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  1. Cold starting problems 1999 Yamaha 60 HP

    I have been doing it for >20yrs. No issues. Initially on a Tohatsu 40hp 2St and now on a Mariner 15hp 4St. Look this has been debated for years so I suggest you research a bit more to make your own decision. When I did the research it fell about 50:50 for and against.... that included opinions from boaties and mechanics and it told me there was no conclusive proof one way or other. Without a doubt, the best thing for outboards is to run them regularly - every few days - then fuel stays fresh, seals don't dry out etc. But sometimes that's just not practical and a month or two can easily slip by. For high performance 2st (eg bikes, carts ) definitely do not run dry - these engines operate at the top end of material tolerances - the 2St fuel mix provides lubrication and as fuel leans out it burns hotter - so the concern is you can damage the cylinder and bore. But small - medium size outboards are not high performance engines and also we are talking about idling - so the contra argument is you are actually idling (not under load) and you are operating well down the scale on the engine tolerances charts (at the low end of heat, at the low end of load etc). There's about 3min of run time in my fuel line and carbie ... just at the end of the run time you can hear the motor start to rev up with the lean mix and then die. If you are absolutely concerned about those last few secs then kill the motor at the switch at that time. You would have cleared >99% of the fuel by then. Cheers Z PS - The 4St does not have these issues as it lubricated by the in the oil crank case.
  2. Cold starting problems 1999 Yamaha 60 HP

    I disconnect my fuel line towards the end of the flushing procedure and let the motor run the carbie dry. Very little gunk build up with this procedure. Cheers Zoran
  3. Bloody Media And Boffins.

    I posted in @Smasher’s post a little while ago - could this have been the one he let getaway earlier in the week !! Cheers Z
  4. Big shark Botany Bay

    Hmmmm.... Big shark hooked in Botany Bay earlier in the week and then today we have a suspected great white attack 20m from shore Botany Bay (La Perouse).... perhaps you should have landed the bugger Smasher (in the words of Jaws - get a bigger boat!)..... Cheers Zoran
  5. Big shark Botany Bay

    NICE !.... bet the heart was racing when that shot out of the briny !!! He he he. Thats what fisho's live for. Cheers Zoran PS - Top first post congrats....!
  6. Another day in Paradise...

    Love the report ! .... and congrats on the catch. I rarely (never) fish fresh - just not set up for it - but seeing this makes me want to have a go! ... BTW, perhaps you should name that yabbie "Arnie" for pulling out the cod and staying whole ! Cheers Zoran
  7. First Keeper Red

    Great report @antonywardle! You'll have to teach me the snapper spots mate - I have been struggling with that species. The final feed looks delish! Regarding you lucked out... not sure how that happens in one trip - must be a manufacturing problem for sure! Warranty??? BTW, I have used Silstar crystal tips (like ugly sticks) and Penn crystal tip rods... some I have owned since 1990's and they are still going strong... the hypalon rubber grips are starting to harden but the rods and guides solid as.... may not be the fanciest rods around but they get the job done day in day out. Cheers Zoran
  8. Swordies bag out on crabs

    Awesome !! there anything you guys can't catch??? You certainly put the effort in....all the best... Cheers Zoran
  9. Broken Bay - spur of the moment

    Hi Saltrix.... nah... they were all blue spot .... kindy and juveniles....all misbehaving smashing baits far too big for them and being a general nuisance. We got a few spikeys few trips back but none on this trip. Cheers Z
  10. Broken Bay - spur of the moment

    HA HA..... yes, she can give me a lesson in baiting and winding in fish.... And perhaps I might offer her a lesson, in: 1. planning an offshore trip based on weather etc 2. packing the boat and gear 3. choosing the fishing spot 4. preparing the rod, lines and rigs etc. Or perhaps I just stay quiet and enjoy what I have !!! Seriously we get along really well but waste no opportunities to stir a little. But have you ever wondered two fishos - identically rigged rods, with identical line, bait, sinker and set up ... fishing in 50m of water 2m apart ... how does one catch fish and the other doesn't ? What is it? Cheers Zoran
  11. Flathead outside and Harbour Kings

