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  1. G'day Armpits. If you are tying (heavy) line to a swivel there are lots of options to use. Check them out on Youtube and tie one that better suits your needs. Line diameter can be tricky too, because different manufacturers will produce a whole range of product with varying quality. Far better to rely (as a guide only) on the stated breaking strain for a particular target species. Most anglers have their preferred lines to suit the purpose it is used for. bn
  2. It's a great sport to be involved in Ricardo. What were you catching in the video? bn
  3. That's interesting Jon. The replies seem to indicate that lotsa jellyfish = poor fishing. bn
  4. Trolling means driving along in the boat , pulling lures (or sometimes baits) behind the boat. The method varies depending on the species of fish being targetted. bn
  5. Great summary of some exciting times in both fresh and salt. Well done. Enjoyed reading it. bn
  6. PM sent Rick, Neil
  7. Hi Frank. Have sent you a PM. bn
  8. Thanks Rick. Bit concerned at the state of the larger (small) Cod. Full of big red sores and very emaciated. Fought ok though for its size. Weather very hot but water temp still only 21.8c, early days I suppose. Hope you're managing to get out fishing a bit mate. Neil
  9. Very hot down here in the Riverina, at the moment. Cod season is imminent so I took the boat out for a spin to check that all is well. Water depth in the river is still on the low side but enough to motor around a bit. Hadn't been to the river for a while in my boat and had to (guesswork) effect repairs to the new transducer and old sounder. Fresh fuel, a tune up, new impeller along with new bearings on the trailer, and I'm happy to say that everything worked well. Spotted a few fish on the sounder and put some worms in their face. Waited till I was getting burned and decided to try for some shrimp. After about 3/4 hour the net produced 4 measly shrimps. In a matter of 15 mins I had 3 small (immature) Cod which were quickly released to get bigger. All caught on shrimp. No more shrimps so back to worms = NO MORE BITES. Managed another few smallish shrimps which netted me a 50cm Cod, which looked very ill and a perfectly sized Yellowbelly, who wanted to come home with me... The last shrimp I put on with some worms (usually a deadly cocktail), yet again NOTHING. So all systems go for Dec 1st, then I can go target the Cod. Thanks for reading, bn
  10. Rats Rick. You probably deserve another one. Keep fencing! Heading out to road test the boat at the river, bn
  11. Good to see you still getting among them Yowie. bn
  12. Great report and pictures Dave. bn
  13. Great report Zoran. I like the way you include the good with the bad stuff. Fishing is like that! Nice feed of quality table fish to share around too. Good job and glad that your motor is going
  14. I would like to nominate rickmarlin62 for a mentors badge because he is always prepared to offer advice from his vast wealth of knowledge and is always happy to take fellow fishers out to show them the ropes. bn
  15. Nice session Blaxland. Top job mate. bn