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  1. Jervis Bay 19th Nov

    Hi mate i also be downriggin same place as u this weekend hopefully they r on
  2. Best fishing holiday spots in australia

    Hi mate goin on a charter in darwin after next week, if hes any good il pm u
  3. Is the water clean at bobbin head?

    Yes 4 sure
  4. Lowrance Hook 5.

    Ok the sensitivity u have to adjust on the water,if u fish inbetween 4m to 20m adjust the sensitivity up so its like snow, than adjust it back til all the snow on ur screen is almost gone and thts it all done, after u set tht up if u fish under 4m it wil come like snow again need to adjust it back more, if u fish over 20m need to adjust it forward cause u wont see no fish it wil be just very clear, im no expert iv had 3 of these sounders over the years it seems to wrk 4 me, also i only see fish with the sounder page not the downscan page, i use the downscan page to look at reefs and the traditional sounder to find fish, u can use both screens at same time which makes it easy
  5. Lowrance Hook 5.

    Hi mate i sent u a pm how to set it up
  6. Lowrance Hook 5.

    From memory i think u only need to do 1 of them dosent matter which 1
  7. Lowrance Hook 5.

    Ok adjust ur sensitivty 1st and see how u go, also put it on demo mode y u have it at home so u can get a idea how reefs look like and fish and also bait fish
  8. Lowrance Hook 5.

    If its snow like on ur screen ur sensitivity is to high u need to adjust it, go to pages and select a page without the gps map, than press menu and it should be the very top one, also when u say u dont see fish symbols do u mean actual fish symbols or archers
  9. Lowrance Hook 5.

    Hi mate, i have the hook 7 should be same settings if u need help
  10. Best fishing holiday spots in australia

    Thanks 4 the help cheers
  11. Best fishing holiday spots in australia

    Hi need help, im about to book a 3 day fishing trip for october with a mate, would darwin be 1 of the best places to go to catch fish of a life time, they have a barra charter and a longtail tuna and gt charter or is there somewhere else in australia better
  12. Winter fishing inspirational video

    Makes me want to go fishing right now
  13. Car trailer and Buggy Stolen

    Hey mate they reported wht happened on triple m news
  14. Beach Fishing After Heavy Rain

    Willy weather
  15. When and where to take the kids fishing

    I take my daughter on the boat she is 3, best place is to go where there is alot of fish otherwise they get bored, i go where there are alot of yellowtail or small bream so its non stop 4 her she loves it