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  1. As king worms are large, I used a 2 hook rig (5/0 + 6/0) on 30lb fluorocarbon leader. Large star sinker on a short leader attached to the main line with a running swivel. Haven't seen these worms about on the Central Coast so have brought a pack back to try up at the Entrance beach. They are metho dipped and frozen. Toughens them up and doesn't seem to inhibit the fish.
  2. This is now an annual trip so definitely looking forward to next year. Last year the jew was 7kg, this year 12kg, I'm gunning for +15kg next year. This year was especially satisfying as it was in daylight hours (just) and didn't need a 1am - 4am session like previously.
  3. A weeks R&R with a mate up at Crowdy Head, staying in his holiday house overlooking the beach and ocean. The plan was reds from his boat and jew from the beach. Weather wasn't good most of the time, winds to 30 knots, seas to 4m but we went out in the boat when we could and dug the 4X4 out of the beach a few times. Nothing like some challenges to make the catch worthwhile. Best was this 12kg, 1.05m jew caught with beach worms on a late afternoon high tide. A good feed of reds one day too.
  4. Thanks for the great feedback guys. A couple of farm-camping locations have told me that while low, fishing is still possible and OK. Whew, I was worried about green water and dead carp. This is a sort of "coming of age" trip with my boy. Did the same with my girl a couple of year ago, diving and fishing off dads cat in the Keppels (now sold ) Koiboi, I do intend heading south on the Darling and stopping at Lake Mungo, then heading to the Murray where I thought we might spend a night or two heading slowly west before the return to Sydney so your suggestion for a camping spot is much appreciated. Am taking dads Merc M350. Its set up with a Fox Wing, Engle, pod etc.If it rains, I'll be straight back onto the tarmac and waiting in a town until it clears or is safe to travel on dirt. Thanks for the warning though, I'll be extra careful. Too much rain and I'll head east quickly and into the Snowy Mtns instead (Plan B ) Thanks again for the feedback.
  5. I am planning a week long road trip with my 14 yo boy in April, heading out to Broken Hill and back to Sydney. There is a great road that follows the Darling River and I intend to do some camping along it between Menindee and Wentworth. From what I can find, the river is currently very low and I doubt there will be any rain between now and April. What are my chances of catching fish? Menindee ponds might be a more successful, as will the Murray River but I would appreciate any opinions about the Darling R.
  6. When I need a quick, slim knot with reasonable braid to fluoro strengh I use a 5 turn surgeon knot. Knot as good as the FG but quicker to tie.
  7. Another benefit of winching on is that you dont have to back your trailer so far into the water, although the steepness of the ramp affects how far you need to go for drive on. I try to keep my axel and brakes out of the briny which has enabled my trailer to last 16 years before the rust got hold of weak spots at the very end of the trailer. (new one under construction just in time for Xmas - yay!).
  8. Hi, I have exactly the same boat (2000 model) and am also replacing my trailer. I have gone with a local manufacturer on the Central Coast and would be happy to pass on their details so send me a PM if interested. Going with a manufacturer rather than and off-the-shelf lets you customise some important aspects which will add significantly to the life of the trailer. In my case I am having the axle+brake mounting plate gal dipped and having the cross beams rolled rather than bent which prevents stress fractures in the middle where the rollers are mounted which can lead to rust. This was the main reason for the demise of my current trailer. FYI - Quintrex boats are fairly unique and have an I-beam for a keel that can support the weight of the boat. This means you can go with a partially rollered trailer for support down the back and keel rollers to carry the weight.
  9. Mine was brand new from Hewitt Marine, fitted with the 70hp so it definitely should have been withing legal requirements. From memory it was the largest HP for that model.
  10. Re-reading my post I wasnt clear that the 70hp I bought with the boat was a 2-stroke. I also read that although the hull is rated to 175kg for the motor, it isnt recommended to go past 140kg as performance will suffer.
  11. I have a 475 Bayranger Caprice, cuddy, 2000 model so the exact same boat. Mine was new with a 70hp yammie. Perfect 1 up, OK with 2 adults but performance starts to go down with 3. OK for a few hours for a family day, 2 adults + 2 kids. I am also considering a 4 stroke but the extra weight will impact performance at 70 or 75hp. A 60 fourstroke will definitely have less oomph but for 1 or 2 adults it might be OK.
  12. I use the FG but from testing I have seen on-line it seems to give only 60% - 80% of the braid strength. The PR knot should be close to 100%. Got to get me a bobbin!
  13. Hey mate, be a shame to lose you from the Gosford RSL FC
  14. I'm going to head out real early on Saturday for a flattie + crab hunt. With luck I'll have something there at the weigh-in on Sunday.
  15. Spot on Belligero, sure you wern't in the boat next to me?? (they only got one and left - he he) However dont always wait for them to start pulling line as they can just sit there and chomp on the bait.