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  1. Awesome ! ... best of luck. I love live bait downrigging but if you're doing it in close to the headlands it needs a crew that knows what to do and how to handle the gear... I'm still training mine and unfortunately I tend to be at the helm on the tighter trolls. We had the second feed of flattie fillets tonight (from the last trip) and they were just delish ...and I'll be out chasing flatties again tomorrow accompanied by my dear missus, my buddy and his wife - plan is launch Parsley Bay and head east off Barrenjoey until we find them. I will be carrying the trolling gear just in case.... so if you are getting smashed and need help managing the school --- my call sign is BARRYCUDA on VHF16 ! Cheers Zoran
  2. Good mates,nice scenery, bit of speed - it all makes it seem shorter - but the fuel tank and gps don’t lie !!! Screen shot is from Navionics on my iPhone. I also run it on my mini iPad in a waterproof case as my on boat navigation and have dedicated my Eagle combo to the sonar scan functions until it dies. I’ve posted on this set up previously. Cheers Z
  3. Yup agree. We trolled through the whitewash and under the scum lines. Could see the bait balls and some bigger arches below them - but they just were not coming up. We didn't bring the downrigger so couldn't troll lures at depth. When I had seen this scenario previously the downrigger + live bait paid off. But we also didn't catch any live bait on the way out due to the delayed start. So somedays you just gotta make do with what you've got.
  4. Sure is ! How long it seems is a function of speeeeeed! cheers Zoran
  5. Thanks for taking the photo at the ramp !!! Cheers Z
  6. Cheers Guys. We have an upright freezer in the garage. Since its a freezer it runs all the time - so my thought was why not use the space. My wife has top 4 shelves I have the bottom basket. It rarely gets full but when it does I to re-arrange my ice packs around the other stuff or at worse temporarily take them out. If taken out - they go into an eski and stay frozen for quite a few days if the eski stays closed. By using the "smaller" containers I found it easy to pack around other items then if they were the bigger bulkier containers. It's all about working with what you've got I guess. BTW, the other thing I found was that when we did have a power outage - the ice packs were in the freezer helping to keep everything frozen. Anyway it works for me, can't remember the last time I bought ice for a fishing trip. I'm sure others have their tips as well. Cheers Z
  7. Hey Raiders, (I wasn't sure if I should post this in Boating or Workshop section - so moderators please move as you see fit.) Generally I like to recycle and I definitely like to keep my boating costs as low as possible. I also like to look after my catch which means keeping it in a cold saltwater slurry as as soon as caught. I found that buying bags of ice was always a pain and at around $5 a bag certainly not cheap. I've been using the following solution for a number of years now and yesterday at the boat ramp had a number of people comment positively about it so I though I'd share here: - fill plastic preserved fruit containers about 90% with fresh water and freeze them into reusable ice packs. - line the bottom of my 120L eski with a layer of these frozen containers. - cutdown a plastic crate to fit inside the eski so that it sits on top of the ice layer (I have added rope handles to the crate to make it easy to remove and lift out the catch) - fill about 2-3inches of salt water into the crate to store the catch - it only takes minutes to cool. Note: I put the ice packs into my eski at 9pm night before the fishing trip - back home around 5pm the next day after a full day on water and find that each ice pack is still 2/3 frozen. A quick hose down and wipe and they go back into the freezer for the next trip. Some advantages: - The salt water cools (very cold) in minutes and keeps all the catch fresh. - You can also easily replace the water if it gets too bloody/dirty from the catch without losing your "ice". - There is no fresh water contact with the saltwater fish at any time preserving your catch. Cheers Zoran
