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  1. Starting an old outboard

    Sorry buddy... I'm not familiar with Johnno/Evinrude dealers or mechanics. Perhaps you could PM our site sponsor @1stMateMobileMarine. ===> Charlie and Nathan from 1st Mate Mobile Marine Services. CONTACT: Nathan Struck MOBILE: 0416 542 243 FISHRAIDER name 1stMateMobileMarine WEBSITE: www.1stmatemarine.com.au Also, if you browse around the link that @raging shared earlier ... you can see links to schematics and part numbers for the whole engine. If it was me, iI would browse through that site to get the most current part number (sometimes there is also an aftermarket compatible part) ... then I would search eBay for those parts, or start ringing Evinrude and/or outboard wreckers for a 2nd hand part. http://www.marineengine.com/parts/johnson-evinrude-parts.php?year=1981&hp=50&model=E50BECIC Cheers Zoran
  2. Hey Raiders, With all the hot fishing action being reported from Port Stephens and Broughton Is ... I thought I'd counter that with a report of a very forgettable Sunday here off Sydney ... just so that some of you don't start to think our sport is called "Catching" vs "Fishing". OK... so given the recent reports of small marlin off Sydney I gathered a crew for the weekend. Weather and Sea condition forecast: Sunday light seas 0.6m wave interval 14sec …and NW (4kts) 5am - N - NE winds (11kts) Noon. SST showing 23C water at about 100m. The Plan: Davidson Ramp - Balmoral (live bait) - down rig North Head - troll 12Mile - Sydney Fads - Wave Riders - North Head. Some bottom bash / jigging in-between at 12mile. Launch: 5.00am Davidson Park Boat Ramp. The Result: 9 yakkas in the tank by 550am. 6 -630am : Two runs downrigging along North Head at 12m... Zip. Decided to start our trip to 12mile. By now we were inline with North Head - dead calm water. Brought up the bomb and as I was unclipping the line felt a tug tug on the live bait...then nothing. Reeled in the livie (deadie) cleanly bitten off at the gills (tailor, bonito??). Ok so we dropped some skirts and shiny stuff and trolled North Head to Manly ... Zip. Hmmmm. Decided to call it and raced out to 12mile... about 3km out from 12mile came a cross a flutter of surface bait fish. Dropped the trolling skirts - 6" and 8" Pakulas, two metal head jet skirts (purple/pink, white/blue) and a lumo teaser in close to the stern. Trolled to 12mile, trolled around 12mile twice...Zip. Saw 10 boats and a charter there bottom bashing. So dropped down 2 livies on long leaders and 12oz lead (2.5kmh current)... livies taken but no strike no bite felt. Dropped down a paternoster with strips of yakka and another two livies. Livies gone, paternoster untouched. Still ZIP !!! Hmmmmm. 9am Boats started leaving. We called it as well and started our troll north. ... beautiful conditions offshore, water 23.8-24C and BLUE as per the video .. After 3-4hrs and without a single hit, decided to abandon continuing heading north and turned in toward Long Reef, did a couple of loops around each of the buoys and the close in Fad looking for some dollies (anything really!).... so after 6hrs and some 80+km on the water we ended up back at North Head... with 3 livies. Dropped two over the side - one weighted one free swimming .... still ZIP. So at 330pm we gave up ....and released the 3 livies as a token offering to the good karma god for the next trip….!!!! But some how I think this crew will INSIST on bottom bashing only. Cheers Zoran (PS - @Fab1...I must been taking fishing lessons from you through the week - I'll stick to reading your workshop posts only !!!! )
  3. HA HA HA Glen.... VERY GOOD !!! .....pay for that one! Cheers Z
  4. Yeah.... I've done well on flatties last few trips so I didn't bring any bottom bash bait (still have enough flattie fillet packs in the freezer for 6 meals for Mrs and me). We had some plastics on board so I guess we could have tried but for this trip I was keen to stick to plan A and target a spear or other pelagics given all the reports. That's fishing! ... Cheers Zoran
  5. Starting an old outboard

