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  1. Members Boats.

    My Quintrex 510 Ocean Spirit with 90HP etec.
  2. Not what we planned for

    Well done and looks like your Daughter took it in her stride......
  3. Prawning again

    Is the lake open, as I heard from a mate that has a house down that a way, that the entrance is still closed, but the lake is very low.
  4. Swordies bag out on crabs

    Do they have more chance to escape than if you use a trap?
  5. Swordies bag out on crabs

    Well done. Although I can not eat crab. Love catching them and hearing all the lip smacking noises. How do you find the nets work? As i either use traps or witches hats.
  6. Urgent help required

    I enjoy the smell. Reminds me of a good days fishing.
  7. Flathead outside and Harbour Kings

    Well done.......
  8. I would say that it was the correct choice. Always easier to tell the wife that you need to replace the phone than try to explain that you need a new rod and reel.
  9. No more tight shackle pins

    What a great solution to a common problem.....
  10. Sunday king with my daughter

    Great to hear.......
  11. Underfloor tank

    Current boat is a Quintrex 510 Ocean Sport that has two underfloor lockers/storage compartments that have moulded inserts as standard. I am going to convert the rear into a plumbed catch tank and hinge the lid and then use the live bait tank pump to feed water to this. Just seeing if anyone has done this in the past? Any do's and don'ts would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Botany Bay

    Great time had when I went out in the Bay yesterday for a few hours with my 18 yo son. It has just been like hitting a switch for him in discovering fishing over the last few months. Two x reasonable flatties. One x good Bream. One x great Trev. Two x good sized blue swimmers. Not bad considering the wind. We were blown all over that place and could not get any rhythm at my usual spots.
  13. New boat trailer rust protection prevention

    All I have ever done is a very good hose off after each use. Spray hose /water up all channels that you can get too. I also have a cheap garden sprinkler that I put under the boat that saturates the under side of the boat and trailer. I check and repack my bearings every 12months. At this time I spray cold gal on anything that looks like corrosion.
  14. Port Hacking again

    Again a nice catch.
  15. What do you like about fishraider?

    HEAR HEAR........... Great Forum....... I am a member of other sporting forums and generally do not read past the first page, due to the ridicule and personal attacks that start to generate on page 2. Great work Admin and fellow members........