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  1. How to cook a blue swimmer crab

    I do mine the same as you in a way. Remove the claws, remove the lid, split body in half and brush out all the guts etc. Hit the claws with the back of a knife to crack so the flavour can get in. Then in a pot with chili, garlic and olive oil and cook until all is red in colour. Tip - use a rolling pin along the length of the legs and fins to get the meat out.
  2. Botany Bay Firing

    Great day on the Bay
  3. Port Hacking - quiet morning

    A good and different feed....
  4. DYI Floats

    They worked well in Forster this weekend. I can not beleice the amount of floats that I have lost recently with boats running over them.
  5. DYI Floats

  6. DYI Floats

    At around $9:00 a pop for crab trap floats at a shop decided to have a little DYI project. Made 16 floats from used milk bottles (thanks 7-11) and two cans of expanding foam from Bunnings. Bottle free. Expanding foam $16:00 = just over a $1:00 each. Fill bottle to a third of volume with foam and let the foam do its thing.
  7. Port Hacking

    Great mixed bag..... Always look forward to your reports.......
  8. Members Boats.

    My Quintrex 510 Ocean Spirit with 90HP etec.
  9. Not what we planned for

    Well done and looks like your Daughter took it in her stride......
  10. Prawning again

    Is the lake open, as I heard from a mate that has a house down that a way, that the entrance is still closed, but the lake is very low.
  11. Swordies bag out on crabs

    Do they have more chance to escape than if you use a trap?
  12. Swordies bag out on crabs

    Well done. Although I can not eat crab. Love catching them and hearing all the lip smacking noises. How do you find the nets work? As i either use traps or witches hats.
  13. Urgent help required

    I enjoy the smell. Reminds me of a good days fishing.
  14. Flathead outside and Harbour Kings

    Well done.......
  15. I would say that it was the correct choice. Always easier to tell the wife that you need to replace the phone than try to explain that you need a new rod and reel.