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  1. Cool thanks for that mate.
  2. Hey don unlucky with the fish not sticking. How far off is the Kink from the banks?
  3. Well done Luke! Great work champ
  4. The 30 would be a bit big for those species I think a 20 or 25 is plenty and the live fibre rod I can vouch for
  5. I had to get them cause I'd be the bloke that misses out on the big one while everyone else hooks up. Lol Lol yeah you can't be that person, hopefully they're as thick as last year and you'll get em on broom sticks!
  6. Mate it all depends on what you're targeting, live baiting for kings the tld20 Is perfect I think
  7. Hahaha nah nah mr.e.d Im with ya on that one ordered some just thought I'd drop that comment
  8. Any promotional code for shipping lol
  9. Agree with Matt there's better places to target em it's very upsetting getting done by an anchored boat.
  10. The troll cam footage is crazyyy!!! Need to invest in one of those. Which SST charts do you use? Cheers
  11. Thanks mate
  12. Hey fellas What dates exactly and how do you enter? Cheers
  13. My condolences to his family. Rest In Peace
  14. Damn that's the exact opposite report of what I was hoping to see =| gonna be down there from Saturday for a week with the family hopefully I can get some action
  15. JB

    Yeah I've got a couple of marks off fish raider for the bay there gonna be inside mainly, any tips mate? I heard the beaks have made their way down there