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  1. Any gardeners out there?

    We are a family that does everything pretty much ourselves and recently I was asked if I could make a "little" Composter to make our own by the wifey in those exact words. Being me and knowing I have access to a disused horse stable riddled in 70+year hardwood I set upon pulling the stable down and removing the stable doors which weigh a bloody tonne and needed myself and my son to carry and load on the ute. Anyway I got the doors home and with a few other bits and bobs and some shade cloth I had in the shed I got to work in between cooking a few snags.A working man needs to eat I say. Here is the results of my Taj Mahal compost bins. I called the mrs out to show her when I finished and all she said was.......Jeez it's a bit big.For a split second I thought she was talking about something else and came crashing down to earth just as fast when I realised I was kidding myself.lol. Thanks for reading.
  2. Max hp

    Hi,does anyone know what the max hp is for one of these stejcraft boats?It's a friends boat and he can't find the max hp anywhere.Maybe someone has been the owner of one now or in the past. Cheers.
  3. Max hp

    Thanks Rick,much appreciated.
  4. Only in America

  5. Cleveland Tinnie

    It's a 302 to me.But was it a Cleveland ,Windsor or both.I'm intrested who manufactured this boat too as I haven't heard of them either.
  6. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    It wasn't a surprise was it?Don't worry too much as I'm sure your not the only one out there with an unrated chain.Besides if you look around you'll see many trailers that you wonder how they are still on the road.
  7. Hi guys I know I'm not the only one that's gone to remove a safety chain from the boat to launch and found that the shackle pin is tighter than finger tight requiring the use of a shackle key or pair of pliers. Problem is I hate having to get pliers or having too much crap on my key ring so I made the next best thing that's always at the ready. A simple solution to a common problem. All i used was a cut down heavy duty R clip with a lanyard attached that fits the hole in the shackle perfectly and clips to the winch post until required. Sometimes the simple things are really the best. Cheers.
  8. No more tight shackle pins

    Glad you guys liked it.The clip is a good idea too Rick.
  9. Painting boat pt2

    Donk installed.interior getting there.Console/interior.Finished product and a job well done mate.
  10. New boat trailer rust protection prevention

    Do what I do and keep your rig in the garage dry without use.It will never rust then.Just kidding.All trailers will rust from the inside out that are made from rhs eventually regardless of what you spray on them.The easiest, cheapest and best way I know is to end cap the rear end of the side rails and seal the small gap underneath the ends of the cross members and the centre drainage holes (A grommet works great here). I did the above to my old trailer and it was always dry as a bone.It was just a matter of hosing the exterior after launch/retrieval. I heard the hitch helmets are good but pricey and I just use a standard trailer lock.Some people add wheel locks etc also.
  11. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    That sounds like the ideal boat to own.I can certainly feel my boat on the back of both my cars,when lifting the nose by hand etc.Either there's kryptonite around,or I've got a hull full of lead. As some one else mentioned ....she is always lighter on the way home because I "Never" catch fish and have fed all my bait to help Yowies fish get big and strong for him to catch in the future for the return trip home.😁
  12. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Well done mate. $1000?Did you ask them if 2 bits of timber and a bit of carpet are worth more than gold these days?save the coin and do it yourself mate. You'd be surprised how much your half cab weighs fully laden ready to fish.I'd put it over the weighbridge to confirm its weight which I think will be an eye opener for you. Good idea with any boat.
  13. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    It is for me as I struggle to catch a garfish which is as close as I get to a marlin.
  14. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Another thing I think dealers should have the responsibility of ensuring is that the boatie that buys their boat has their rig set up correctly "Before" driving out the yard.I:e have the correct tow vehicle in the first place with the correct towball down weight etc. If the boatie hasn't organised this before hand or didn't even know they needed to do this,then the yard should insist before goods exchange hands no ifs or buts. But I'm well aware of the chances of that happening is the same as me catching and landing a Marlin.
  15. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Dealers have one thing on their mind and one thing only.What is the easiest way to take your money and transfer it into their account.After that it's fend for yourself. You only require 2 chains when your gvm goes north from 2.5t.And the chain size goes up accordingly etc. Here's some info I think everyone should memorise.
  16. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Chains should be stamped with a weight rating on the links from the chains manufacturer and the link that is welded to the trailer should be welded at least half way around its circumference like these photos is my take. If you look around there's a heck of a lot of all types of trailers that would fail today's laws in the older built trailer brigade.
  17. Outboard Motor - 40HP Mercury Lightning XR

    I know you did mate.I wasn't having a dig.....i was merely saying that in general a well looked after and maintained engine will go way beyond 300hrs.One thats been neglected?Well,thats anyones guess how much service and reliability it will provide. As to what sellers tell you regardless if they are private or dealers, take it all with a grain of salt when it comes to buying anything used especially boats,cars etc.Ask for recent service reports,receipts and most of all do your own detective work and follow your instincts to minimise the chance of ending up with a lemon. Cheers.
  18. Outboard Motor - 40HP Mercury Lightning XR

    And then you have Etecs that supposedly don't need to be serviced until they reach 300hrs.You have to be crazy not to service one on a yearly basis regardless of hours I think.300hrs is nothing for a well cared for and maintained outboard.
  19. Solar Pool Heater

    Yeah,I like them dogfish more than humans.lol.You guys did a good job on that install mate.Enjoy your shopping splurge.
  20. Solar Pool Heater

    Solar?Man,toughen up.Im looking for a way to bring a slice of Antartica to make mine colder even though I do have the provisions for solar.Mine turns into a warm bath on its own after a few days in the sun. Good job on saving yourself a few bob though.
  21. Black plastic block

    If you didn't know you'd think it was from factory.Good job.
  22. By the way, white smoke indicates water ingress into the combustion chamber in the engine world unless something has changed in the last 100 odd years.Perhaps a blown head gasket?I'd be doing a compression check of all cylinders first.
  23. Google disconnecting vro pump for endless info on how to go about it mate.I'd be looking at doing something about that rust around your wheel nuts too.Welcome aboard.

    Don't let the young ones out drink you mate.Im firing my bbq I made up and cooking for 25.....They better hook me up to a drip with tequila feeding me for my efforts.😀I think I should be able to manage it.