  8. Hey Raiders, With the motor now fixed and purring like a big cat, I mustered a crew for Sunday - we decided to revisit the Hawkesbury / Barrenjoey area to put to rest the last trip where we had an engine down. 530am stopped at a servo on the way only to discover 5 fully tricked speedboats all topping up - quick chat to one of the guys and yes they were off to Parsley Bay for the bridge to bridge. SHIT! I had been distracted with the motor and keeping an eye on the weather and had completely forgotten this race was on - Parsley Bay would be an absolute dogs breakfast of trailers and boaters jostling to launch and park. Sure enough one of my crew was already at the ramp and calling us to abort. Back in the car, we did a quick replan and decided to meet up and launch at Apple Tree Bay. Found Apple Tree Bay empty - only 5 trailers already parked there, no queue so it was a quick launch and off we went. The 22km run to the heads gave us plenty of time to confirm the motor issues were behind us. Some stats from the Merc 200HP EFI pushing the Haines 635L : 3400rpm 40km/h, 4000rpm, 55km/h, 5000rpm 70km/h. 730am Started the troll from Westhead around Barrenjoey to Bilgola. Water 20.1C. I had previously found the Bangalley Head to Bilgola Head section to be very productive. Lots of bait balls but nothing was coming up. Changed lures no takers. Trolled through to change of tide (around 940am) and then called stumps on trolling. We hit several reefs/wrecks as we made our way back up towards Broken Bay. Got to Trawleys (30m) and still nothing in the ice box - although plenty of small reef fish and undersized flatties. Made a decision to head east and try the marked wrecks in the deeper water. 40m - one keeper flatties landed but still lots of pickers. 50m - another keeper. Ended up about 10km out in 60m - bam we found them. Flatties to 60cm. (Surface water temp 18.1C). There were two trawlers doing the round about another 2km out. We ducked out there once they had left for zip. 2-300pm -Trolled back to Barrenjoey for zip. But all in all a great day on the water and ended with 21keeper flatties and smiles all around. Cheers Zoran
  9. Nice mixed bag....lots of great meals there.... good stuff !!
  10. What do they taste like fried with a bit of batter, chips on the side ??? Oooops sorry... just realised this was NOT the Kitchen forum..
  11. I did all my reels with carbontex... I guess I am now an old salt (turned 55yo this year) and I have found that if you look after your gear it friggin lasts forever... so some of the gear I mention next will probably come from the history books for you younger guys..... In overheads I am still fishing my trusty penn 320GTi (bought in 1986), 330GTis (1996) and 45GLS reels (1996). I upgraded all these and my spinning gear with carbontex.... no joke the next outing we landed a 70kg marlin trolling on kingfish gear with the 330GTi reel and a 15kg rod. Reel got HOT... you could smell it... but we landed the fish, took the obligatory video/photo and released. I can honestly say carbontex made the difference... as Hateanchors said -- you WILL get more drag and it WILL be smoother. My spin gear is also Penn and Shimano ... same deal - carbontex all around - but no big story to tell re those - still trying to hook up to THAT fish! Cheers Zoran PS - bought the carbontex sheet from downrigger shop. I bought a wad punch set on ebay (about $18) to make the carbontex my recommendation make your own. If your interested here is the old report:
  12. Thanks for all the great posts Raiders and the PM's I have received. One thing that we all seem to agree on is that a significant factor in the choice of a motor/brand are the local dealers/mechanics that you trust. In my case I have 3 Mercury dealers all within 5-20min drive before I get to the 1st Yammie or Evinrude dealer at 35min drive. The Yammie and Evinrude guys are in opposite directions. I would not touch the Honda dealer in the area. So you can see one of the reasons why I run a Merc. Rick.. I know I am not getting a lot of posts to my specific question (150hp modern motor with 6m heavy hull) conventionally it would not have been done. But that was the whole point of my question and I am happy that already there have been a few posts/PMs come through. BTW, I didn't see GoingFishing's last video as been a shoot out between a 150hp eTec and a 200hp Yammie 4St... from my perspective I saw it as a demonstration that a modern 150hp eTec can get the job done on a 6m+ heavy boat (the test boat was 7.3m, 2.4m beam, 3T on the water) ... and sure to your point putting a 200HP 2St Yammie (or any other brand 200HP 2St would probably also get the job done) .. but that was not my question. Looking at those videos it also occurred to me that the USA guys are a bit ahead of us on access to this modern outboard technology... so I had a poke around some of their forums and sure enough this topic has been debated since 2014 !!! Heres an excerpt.... ----------------------------------- i bought a new sailfish with the merc 150 due to the dealer being a merc certified and they were yamaha. i couldnt be happier. The motor is super smooth and easy to maintain. I have the 220 CC and thought it would be underpowered but ive been surprised. I get 40 Top end and plains quickly. If i go to the 27' im getting the twin merc 150's ------------------------------------ I looked up the specs on a Sailfish 220C Dry Weight 4,450 lbs. 2,018 kg(w/ eng) As I go through this season on my 200 EFI work horse, I plan to keep an eye on the US sites for a while. The US market is ahead of us, is far bigger then us down here, and the technology will address their requirements before ours. So I feel as long as our dealers stay with the major brands/models that are seen un the US we'll be ok to take some input from the trends they are seeing there ... Cheers Zoran
