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  1. Merry Christmas all

    Merry Christmas from Finland "Long time, no see", this year have been too rush for many reason. Really less fishing all y 2017 and allso y 2016. This year fishing "higlights" went my trip on Lapland, and my first nice sizes arctic char`s. Allso one of top moments was fly fishin after 10 y pause. We have 10y married day next autum, and we have plan do some trip with Saija to somewhere of the following places: Greece, Arabic Emirates, Kap Verde, Oman or Madeira, maby some fishing there allso, how knows? Soon we go to Saija`s parent`s cabin. Here is nice weather now, 48cm snow and -3`c, so, it is really nice weather playing outside with boys. Jani, Saija, Vili, Veikka and Pikidog
  2. I edid story and put map link where we where. This is same link: Check satelite map: https://www.google.fi/maps/place/Valtijoki/@69.2568743,21.3810585,9.26z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x45cffb2475a21dbf:0x3a38292aaf24049b!8m2!3d69.2233953!4d21.5757892
  3. Cooks metre jew

    Oh? You have change lure, not use anymore EP softplastic?
  4. Hi mates. I went one week fishing in finnish Lapland with my relatives: Viki, Veksi and Esko. We tuc helicopter and fly 25min to middle of hills and save us 40km walking. We made camp near Valtijoki ( https://www.google.fi/maps/place/Valtijoki/@69.2568743,21.3810585,9.26z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x45cffb2475a21dbf:0x3a38292aaf24049b!8m2!3d69.2233953!4d21.5757892 ) , and did daily fishing tour to river and lakes. Our target was arctic char, european grayling, brown trout and white fish. Area where we went is really north and vegetation is stingy. ”biggest trees was under 2m tall and mainly was only some small bushes near river, and dwarf birchs. Day 1. We made camp, and use my new teepee tent. Tent was great, everybody can sleep same tent and we can keep all gears inside. Before we did use 2 small tent and keep gears under tarp outside. Our flyfisher stay fishing near camp, and we other 3 did walk to “Top of the world”, that is one sand bank name. River running near looong sandbank hill (about 30km) and river shores is quite steeps on long way. And this river, really clear water, between +4C` and +6C` “warm” and many small water falls. Anyway, we all catch first evening only some small trouts, fly fisher allso. And after evening snacks we was ready sleep and prepare for next day. Air temperature was +4`c first night but sleeping bag was quite nice warm. Day 2. We slept late and go to fishing. I catch only small trouts near camp, same Esko. Viki and Veksi walked to up stream. Same route what we did with Viki and Esko on first evening, but other side river. Viki catch 1.5kg trout, 53cm. It is really big there . But Viki had problem, hi forget his net on camp, and Veksi was 100m upper on stream and that area is many really loud waterfalls. Viki try to yell that ”Fish on, i need net”, But Veksi didnt hear him first. But lucky, trout still on even have really powefull stream and strong fish, but Viki is really skilful fisherman. Exactly fish take lure under waterfall in deeb ”waterhole” and for that stream was strong. So, after 10-15min fight fish was landet. Veksi allso catch trout by fly but not so big. And some big trouts cut Veksi`s line under waterfall. Evening we walk to lake where is artic char`s but start raining and we cach nothing. Rest of the evening we spend time on teepee and ”boys” made salted trout filee fror next days. Day3. I slept late, to midday, and try some spinnig near camp, but cach nothing. Viki and Veksi was again walk north from camp, and catch some artic char`s (this fish have not size limit). But Esko really suprised us, hi had left early to lake, and hi carry 4 artic char to camp, size 33-42cm. We did meal(s) some fishes, and eat well. Early evening was windy, so we 3 ”spinner fishers” walked to ”arctic char lake” and Veksi remained on river. First 45minutes, not any sightnings about fishs. Then Esko sayd ”fish on”, but it was only bite. One minute later i had fish on, regurar size, but i was suprised how srog it was. I had braid line, and i was allready ”terrified” that fish cutting my braid rocks near shore, but no, i cach my pb wild arctic char, 33cm. No more happnings on that spot, and i think move on becouse Esko and Viki was allready faraway. But I could not walk past on one small peninsula and stay to fishing. Third cast and fish on, feel bigger, short fight and fish landet, arctic charr, my new pb, 37cm. I continue casting and soon fish on again, and soon fish landet, size between 1th and 2nd fish. Then no any happening anymore. I left and walked to top of the lake, where Viki and Esko was made coffey by gas heater. I made my tea and we eat some snacks before we continue “around lake tour”. Firs couple of hundreds meter not any happeneing. Then start “Esko`s show”. First 2-3 bites, then fish on and landet. Then really soon 2nd fish landet. Then hi move 100m more other spot and again 1 bite, and after that