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  1. Please be advised that the below FADs have now been deployed. The Ballina FAD has also dragged approximately 4kms south of its mark, to the co-ordinates below. This FAD will be relocated back to its correct location shortly. FAD Location Latitude (S) Longitude (E) (3) Ballina 28° 56.600' 153° 40.886' (10) Port Macquarie 31° 24.567' 153° 04.725' (11) Laurieton Scheduled for deployment (12) Crowdy Head Scheduled for deployment (13) Forster Scheduled for deployment (16) Swansea 33° 10.005' 151° 48.976' (17) Terrigal 33° 30.032' 151° 38.592' (18) Sydney North 33° 35.700' 151° 34.600' (19) Sydney Harbour 33° 47.021' 151° 22.700' (20) Sydney East Scheduled for deployment (21) Botany Bay Wide 33° 59.672' 151° 26.743' (22) Sydney South 34° 07.950' 151° 23.090' (23) Wollongong 34° 27.321' 151° 04.308' (24) Shellharbour Scheduled for deployment (25) Kiama Scheduled for deployment (26) Jervis Bay Scheduled for deployment (27) Ulladulla Scheduled for deployment (28) Batemans Bay Scheduled for deployment (29) Narooma Scheduled for deployment (30) Far South Coast Scheduled for deployment
  2. Consistent reports all week coming in of bluefin east of Browns 60-90kg fish dogbox
  3. Big bream are around at the moment use plenty of burley run out tide and fish the structures. I fish with fresh mullet from the fish market. Fish lite big baits dogbox
  4. I had seats that look the same in my old Sundance boat, they where called Springfield fishing pro seats bought them at Whitworths marine dogbox
  5. I've camp here a few times, don't worry about the snakes their grass snakes and the birds come out at night can be noisey be careful at the shore when loading or unloading there are rocks that can damage your boat at low tide when choosing a morning ask the people that stay in the shacks they will tell you which one to use Dogbox
  6. Also known as poor mans lobster because its similar in taste dogbox
  7. I use it for bait generally baker and snapper hang out together but it has anyone ever eaten it dogbox
  8. Just got a text from a mate of mine he went out on the weekend he got a 70kg yellow fin SE of browns dogbox
  9. That's huge
  10. Yes sweetwater hope your talk'n bass I've never caught one yes please PM me dogbox
  11. Thanks Rick can't wait dogbox
  12. Yar I have auto boat catch I drive my boat on. I fish bendalong which has swell breaking on it so I'm know how important it is to be quick.
  13. Thank guys heading up on the 10 July have a Barcrusher 610 pulled by my Isuzu 4x4
  14. A New Beginning. I have fish may years from Batemans Bay to Port Stevens covering many estuary and bays. My mother in-law just bought a house in South Grafton which means that there will be host of trips to the north coast. I've only been to Wooli twice fished on a charter boat. But now trips to the Nth coast are going to happen on a regular bases I am keen to learn as much as I can fishing Minnie Waters and Wooli. There are a lot of no fishing zones because of the marine parks, really couldn't find many GPS marks, beach launching the boat going to be a learning experience, bar crossing yar done that at South West Rocks don't know how i survived that. Looking at the maps I'm also looking at Broom Head Yamba and the Clarence River, might give some fresh water fishing ago as well. If any Fishradiers are regulars around this part coast some help about local knowledge would be helpful. dogbox
  15. I used to make home brew, the best I ever made was an Indian pail ale. I stopped because of the effort and I always had people helping me drink it. I still have 12 bottles of a dark ale I made call Bock, i opened one few years back the taste had changed but it was better than I remember. They would be 14 years old now don't know if there any good now any ideas? dogbox