  13. Hey Guys, Just to answer some of the question...I am running a 19 pitch prop now with the 1999 200HP Merc. Regarding the use of the Aux: Oct 21st I was 3km of Barrenjoey trolling toward some diving birds when the 200HP stopped. No cough no splutter just dropped revs and stopped. It would kick over but would not start. We came back to Parsley Bay on the 15HP Aux. It is the one and only time I have broken down with the Merc in the 18yrs since putting it on and it is my first on water break down since 1986. Diagnosis was that the 200HP flywheel had loosened and spun which threw all the timing out. The mechanic said this is the first such case he has ever seen in 50yrs of servicing motors ..and I said...if its so rare - why me? But all jokes aside it happened. This is the first time I had to use the Aux due to breakdown .. however, we often use the 15HP to troll when we are out wide. Its a 4St and pushes the Haines along at 9-12kmh which is enough to get plenty of lure action on about 3-4L/hr of fuel or less. Regarding water bladder - its handy when you overnight and we still do that occasionally. It is also a great counterbalance when at rest or trolling (not on plane), lets face it, I often have 3 crew standing abreast fishing off the stern. The boats rated for 7 pax, we often fish 3-4... so its like having someone standing at the front keeping the bow down. Personally I don't see getting rid of it it as a big game changer in my motor selection. PaddyT - the 150HP 4St Merc stats I posted were with a 6M CBS Huntsman fibreglass hull.. not a 5.7m Alloy hull. But then again, I think its would be more a weight/length hull design thing than hull construction material. Everything said regarding revs and power ties in to the rules of thumb that boaties are used to and have used for years - but as I said earlier -- There is something going on with the new gen motors thats putting the torque way down low in the RPM range. Regarding 4St : All 4St motors develop power on every 4th stroke of the cyl. Merc have split from the 4St pack with their 150HP 4st... they have gone for more cubes (3L block) a single cam (less moving parts= less loss) and a bigger bore - essentially throwing more metal around to develop low end torque coupled with reworked prop design. (All the other 150HP 4St are 2.5L blocks, twin cams relying on revs to develop the torque - conventional approach for cars and bikes.) So I can start to see why some manufacturers 150HP 4St may struggle pushing a weighty hull from rest - and yes then the fix for that motor would be to go down in size on prop pitch etc. Regarding 2St: Evinrude eTec have gone for an approach of keeping the powerful basics of a two stroke design (develop power on every 2nd stroke which is where you get the power to weight advantage of 2St over 4St), but redesigning everything else using hi tech - the fuel injection, fuel mix, lubrication. Imagine going back to the 2St drawing board and taking all the good things about a 2St and fixing all the bad. Seems revolutionary, but the hi tech that is used is not science fiction stuff its what is already available in the motor industry but packaged for marine use - the only downside seems its just Evinrude on their own. Anyway, for me its all a very interesting debate... I'm keeping an open mind as my 200HP is thumping along and again purring (growling) like big cat. After 18yrs its got near perfect compression and heaps of spark etc. So I am not desperate to change it this season but I will keep an eye on the developments -- and keep in touch with the contacts I have established in both the 4St and G2 camps. So if anyone else has a 150hp on their 6m hull - please PM me. BTW - here is an interesting video - it is from the eTech take it with a grain of salt but if anyone has other research please post. It's clear we are all passionate about our boating !! Cheers Zoran
  14. Yes... its a docking competition... but as I said... serious skills and serious guts... and you don't want this behaviour around a warf.
  15. Hey Rick... yup well aware... thats the fundamental we 55yo's have grown up on....but look at the stats of the modern outboards: 19.0kts (35.1km/h) @ 3000rpm 23.7kts (43.8km/h) @ 3500rpm I'd be happy as s**t doing 3500rm and running at 43km/h out to Browns... There is something going on with the new gen motors thats putting the torque way down low in the RPM range. I don't need the top end snap neck performance (...sigh there's the 55yo showing again!). I just need to push my trusty hull at its comfortable offshore cruising speed which has always been the 19-25kts range. Cheers and Thanks Zoran