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  1. Boat Street Parking in Sydney

    You should have apologised and told her You'll only park it there from New year until Xmas.
  2. Starting an old outboard

    It's a 10 part series starting from page 4 in the workshop.Hope it gives you some confidence.It basically is a half hour job with experience.
  3. Starting an old outboard

    ^This should help you otherwise just put up a post.
  4. Starting an old outboard

    Good work mate.Impellors develop a set(Memory)when not used and the impellor vanes(Fins)will no longer be supple and pliable as they once where with a snug fit in its housing. I bump the starter on my motor over with the lanyard removed every week to avoid this when it's not in use.It turns the impellor and stops in a new spot.
  5. Diy measuring stick

    A man has to hope mate. My spare time has just been taken away as I have inherited a heap of work pulling down some stables and bringing back to life a couple of engines.😔😔
  6. Diy measuring stick

    Thought I'd make myself this measuring stick to cover all the bream,whiting,flathead,etc sizes that I catch.Just to confirm I really am hopeless.lol.
  7. Starting an old outboard

    Sounds like a classic case of a stuck needle and seat.If your spraying pre-mix into the carburettor and its trying to start your not getting fuel into the carburettor.I would diagnosed it by a process of illimination.when you pump the primer bulb is fuel filling the fuel filter?if yes,then the problem lies between there and the carby. Pump the primer bulb until hard and remove the carby fuel bowl drain screw with a rag held underneath to capture spillages.Fuel should come out.If not,remove the carby and pull the fuel bowl off to check that the fuel float is not stuck in the horizontal position.With no fuel in the bowl the float should be sunken into its housing meaning the fuel needle is lifted in its bore leaving it's seat passage open to allow fuel into the bowl.If the bowl is horizontal it means the needle and seat are closed which won't allow fuel into the fuel bowl.Sometimes lifting the float or pushing it down ever so gently will free the needle and seat up,other times it will need replacing.If you remove the bowl and there's debris in there you may have clogged jets too. Personally I would pull the carby off and give it a good clean at the minimum anyway as it's been sitting for a number of years.Again I'm tired and can't think too straight but if you have compression and spark you are missing fuel in the equation.Hope i made sense.
  8. Any gardeners out there?

    Mrs was complaining for a while now that when she came out of the pool she had to go inside to rinse her hair in the shower.Well,I decided to go back in the shed and make her up a shower on a post so she doesn't have to far to go that she can use outside. Works a treat. Now,time for some volleyball and a bbq to ponder how the heck a man can keep his wife content by doing the next job on the list which is putting in a walk in pantry,a 4 burner bbq,a fold out table,toilet with shower and a sunlounger in wait for it............My 4.2meter tinny.😂😂I should ask her if she forgot Niles from the nanny so she has the lot.
  9. Any gardeners out there?

    We are a family that does everything pretty much ourselves and recently I was asked if I could make a "little" Composter to make our own by the wifey in those exact words. Being me and knowing I have access to a disused horse stable riddled in 70+year hardwood I set upon pulling the stable down and removing the stable doors which weigh a bloody tonne and needed myself and my son to carry and load on the ute. Anyway I got the doors home and with a few other bits and bobs and some shade cloth I had in the shed I got to work in between cooking a few snags.A working man needs to eat I say. Here is the results of my Taj Mahal compost bins. I called the mrs out to show her when I finished and all she said was.......Jeez it's a bit big.For a split second I thought she was talking about something else and came crashing down to earth just as fast when I realised I was kidding myself.lol. Thanks for reading.
  10. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Agree 1000%.But saying that even new cars it doesn't take much of a dill to wear out brake pads,handbrakes,clutches,tyres etc within 3yrs.But they do have to draw the line somewhere I guess.
  11. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    If that was the case wouldn't every trailer regardless of weight be inspected?After all they all get wet and can be poorly maintained,crappy rusted out trailers yes?I think you'll find the main reason it's how it is know is to ensure that the braking system is in operable condition as that is the #1 safety item on a boat trailer/car being able to stop hence the brake test being done when renewing your rego on a car.
  12. Any gardeners out there?

    Yeah,you certainly don't find this hardwood at your local Bunnings.Hardwood is like many things and is becoming rarer with the cost of it going further north all the time.
  13. Jokes

    An older, white haired man walked into a jewelry store one Friday evening with a beautiful and very young woman at his side; He told the jeweler he was looking for a special ring for his girlfriend. The jeweler looked through his stock and brought out a $36,000 ring and showed it to him - The old man said, "I don't think you understand, I want something VERY special." At that statement, the jeweler went to his special stock and brought another ring over. "Here's a stunning ring at only $50,000 ," the jeweler said. The young lady's eyes sparkled and her whole body trembled with excitement....... The old man seeing this said, "We'll take it!" The jeweler asked how payment would be made and the old man stated, by cheque - "I know you need to make sure my cheque is good -so I'll write it now and you can call the bank Monday to verify the funds and I'll pick the ring up Monday afternoon," he said. Monday morning, a very perplexed and disappointed jeweler phoned the old man; "There's no money in that account sir?." "I know", said the old man, "but can you imagine the weekend I had!?"
  14. Expanding Fuel

    In all seriousness all tanks must have a breather/valve to prevent such things from happening.If he filled it to the brim and these are not working as they should(Clear/opening closing) what you experienced will occur. Same thing with portable tanks.Fill them full and leave the breather slightly unscrewed and fuel will expand and leak out the breahet in hot weather.My tank blows up like a ballon in the stinking heat in the garage with a closed breather and it's never fully full.
  15. Expanding Fuel

    That's it!!! I'm waiting until winter to fill my car to get to work next week.
  16. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Surface rust is fine.It's dirty big rusted through holes and rusted out cross members etc you don't want. 95% of guys use this method. In regards to rated shackles who has rated chain/s weld/s?I know I don't from factory.
  17. Fishing goal this summer

    It is true.I mentioned somewhere else that if got upset every time I lucked out I would tie the anchor round my foot and fall overboard to the bottom of the depths with Davy Jones permanently.
  18. Starting an old outboard

    Thanks Rick,but I did forget to mention a few things. No worries mate.I meant to mention last night to just go over the operation of all the controls. Check that the helm is free to turn,the same with the gear selector (after it's running on the muffs),check the condition of the anodes,lights,wheel bearings etc. Hope your mate enjoys her more than the tree did because if it say there much longer it would of grown it's own roots.
  19. Fishing goal this summer

    I'll be happy if I catch a fish,any fish,any size,any type.Ohh and if I can lose more than one bait every 2hrs.😁
  20. Starting an old outboard

    You don't mention the carby,battery etc.I would take the Bowl/s off the Carburettor/s and drain them at a bare minimum and clean the fuel filter or replace and check all the lines etc.I would remove the plugs and squirt some pre-mix down the cylinders then turn her over by the flywheel or a quick burst of the pullstart or ignition switch with the safety off before firing her up for real.An impellor check/replacement wouldn't go a stray either.Im tired and can't think to clearly right now but these things I mentioned should help and of course make sure you have a good,charged battery.
  21. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    I bet you it is either lighter or heavier than exactly 750 kg.Just think if it's 749kg you don't need to worry about it.
  22. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Well said mate.It's got me thinking now about how many little boats and trailers like mine under the 750kg wouldn't pass if they where tested?Judging by some of the rigs you see at the Ramps I'm guessing more than a handful.