fish on and landet. Finally Viki catch allso arctic char, but released it, for small size (even have not limit). Then i get bite but not fish. Esko moved again, and soon fish on, 3th arctic char, but he realased it, becouse we had allready enough for eat, and it was regurar size. We started leving back to camp, but casting several times if cach some bigger but no. Esko still get many bites but not hooked. That is strange, that hi had so many bites but me and Viki not had, we fishing exactly same lures and samer spots. When we arrived to camp Veksi was there already sleep on teepee. We salted Arctic chars already for next day. Day 4. Everybody slept late, then Veksi told that he catch some “table size” trouts last evening. So we had lot of fishs for eat and that day we eat breakfast open fire cooking arctic char and trout. Lunch we ate salted trout with brown bread, yammy. Evening we 3 walking to lake again, was quite smooth surface and we saw lot of fishes, but no, no bites, no nothing. We was almoste walking around lake and then finally Viki landet one arctic char, regular size. We walk again back to camp and i saw quite big owl, first i did looked that it is reindeer back but no, owl flow low. Veksi was wake up on camp and told that catch only undersize trouts. Day 5. I slept late (like every morning), then i had plan go to north, upper streams and waterfalls, but becouse everybody else was going to south i left also there. My ankle was really painful, have been problem with that 2 months. I could not walk with out really heavy painkillers, but route was easy, top of the sandbank. There was really nice waterfalls and fishing spots. This time i had my fly fishing gears also, because wind was not so heavy that days before. First i try spinning but catch nothing. Then i changed my tactic: Firs fishing every spots flyfishing gears, and then with spinner for longer castc. We move to downstream slowly, first Viki, then Esko and i was last. I saw one place where Viki fishing long time, and i moved there after 15min waiting. I havent fishing flyfishing gears after y 2009 in NZ. Was quite challenging cast nice, because back of my back was steep sandbank and side to me small trees. First 3 cast i did not succeed but hen i landet fly there where i want it, behind white rock, and fish on. First i thought that it is small trout, but then it start pulling back. Soon i saw big backfin “grayling, it is nice size grayling” i thought. I was quite exited, becouse it should be my pb flyfishing grayling, i was alone, shore was challenging and stream was strong. Try get it in my net many times, but no, it not want to go there. After 10min fight it was allready tired and i get it close to shore, but it jump and made line loop around small tree. I was sure that i lose it, but i was lucky. Tree was so small, that line slide back to water, and i finally landet that crayling 43cm/700g. Oh i was happy. I still continue fishing, but no fishes anymore. Me and Veksi turn walk back to camp, Esko and Viki continue walking to downstream. Later, when we all was on camp, we count that my fish was only fish today. Viki and Esko was walking allmoste 10km more but no fishes. For dinner we had arctic charfish soup, really nice soup. Day6. Raining, no rain, raining, no rain. No fishing today, spend time on teepee and reading books. Later weather change better, and we saw 2 eagles . Reindeers was eating our fish soup (for salt), and licked all salted fish skins also. We filming them from teepee. It was about 50 reindeer group on our camp. Day7. Early Morning everybody walking to lake (still i could not walk with out painkillers), only Esko catch again one artic char. Day was nice and warm, we ate that fish on side of lake and made tea and coffey. Me and weksi return to camp, but Viki and Esko walking severals km to north where is other lake. Later on evening when everybody was on camp, they told that catch nothin on that lake. For dinner we made meet soup and some pancakes. Day8. We wake up enough early that we can unload camp before helicopter coming carry us to car. All morning one reindeer mother and reindeer baby was eating on our camp. We let them salt on rocks. Then Helicopter came and soon we went on car. I swimming with soap on lake (i did swim every 2nd day on river in camp), then we did ate local buffet and left to drive 996km to home. We catch not so many fishes, but we did`nt want fishing too much, only for eat. We ate 32 fishes on camp, that enough. Viki`s trout was quite big on this area, i havent hear anyone catch over 50cm trout there and he catch 53cm. Arctic char`s was nice catch, beautiful and tasty fishs. My top moment was that grayling catch by fly fishing gears and my own made fly. Nice trip..allready planning new trip for next year, to other river, there is bigger fishes but river is allso bigger and more difficulty fishing. Exactly place what we planning start there where this river end. (Sorry, all pictures not have "time line, because i have collect them 3 cameras)
  5. Pikes and ide, new pb.

