
  7. I don't eat anything west of Alford's pt bridge, the Georges has improved over the last few years imo, so it is better, but like any system in Sydney , pollution , waste dumping, sewage overflows, people etc etc is always a concern. As they say, moderation.
  8. Anytime bro, I 'll give u a few tips on how to "get the net" 😜 U know my spots, couple of big girls lazing around the drop offs, seen your bro at the ramp a couple of times . Don't be soft
  9. Thanks Rick, I can only hope when he gets older he still wants to hang out with the old man, and the Mrs and daughter don't mind having the boys out fishing! win win and some fish in between.
  10. Thanks mate , yes hopefully he stays keen, attention span not there yet but catching something is always high 5's great to see our Georges being predictable and productive again , have to hook up for a flick mate, I'm on the water at least 3 outings a week now depending on work , if u see my little boat and big puppy come over and say hi.
  11. Thanks bud , less time on the screens for sure... there is more to life than pixels πŸ‘Ž We will be at little beach Thursday night till Sunday , horse riding with the kids , beach , lemon tree passsge oysters and plenty of flicks in between, catch up for a beer if free bud! Can't wait to get up there .... any prawns about yet?
  12. Thanks Luke , anywhere up river from capt cook bridge , Ive caught em in 500mm to 6m deep, current flow, fresh fresh fresh bait a must
  13. Good work as usual mate, u r the Georges guru! Glad to see the bigger models lurking around our waterway , I lost a good lizard or could of been Jew right on HT yesterday, off to TW for some more blades!
  14. Making a point to be on the water more often with the kids of late, teaching my Young fella how life can/should be instead of the rat race we all have to endure each week , well he's a good learner ( must take after the mother ). Crabie as he is affectionately known as was picked up During the week by the young fella going 1.5kg, flaty frame bait left over night, high fives all round. This morning on HT whilst reeling in a blade I casted out for him whilst mucking around with a pot , this 45cm lizard jumped on, even though I landed it, still his fish. Drifted to same patch trying to outbeat him I hooked a serious croc however my 6lb Silly string was cut off at the leader and lost my blade😑 Chilli mud crab for me and the Mrs and tempura battered flaty fillets for the kids whilst watching the V8's. Cant complain !
  15. Cracker fish there mate , killing it as usual. I'll be up there last weekend of this month with the fam, but I hear shoal bay pub is under development, 😧 might see u at the fishos for a sneaky