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  1. I would drive and have a look see. If the boat, trailer and motor is not as advertised. Walk away and put it down to experience. Then have a good trip home with or without the boat......
  2. Then go to your local tyre place and get a tyre fitted.
  3. Congratulations - good effort!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Call Velox in Kirrawee NSW. You can buy direct.
  5. Were the Trev's of any size?
  6. Good work there.
  7. Better still. Park in front of your peskie neighbours house. I have had a neighbour start parking his mini-bus in front of my house. I asked him to stop - he continued. The next reply was to tell him that if he wants to park his mini-bus in front of my house. My boat (that is parked off street - next to my garage) and my future caravan will then be parked outside his house. Problem solved.
  8. Yes I do this on long day sea trips as well...
  9. My Grandfather always used the same method. Never came home without a bag of good quality fish.
  10. Last I heard it was from a Chemist in Caringbah. Try sending a email to escape with et for more info.
  11. As mentioned previously the Grays Point and Yowie bay boat ramps are the pick. Yowie bay is probably the best, but no fish cleaning or wash down facilities. Grays Point is a little further to get too, but has wash down facilities, but no fish cleaning table. There also is Cronulla, but only for small boats, pick the tides and limited parking. Both Yowie bay and Grays Point have pontoons. Grays point also has a beach that you can pull your boat up on. As for times and with all boat ramps, you either need to go at night, get there early or I often go around 11:00am - 12:00 noon and jag a spot, when all the fisher people start heading back. Port Hacking is one of the best waterways around for boating leisure. But, I have found, is a little hard work with fishing. Happy boating.
  12. Still a feed....
  13. A follow up on my sale. Had my tinny up for sale for a few months now. As mentioned previously in the thread, I have all sorts of tossers either ring, txt me or message me with offers of half the advertised value. Anyway had a fellow and his son come and have a look yesterday. They looked at the boat, asked genuine questions, did not bag the boat and made an offer. The offer was about 15% under my advertised price and was in my ball park. Deal done and great people to deal with. So there still are some good people to deal with out there......
  14. Have used them in the past, there is nothing that beats a tailored made cover for fit, longevity and looks. I would only go custom tailored made on that size boat.