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  1. Balmain Blackfish

    Thanks for the explanation, that's what I thought it was. Is Blackfishing in estuaries, etc any good in Winter? Maybe making a trip to Sydney in late April /early May. Would be lovely to have another go at them. Cheers, bn
  2. Balmain Blackfish

    G'day Ryder. What do you mean by "I shortened up 6 inches?" Sounds like an eventful session you had. You obviously know a lot about Blackfish and their habits though. Still on my bucket list to actually catch some Blackfish. Cheers, bn
  3. Fishing and more fishing...

    Some excellent video footage there Ricardo. Thank you. bn
  4. After some Leatherjacket tips

    VERY interesting Derek. Thanks for posting that. I really have little idea what goes on beneath the salt water waves. Cheers, bn
  5. After some Leatherjacket tips

    Gee these leatherjackets sound more like Piranhas than lovely fish that are fun to catch. Just be careful you don't fall in Tash. Cheers, bn
  6. Bonnies Save The Day Again

    Thanks for that info Baz. I only know that they're good fun on light gear. Caught some when I've been on charters out of Kiama. They were used for bait. Cheers, bn
  7. FLATHEAD continue to CHEW around St Huberts

    Another very professional presentation Josh. Lovely place to be chasing Flatties. Cheers, bn
  8. Bonnies Save The Day Again

    I really enjoyed your report Baz. We fishos must develop a stoic resolve I reckon when we can turn an ordinary day into something special. Mind you the sight of the dog escorting the lady jogger along the beach and a beautiful sunrise (as pictured) would have some minor influence, eh? What are the bonito like to eat or do you use them for bait? Cheers Baz and keep those reports coming, bn

    G'day Omally. They taste like freshwater shrimps. I can't be bothered eating them or yabbies when they make such great bait. You can buy shrimp nets from your local tackle store or Big W for about $ 8 -10. There's a pocket in them for the "bait". You can use soap or cheese or dog biscuits. All of these work well!. You will need to tie an additional length of string to them as sometimes the water may be 10 ft down a steep bank. Place them in slow /still current near to weeds or grassy edges and leave for a few hours. You are only allowed 1 per person in NSW. When you get some shrimps hook them through the tail as shown in the picture. They are best fished on a paternoster rig as they will dig into the mud if they can. They can also be put in those sealable sandwich bags and kept in the freezer. Shrimps and yabbies are only available during periods where the water is warm, they hibernate from about late April to September. Hope this helps, bn

    Yeh shrimps and yabbies taste pretty good boiled in salty water...you need an awful lot of them though. I'm really flattered at so many birthday wishes. I really had a great day. Fishing tomorrow, methinks. Cheers, bn
  11. Another day in Paradise...

    You're most welcome to scoot down here Frank and catch a few Cod. Actually, if any of the Sydney folk find the time, let me know. I'll be pleased to take you out to catch a few. Still hoping to catch up when I get to the big smoke Frank. Cheers mate, bn
  12. Another day in Paradise...

    Thanks, Stewy, I get the same from reading your posts. I think it's nice to relate the FEELINGS we get when fishing. After all, that's why we go, eh? By the way, I think it's quite incredible catching so many crabs in a session...top job. Cheers and hi to Donna, bn
  13. Plastic fishing carp

    G'day CJay, I love chasing Carp too. They always put up a good account of themselves in the fight department. Haven't heard of the Grass Carp. Any idea where they can be found in Australian waters...not specific areas, just a region or river system? Cheers, bn
  14. Glenbawn Trip

    You might get the chance to gather info, for when you do take the boat to Tamworth. Good luck Steve. Will look forward to reading your post. bn
  15. Another day in Paradise...

    It sure is Steve. Lots of snags so you lose a bit of gear, but that's where the fish are. Seldom travel more than half a km from the boat ramp...there's fish everywhere if you know where to look. Glad you like the pics, I love taking pics while I wait for bites. Cheers, bn