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  1. Swordies bag out on crabs

    And people say lake Illawarra has Been tough of late, not when the swordies come to town! Flatys n crabs... can't beat that😎 Great day for it, well done Mr n Mrs !
  2. Lake mac

    Good lizard there Rick , nothing beats the feeling of a good flaty smashing your plastic. How deep did u get him? Surprising there wasn't more about, but that's life😎
  3. Kingfish Round 2

    Killing it Jeff , bad luck on the rod , but small price to pay to give your sons mate a day he will never forget, u tha man bro!
  4. Kingfish- no bait needed!!! (Video)

    Now ur just showing off bro!
  5. broughton island

    I'm in if any room on your boats boys , I will leave the family at home Jeff that weekend and if anyone needs a plus 1 for the comp I'm keen. Well run comp but yes Rick seen a few dodgy brothers there!
  6. Broughton reds

    Don't let Jeff get close to you Rick, he will take all your fish! Keep em coming
  7. Port Stephens on fire!!

    Onya Jeff, gotta love the kings! And snapper tonight, I just gone from a 6day work week, I'm jealous ! great day out with the boys, father of the year material there Bud😜
  8. swell

    Lucky bugger, I'm just leaving for work ready for a 40degree day, good luck up there Rick, look forward to your reports.
  9. Port Hacking

    Great report as usual Dave, in those conditions u have done well. wind and work has not allowed me anytime this week for a flick and the little fella resumes his little atheletics on sat so no fishing for me for a while, so always happy to read your reports mate, keep em coming.
  10. First legal kingfish!

    Great work, u must of had a ball, now you have the knowledge, a hoodlum won't be far. How deep did u get these?
  11. Georges river sand flats

    I'm not getting excited just yet mate, still searching for a 85+ model.... but happy with my results of late especially in my backyard, and yes my mate is hooked on plastics now, so another win for us lure fishos!
  12. Georges river sand flats

    Thanks yowie, the Georges is starting to become more consistent, which is a good sign for the future! I'm sure u know how bad it was .
  13. Sydney Saturday

    Not bad Sam, FYI a mate on his new 745 Game King went out Friday to browns and brought home a 3.1m approx 180kg blue, massive fluke as its their first and the boat only had 4 hrs on it ...so always worth a shot especially on a new boat !
  14. Georges river sand flats

    Thanks Jeff, he gets upset now when I don't take him with me and much better than looking at a screen all holidays!
  15. Georges river sand flats

    Thanks Donna, he loves his flathead and another picture for show n tell !