    Short fishing session yestarday. Me and my dad, went fishing near shawmill, area where is lot of tweed, or ”sea grass”. Usually there is redfinns, but not now. First fish was 2kg pike, soon i catch smaller pike, both by softplastic. Then my dad catch pike allso, by ”old style” gears. Then we drive shore, take Vili from school with us. Drive back to same spot and eat some lunch on boat. After that couple of casts and catch redfinn. Couple of minutes after that lure stay to grass and i pulling and pulling really hard. But it was fish Ide (Leuciscus idus). I was quite exiting, becouse it was good size and fight like hell, even is it Carp family fish. Anyway, use net and fish on boat. Ide was 48cm/1.37kg, my PB. Nice trip, and soon i start made fishcakes on pann.
  6. Janis Perch, Zander and Pike season 2017

    And answer to "uncle" Dalucius, motor is 40hp.
  7. Janis Perch, Zander and Pike season 2017

    Short report again. We went with Vili about 3h fishing same spot that where we went with Saija couple of days ago. Rainy and only +13c` (This summer have been rainy and temperature have been mostly between +10`c and +15`c. ) We arrival fishing spot, 2.5m deep water. I start put old style fishing gear for vili, and softplastic just ”touch” water, only 10cm deep, and first fish on? We was quite suprised, 300g redfin on boat. Vili get 2 bites soon after that, but fishs escapes. So we start casting softplastics, i catch couple of fishs, and Vili get bites, but fishs did`nt hooked. Vili not understand yet how hard have to strike back when fish bite. Allso he have to practice how have to fight with fishs. Then i cast, and fish on, small but escape. I did give rod to Vili and fish on again, this time he strike hard, and wind slowly, then we together pull fish on boat (forget net on home). So, Vili`s very first softplastic fish was 310g redfin. We ate some sandwiches, done some casts, when i catch 370g perch. We catch over 10 redfins, but took only 6 for eat.
  8. Janis Perch, Zander and Pike season 2017

    Finally . First redfins 2 days a go, catch By spinner. We went Saija`s parents cabin, and i fishing shortly, catch some redfins. Unfortunatelly Vili catch nothing :(. Today boys was on Saija`s parents cabin and we had time testing boat. So we drive to boatramp and took fishing gears allso. I casting softplastic and Saija fishing "old style" with softplastic. Boat and engine work nice, so we did drive to firs fishing spots. Couple of cast and couple of bites. Then fish on, pike under 1 kg. We took that pike, becouse i try practise handling it boneless. Then we change spot, but cath nothing. 3th spot was perch spot. Couple of casts and Fish on perch 330g. Then Saija sayd that "fish on" perch 310g. Be both cach more fishes after that. (Same spot where Swordie catch over 600g redfin couple of years a go). We fishing about 1 hour, but cach fish enough for eat. Nice start on boating season. Have to hope that have more time go fishing, and Vili allso catch something.
  9. New mono line to reel

    Hi. I haven't put new mono on reel in many years. Now i changed lines on 3 reels, really soft and hig-quality. But what i get, loop after loop every 3th cast?? Is it modern mono line still put on hot water, like old ones , before you wind in first time? I did cut it allready maby 30m that line. I im not wind that lines again, i put lines out and trolling 30min with lure(without hooks) and hope that lines go straight.
  10. Hi mates. I went fishing wth my older son Vili, and with my dad. New river, but nor even bite. Even local fishermans catch nothing. I saw 2 times trout jump, but thats all. Really nice Place any way, have to go try other time. We went one night on cabin with sauna, but with out electricity or gas. Really nice shores for fishing.
  11. 40 birthday planning, where to go fishing?

    Yep, i think same thing,BUT! Have to say, fishing is only half of this thing, and i dont want pay too much for any services, many times fishing trips is "luxory" trips. I dont need any luxory. 4000au$ only for fishing, never, no thanks. But when i was fishing on Port Stephens 2009 with fishraiders: Normal accommadation, own food ext ext, that i did liked, and was not so expensive even for finnish people. Allso i start thinking, that i have allmoste every years chance go fishing some where in Europe, but long 2-3 weeks trips i have chance only every 5 years. Moste i like catch some tuna, over 20kg, any tuna, but tuna season is on your winter/our summer i guess? And i dont know do i want feel cold there, here is enough long winter? And tuna charters are not so cheap. Allso, i dont know any other tuna fishing spots closer on Finland. I thinking allso fishing on Vietnam, Maleysia, or indonesia. Murray cod, maby cood choice, i have seen that is it not so expensive fishing, only rent cabin, go to fishing and be carefull for snakes and spiders. Nile Perchs, not so faraway, but quite expensive something ovet 2000$ about 5 days. Norway halibut fishing. 2500$ week/gottage inc. boat. That is not so expensive if have some friends with you. Problem is, that i have not friend how is interesting. But wondering continue...
  12. Hi mates. I start enough early planning my 40 bithday trip . It is after 2 years july, but it is not nessessary happen exactly then, maby between march to december. Planning where to go fishing:To Ebro river Spain, huge catfishs? To Norway, big pollocks and halibuts? To north Finland, big graylings? To Australia, yellow- and bluefin tuna, or murray cods? To Egypt, nile perchs? To somewhere other destination, fishin what species? Whole budget 2700-4100au $ including flights, if i am lucky, maby 5500au $. Do you have any proposals? "Only" 2 years anymore, but planning is nice and i like it. ☺
  13. Last ice fishing spring 2017

    We fishing same style summer allso, with boat or on pier.