    Hi Dave, Have not had the prop spinning issue previously but I'll have a go based on an understanding how the lower leg gearing works. First are you sure it is not in gear? ie. can you trace the gear cable back to the motor to make sure the cable length is correctly adjusted to place the gear shift lever on the motor in neutral. If it is in neutral, then when was the last time the lower leg gear oil was changed? It may be of the wrong viscosity (too thick) or if its never been changed may be a gunk jelly that is driving your prop through the viscosity. The prop would not be in gear but you would see it start to spin and gather speed as you run the motor. Re voltage. Yes 12.9V looks a bit low - it would barely be maintaining charge on your battery if its also putting out some Amps but it would not be charging. My understanding is you need to be in the 14V range to get effective charging. The workshop manual for your motor would tell you what to expect from your rectifier... I did a quick google for "1981 johnson 50hp battery charging voltage output"...and found the following article relating to a 1981 Evinrude 50hp (should be close enough being a sister product to the 1981 Johnno 50hp). It makes mention that if you are getting less then 13.5 at 1000rpm then the rectifier most likely needs replacing. https://www.justanswer.com/boat/6niei-1981-evinrude-50hp-e50belcic-check-charging-sys.html Cheers Zoran
  6. Cheers @rickmarlin62 so I'm hearing loud and clear from several posts... will try deeper next time ... BTW I did catch a 70kg stripey trolling the same run back in 2015 -- guess that one was was lost or didn't get the memo.... he he he. Will go deeper next time.... Cheers Zoran
  7. Starting an old outboard

    Great. That’s what Fishraider’s do - help each other !! Sigma try googling for parts for your specific 1981 johnno Model number coding. Several sites that sell parts will throw up exploded view schematics of the motor so you can order the correct part. I often use that info to locate a part and to see how it’s assembled. Cheers Zoran
  8. Thanks for the comments and encouragement guys ... yeh the northerly route took us 120-140m depths (65-70fathom) ... I may try the 70-80 fathom line next time. - But somehow I think my biggest issue will be to find a crew that will be willing to give it a go!!!...hahaha .... We live to fish ... another day ! Cheers Zoran
  9. Starting an old outboard

    Thanks @rickmarlin62...Yup agree.. I had a different manifestation though. My engine temperature would jump up and keep rising between 2000-3000rpm....just in trolling speed range, 4 -8kts zones rpm range ... a real pain in the butt having the engine getting hot in that rev range. The engine temp was fine at idle up to 2000rpm and fine 3000-wot. My poppet valve spring had failed and was dumping the cooling water from the head with the increased water pressure driven by the impeller above 2000rpm. Not an issue above 3000rpm as there was heaps of water going thru for cooling, not an issue below 2000rpm as the spring could hold that level of pressure ..... but between 2000-3000 she was a bitch. Chalked that one up to experience for future reference....and I watch my gauges all the time. Hence my suggestion to Sigma if poppet had failed open it could be a source of little no water pressure in the head ... little/no tell tale. But thats what I would look at after checking ---> ear muffs / impeller / thermostats / and if you have it on your motor -- poppet valve. The reason I say thermostats is because some motors also only show a tell tale after the thermo's have opened up. Not sure what Sigma's specific 80's model Johnno does. Cheers Zoran
  10. Boat Street Parking in Sydney

    Yeah. How silly of me to be using my own driveway without apologizing to the neighbour first ! cheers Z
  11. Starting an old outboard

    Just back online for a second... poppet valve on my Merc controls the quantity of water flow through the head... if it has failed open then you may be losing fluid back through leg and hence so no or very weak tell tale. But as I said earlier.... trace order is - Impeller - thermostats first. And given @Fab1 previous meticulous write ups follow the procedure he outlines re impellers. Cheers Zoran
  12. Starting an old outboard

    Great work to get this far (also glad this is keeping you off the other literature!) .... no water at tell tale ---> ear muffs / impeller / thermostats / and if you have it on your motor -- poppet valve. Cheers Zoran
  13. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    Absolutely awesome - young Scratchie certainly has some fishing moves - well done getting it all on video. Cheers Zoran
  14. Expanding Fuel

    @shakey55 as others have said, the breather is there to vent the tank... from what you describe I think you may have a combination of issues: 1) vent is blocked: make sure that you do not have a kink or flattening of the breather hose from the tank to the deck vent (mine looked ok but when I actually took it out and checked I found that it had flattened shut at one section but looked ok from the normal viewing angle). 2) breather pickup location: you could have a case of the breather pickup being at the stern end of the tank and a combination of filling the tank to capacity and tilting the boat up at the bow may have positioned the liquid fuel across the breather pickup with the vapour further up in the tank. As the vapour expands it forces liquid fuel out of the breather but since you are not seeing that I suspect the breather hose is kinked and the extra pressure is forcing the fuel out of the joins as you described. Also once you opened the filler cap, the fuel sitting across the filler was expelled. Which again suggests your vent hose is kinked or blocked. This "vapour lock" can be a common problem with long subfloor tanks with the breather pickup at the back. (PS - A friend of mine had problems filling his tank to capacity, unless he took the trailer off the towball and tilted it forward. this could be another manifestation of this problem. You may also at times experience the motor becoming sluggish or bogging down - if the breather pickup is blocked by fuel resulting in fuel tank vacuum restricting fuel flow to the running motor.) So I suggest check your breather hose first. Once you are sure there is no vent blockage, perhaps try tilting the rig forward and see if you get vapour from the vent to confirm this is your tank design. Note: I'm speaking from experience here as my original 200L tank in the Haines had the same issue. When I eventually had the tank replaced, I had the tank manufactured with the breather pickup at the front of the tank as shown in the last sketch. Most boats ride stern heavy, and sit tilted back on trailers so the breather pickup at the front works better. You may need to get rid of some fuel to check your breather hose, as @rickmarlin62 said undo the fuel line at the motor, or if you have a push on fuel connector (usually female) you can purchase the corresponding male connector, rig it to about 1m of fuel line then any time you want to siphon fuel out (lawn mower etc) just connect this up to the fuel supply and use the bulb to start the siphon action. Cheers Zoran
  15. Boat Street Parking in Sydney