    Awesome... nothing like changing it up if it ain't producing...and Saturday was sloppy ! Cheers Zoran
  12. Hey Raiders, I've been busy the last two weeks, but late Friday afternoon the Mrs and I decided on the spur of the moment to go out early Saturday morning in search of some flatties. I'd been monitoring BOM and Seabreeze and the outlook was for 27C, with Southerly winds that were forecast to die down by mid morning and then swing to a gentle Easterly ... all on a 0.8m swell ... so a cool(er) option to sitting at home in the heat and humidity! Checked the freezer only 2x200gm squid packs for bait left over from god knows when - but combined with some plastics should be ok for a quick bottom bash sesh, finished hooking up the trailer hitch and packing the gear in the boat just before the Friday afternoon thunderstorm - gods were smiling ! ... so all looked good for the trip. 3.30am departure from home, quick stop to top up boat fuel at Thornleigh, 5am three boats already at Parsley bay ramp infront of us all launched with minimum fuss - experience helps... and 5:30am we're off motoring out in the dark....heading out a few km East of Barrenjoey. Tried a few spots, 30m, 40m ... water was a bit sloppy, it was humid and hazy. Mrs was having second thoughts about "agreeing" to come out ---"hey I thought it was a mutual decision!" -- apparently not. Breakfast on the boat with the sunrise was just awesome ... (I had to get the rod in the view - thanks for the new reel DINGA!)....still no fish in the esky! But by 10am... the Mrs has had enough of the sloppy water bumping the boat around and reeling in juvenile flatties from 40m (we must have released about 100 by then), I suggested we try 50m but she wanted to head back ... we compromised and headed to the 20-27m ground around Trawleys. Well here things were quiet. Nothing. Not even juvenile flatties. NOTHING. So Mrs got bored and decided to hit the bunk and have sleep. A few minutes later, I upped anchor and moved us back out 50m grounds. Dropped a line over the side - to an immediate double hook up of two 30cm flatties -- released those but they were bigger and my spirits lifted. It was now 11.30am. Mrs woke up and decided to join me - no comment about the location or where we were. Then in the next 30min she pulls in 4 flatties: 60cm, 62cm, 50cm, 55cm...and ofcourse the oddball fish of the day - a spotted whiting. I only manage 2 keepers for the whole day - 2 flatties at 40cm. Hmmmm.....REALLY !!!!!!! Cheers Zoran
  13. 80cm 5KG Kingfish - Botany Bay, Sydney

    Nice one guys!.... love the plan and the video. I wish I could convert each squid to a king ! Cheers Zoran
  14. Second Battery Suggestions needed

    As I understand it.... "In line" means that battery1 -ve is connected to battery2 -ve... and battery1 +ve is connected to battery2 +ve..... so both batteries are in-line with their polarity...delivering a 12V system but with the combined AMP rating of the two batteries (if they are both switched on at the same time) to the electrical system. This is as opposed to "in-series" which means that battery1 -ve ( becomes the ground), battery1 +ve is connected to battery2 -ve, and battery2 +ve (is the live).... this delivers 12V+12V=24V system (infact it acts as one big 12plate 24V battery). Most recreational boats, starter motors, accessories etc are 12V so we don't typically have to worry about delivering 24V on our recreational craft. Regarding Hybrid batteries. ... they are constructed to be able to consistently service a hi current draw load (eg outboard motor start) and then also service the slow drain load that you get by running lights etc all night. They are more expensive than say just "Start" batteries. Personally, I have never bothered having anything on board but start batteries....I have found that as long as you keep them charged, or charge them ASAP...then they will last a long time (10yrs in my case). Consistently draining a start battery to dead flat will reduce its life span significantly... so weigh that against your type of fishing (will you be draining a battery flat consistently) against the cost extra cost of a hybrid battery. Cheers Zoran
  15. Light install for deck

    I was referring to isolating the positive supply to the LED driver/remote receiver without having to disconnect the battery. If something goes wrong with the LED driver/remote receiver, you'd want to be able to switch it out of the circuit (switch +ve off) and still be able to run your other lights, motor etc. Whether you do that at a switch panel, or with an inline switch that runs just the LED driver/remote receiver is a matter of wiring convenience. There should also always be a fuse or breaker in the circuit to handle overload/short circuit scenarios. Cheers Z