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  1. Top stuff Zoran!Buying frozen water would really add up during the year for those of you that get out often.I just use two 2 litre frozen bottles of seawater and add seawater from where I'm fishing and works well also. Cheers.
  2. I'm still using the old candlestick telephone.
  3. I'm guessing Trailcraft has left the building.
  4. I've been using my high tech charger for years now with no Il effect on everything and anything.My question is how did you guys charge your batteries before the cteks etc hit the scene?
  5. I made a simple rack to transport my rods /net when underway just using some lengths of pvc with a notch cut out for the reel stems.Simple and it works well.If you want rod holders to fish with and attach on the gunnels there's heaps of designs on line.Type in Pvc rod holders.I was going to make some to try but haven't got round to it.When I do I'll put up a post. That lazy fisherman is my lazy son.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Not good at all.I think I'll stick with the lake then. Cheers.
  7. Just found out one of our guys at work bought one from that very show on the weekend for 57k.Ouch.They certainly can get up there in $$$$ can't they.
  8. Just re-read my post.Yes,Lake illawarra and the shoalhaven river around greenwell point.Sorry for the lack of info on my part guys.
  9. That busy?Looks like I'll have the lake to myself.Just how I like it.
  10. Tweed bait will catch you fish if they are around.I've lost count of the number of Flathead,bream,whiting,flounder,tailor etc i've caught on it over the decades and I'm no expert fisherman.. Remember if your fishing with the best gear and bait and the fish aren't around or hungry,you will still come home empty handed. Some real good captures have been caught on stinky old prawns etc and using servo bait is no different. Use the freshest bait you can get first,but don't be discouraged by using servo bait if necessary.
  11. Any news on what's happening in these areas?Thinking of heading out shortly.Surely the flattys are on the chew with the odd whiting thrown in.
  12. So you've made progress? Congrats.Those squid tubes cut into strips work well for plenty of fish and the best part is they are tough,cheap and easily obtained.
  13. You'll find that you have loose/corroded connections.With anything electrical if you have intermittent problems,99% of the time it boils down to this. You mention you "wiggled" the connector and the lights worked.This tells me there is a loose/dirty connection. You mention that there is corrosion on the female terminal and if you should use wd 40? Yes,use wd 40 and clean the contacts out. With anything electrical you want clean,tight,corrosion free connections. As for that mechanic wanting to charge you all that money for what is a simple job my advice is FIND A NEW ONE.
  14. As they say,it's a small world Donna.