    When we first brought home our 6.4m Haines (8m on trailer) and parked it fully on one side of our double driveway (8m frontage)... our neighbour approached my wife and asked the same ... "how long is it gonna live there?" .... then mentioned ... "she's going to call council as there must be rule about this or something" ..... and her excuse for being upset about our pride and joy sitting fully on our property in our driveway ..... "people coming up the road wont be able to see the Christmas tree in her lounge room window from that direction" !!!!!!!!! Sheeesh .... some people think that the world revolves around them ! Cheers Zoran
  16. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    I don’t know PaddyT - I know new cars have 3yrs inspection free period. But cars don’t get dunked in salt water - boat trailers do. You can get a fair amount of corrosion on trailer brakes that are not maintained in 12mths ... let alone 3yrs. Cheers Z
  17. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Smasher.... not sure what the history of your trailer is. Suggest you check the compliance plate on your trailer against the rego papers - the VIN number should match as should the description of the trailer. Some older rigs have just moved the licence plate (inspection exempt) across to another trailer (where technically an inspection is required)... also if your trailer was originally exempt but modifications have been made to it (that have made it fall into inspection required) - then as I understand it who ever did the mods should have updated RMS. I guess its all much of a muchness until there is an accident which may not necessarily be your fault and police/insurance start to poke around... I wouldn't want to be in that position. Cheers Zoran
  18. swell

    Nice work Rick! Cheers Z
  19. swell

    Best of luck Rick. Both Sat and Sun look great here in Sydney. I have a crew with limited experience for Sunday so just deciding whether I’ll introduce them to trolling for pelagics or take them out bottom bashing again. Tough choice .... hahaha .....NOT ! cheers Zoran
  20. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Yup... and we need to be mindful that the capacity is the GVM.... gross vehicle mass - which is the trailer including all the load it's carrying - fuel, gear, beer, bait, tackle etc....
  21. Crikey!

    YUP ! ... not surprised with the hot weather bringing up the salt level in the Georges system and hence helping school fish further and further up the river. I recall that one of the earliest recorded shark fatalities was in the 50's just opposite Bankstown airport - near that spot. I grew up around Chipping Norton Lake System (and cut my teeth fishing there). Have caught many a lower estuary type fish like tailor in the lakes which are a good 5-7km further up from Picnic Pt. Late 70's a friend of mine had a 14' trampoline sailing catamaran... he swears that one day as he was crossing the lakes there was a hammerhead bigger than his pontoons swimming between the pontoons.... and there were always reports of dogs being taken... and even a horse (Warwick farm race course was a bit further up and the trainers used to swim the horses). The lakes were dredged for sand for many years and supposedly there were quite a few very deep holes.... A bit of history for ya all..... Cheers Zoran
  22. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Just checking Fab! Checks of trailers with mechanical override brakes are pretty much as you say - the only thing I'd add is the D-shackles need to be the load rated/certified ones (usually dipped with yellow paint) - some inspectors will pick you up on that. If the trailer is electric/hydraulic braked ... or has break away braking system - then the inspection may also include the charging, in car monitoring of the breakaway battery condition. These are mandatory for rigs over 2T and you have to go to a HVIS for the rego inspection. If you have less then 2T rig but have this breaking system then its a grey area I guess - best to call RMS and see what they want. Cheers Zoran
  23. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Bear....Braked or unbraked trailer? Cheers Zoran
  24. fog and mist on windscreen

    Is FogX same as RainX?? I had a big white dash under a steeply raked front screen that used to emphasise the same screen reflection issue... so I had a trimmer make a dash cover from black car trim carpet that is held in place by velcro. Solved the white dash reflection issue. Regarding gauge lights etc, I keep a dark microfibre cloth handy (to wipe the early morning fogging off screen) so I drape it over the gauges and lights...temporary dark curtain. Cheers Zoran
  25. Using PVC Pipe #2: Rod T-holder

    Yeah we thought about that or that hi dense foam used on roof racks. But these sit at the top of the thigh and the 32mm pipe has a generous radius. They didn’t seem to dig in during the backyard field test. Will keep it in mind though. Cheers Z