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  1. Chokpa,I think the best learning curve is finding a club that suits and helps the newbie.Nothing for it but trial & error really.E T started with an old clunker boat.Cheers and tight lines.
  2. My custom made 4.5m Brooker is 20 years old without a crack or leak.Ican see therefore how repeat business has been poor.A very well made open tinny with a thicker hull and higher transom,using a small size outboard .Thanks Brooker.
  3. Pulling up an anchor in strong current in deep water can be deadly if the anchor rope is allowed to tangle around the prop in a smaller boat.I have experienced 3 frights in 50 years.This is is the worst case scenario when the current drives down the transom and the boater has to reach over to cut the rope.The best drive-off technique is to go at right angle to the current quickly and away from the rope and ball.No doubt others will have other methods.
  4. Could have paddled around from Bondi.
  5. Just reward for big early effort..
  6. Your daughter is a female marine version of Steve Irwin,sharing a love a lot of us have.Apparently the mother ship of the WW2 mini subs from Japan holed up near Lady musgrave undetected.
  7. The lack of barra stamina is said to be from their having a relatively small heart.So a kingie must have a big one relative to their size.
  8. Hi Finin,do you clean the catch as you go? I like cleaning at sea on the way in.Cheers.
  9. Saw you guys very close in 100m past Yella,trolling by in tinny. I found the trolling slow,but the bottom bashing in 55m very good Friday.Have heard of a 4kg red on trolled gar Coogee island,you must get some great fish as well as exercise!
  10. Rick,your shallow methods are just like Geoff Wilson"s in Port phillip.He also caught stonkers with lighter gear and baitfish heads.Jim, you will have to get out and put the theories to the test.Cheers.
  11. Another way to target snapper is to anchor in 50/60/70 m if the current allows.Use 2 or 3 rods X 3 hooks on each with half pilly baits.Little fish will chew the baits thereby burleying up in the the right zone.Use squid bait after an hour or so when a few reddies have turned up.For bigger models suspend a bait 2/3m above the bottom,or a soft plastic if preferred.Although this is old school,it produces.
  12. Lucky Man.Mine only fished until the ring went on !!
  13. No better customer in the world than your mum,well done
  14. Wellesy,can recommend Daiwa 50 ,high speed retrieve,very efficient.Only use those .You need a 6/1 ratio or better for that fishing depth.Cheers.
  15. Would be good to know how Miskie went..