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  1. Jindabyne Trout trip

    What a fantastic report and a perfect example of persistence paying off. Good onya Gordo and many thanks for the report. Cheers, bn
  2. size improving

    Aha very interesting comment about the Bream and the Cormorant crap. Not surprising really the crap would probably be full of fishy remnants, oils, etc. Just another trick that you've learned eh Dave. Very generous to share your knowledge with the wider Fishraider community. BTW how did you put the red indicator on your post? Cheers, bn
  3. Tough weekend

    An approach that I would expect from you and your gang JonD. Take only what you need and leave plenty for tomorrow. That looks like a decent sized squid. Cheers mate, bn
  4. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    Hey Waza. So looking forward to catching up with you all in Sydney. Getting all the packing, etc arranged for an early start tomorrow. I'm going to ring FrankS today and sort out details for getting to the airport on time. After that, whatever any (or all) of you arrange will be like Christmas for me. I love chasing the species that I do but there's still so much variety (of techniques) to try. Hope to see you all somewhere near the water in a few weeks time. Cheers bn
  5. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    Hey Derek, good to hear from you. Everybody is being asked to take extra hols these days eh? I have no idea what's been arranged at present as I asked FrankS, Waza, Ryder to come up with some arrangements and I will GLADLY fit in with them. It's quite some time since I wet a line in saltwater and I'm so looking forward to it and catching up with some of the gurus from Sydney. I'll be back in Sydney on 7th June (Thursday) and will be staying till at least 11th (Monday). I will have my car to get around and will be staying in the shire. Can I suggest that you liaise with FrankS or Waza with regard to what, where, etc. Methinks the fish had better look out with all this talent around. Cheers, bn
  6. Port Stephens 20/5/2018

    A disappointing return to the far east eh Baz. Days like that make us appreciate the good ones all the more. Cheers, bn
  7. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    Thanks Dave that would be excellent. Might happen with a stopover on the way. Cheers and tight lines. Keep the posts happening, love reading them. bn
  8. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    I have come up with a brilliant idea (another one). Why don't you three guys make the fishing arrangements and when Frank picks me up (or I go to his place in Berala), he can fill me in on what's happening. I really appreciate you all offering to take me along to learn some new experiences in the saltwater and am really looking forward to it. Whatever you plan, I'll be in it. Let me know if this is ok with y'all please. I'll probably head home on Tuesday 12th June. bn
  9. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    ...and what about the stuff for catching the Blackfish Ryder? LOL. Thanks guys looks like my time in Sydney is pretty much organised. Can somebody let the fish know, so that they turn up too. Getting excited. Holiday AND saltwater fishing too. My phone number (in Oz) is 0466853633 and I'll be back in Sydney on 7th June. Meeting up with Frank S then. Waza is going to take me for a go at JD (to be arranged)...experts left, right, and centre. Can you text me your mobile number please Ryder? I have Frank and Wazas. Cheers and thanks guys. Neil
  10. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    Sounds good Frank. Should be right for accom when I get back on 7th June. My wife's aunt lives in the shire and will (hopefully) be back home by then...thanks for the offer. May need somewhere to leave my car while I'm o/s though?? Any suggestions to avoid the extortionists at the airport? I have your mobile number and will be in touch. Text if you can help re parking situation please. Catch u soon. bn
  11. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    Thanks Waza. Have entered your number into my phone and will be in touch when I arrive back in Oz. Cheers mate. bn
  12. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    So plans have been made and I'm heading o/s till 7th June. When I return to Sydney I'll be able to stay for 4 or 5 days (at least until Monday 11th). If any of you Sydney Raiders would like to take me fishing in your neck of the woods, I would be very grateful. I know I'm being a bit cheeky but what the heck...don't ask, don't complain! If anyone fancies showing me the ropes with Hairtail or squid or blackfish...they're all on my wish list. I will have transport and (hopefully) be able to find my way around. My mobile number is 0466853633 although I don't have that "global roaming thing" so it's only beneficial when I'm in Australia. I won't have any fishing gear with me either. Cheers, bn
  13. Another fantastic report with pics Dave. Oh, how I envy you your youth and skill. That Black Spot Cod is a magnificent looking fish as is the Blue Fin Trevally. You certainly know what you're doing. Cheers, bn
  14. 30min session

    That's what you call a quick fix Steve. Hits the spot, eh? bn
  15. Flathead in the bucket

    Great result Toilor. I am envious. bn