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  1. Sydney snapper fishing advice

    Thanks for that, I'll have a look for it when I get back to a computer.
  2. Sydney snapper fishing advice

    Hi all, I appreciate that people like to keep their spots secret but I am at my wits end. I've spent 20+ years catching small reds in the hawkesbury system and never a keeper. My best guess at the moment is to head offshore and drift across broken ground off the northern beaches...? No idea... Any tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Cheers MJ
  3. Solo Offshore Broken Bay

    I didn't measure but the bigger one was probably 65cm ish.
  4. Solo Offshore Broken Bay

    Yeah The important part is cutting out any of the remaining bloodline. Then you end up with those delicious 'loins' that you grilled there. Perfection!
  5. Solo Offshore Broken Bay

    No, despite heading east the current dragged me down a bit further. If you know the depth contour lines around there, there is a a ridge that looks like a horseshoe between the 90m and 100m mark. I actually got a marlin around here last year.
  6. Solo Offshore Broken Bay

    Yep, almost instantly one went across the middle line and then the second fish went through all of them. To finish my troll in I decided to only run two...
  7. Solo Offshore Broken Bay

    So my fishing buddies decided to leave me on my lonesome on Sunday morning. With approval from the family to go out I decided to go solo. Put in at Apple Tree and thought I'd go check the swell to have a troll offshore. Magic conditions, even driving out through my least favourite Broken Bay. Decided to head due east and see what happens. I dropped some tuna skirts/feathers short out the back (still amazes me the one 3m from the back of the boat gets hit first every time) and a bigger skirt way out the back in around 40m of water. Beautiful water past 50m and for about 5 minutes I had a school of flying fish jumping around the boat as I trolled on. Was fully expecting the reels to start screaming any minute. Nothing. I continued out to the 100m mark then turn round to head back in. On the way back to where I marked the flying fish I head one rubber band snap and the reel scream, as I turn to see which one it is BANG the second goes off. Oh no....I should NOT have had 3 rods out whilst solo. This begins the process of managing each fish and trying to get it into a good position so I can lock up the drag and get each on in separately. After 15 minutes or so, I've got two pretty good stripeys on board and a bit of a tangle with the third line. Despite what people say, when I bleed them instantly and get them on ice they taste perfectly fine. A lot of it went to the neighbors so it isn't wasted and they have all said it's some of the best tuna they have eaten. It's all in the prep and making sure they are killed and kept fresh. Both raw and steaks were excellent. I don't think I'd freeze them though, anything left is bait. Regardless, was an excellent day and was extremely pleased to get the double hookup and both landed. Wish I had some company for the day though, would have headed out wider where it sounded like the birds, bait, tuna and marlin were going off! Safety first though. Cheers all!
  8. So I figured that I should provide an update on the day out on Tuesday. I was able to take out some clients for a fish (perks of being in sales) and the weather and conditions just turned it on! Started at Roseville nice and late around 10:30 and headed out to quarantine head and within 20 minutes had the first king on board. Hung around there for a while and flicked some lures to watch the school kings chasing hard. The guys decided that the sea was too flat to stay inside so we headed out to have a look for surface feeders. Heading out through the heads and there was A LOT of bait fish feeding on the surface (yakkas I think) and in the midst of this were some jumping Tuna. I'm pretty sure stripeys as I got one the other day. p.s. Under rated eating by everyone. We trolled around the schools of bait with some skirts and divers hoping for a fun little tuna but nothing hit. Headed out wider, only about 60M only hoping for something bigger hovering under the bait but nothing unfortunately. Water temp was still high 24's all the way. Came back inside again for the change of tide and some lunch and set back up at Quarantine Head. Found the yakkas again. I've never seen them so think! After a quick visit from the water police to say hi we proceeded to catch a few more kings and called it a day in the late afternoon. This is what happens when you take the day off work to go fishing midweek!!! The true highlight of the day though. Taking clients out for a fish, showing them how I like to catch kings, watching them catch them all day on my gear, rigs and bait. Not catching a SINGLE THING all day myself... Hilarious. $%(&!@) Fishing eh... Get amongst it everyone!
  9. First Marlin for me

    It's actually the 625 outsider. A little bit older but keen eye.
  10. First Marlin for me

    Thanks mate. There was a lot of jumping throughout the fight which was awesome. This is about as good as it gets from the video.
  11. First Marlin for me

    Hey all, After spending a lot of time (probably too much at work) reading here and picking up whatever tips I can, it has finally all paid off. I bought a nice boat a couple of years ago with the hope that I can one day find and catch my own big game Fish. Went out today from broken bay to try again with higher hopes after some reports and a look at the temperatures. Around midday the dream finally happened, the left rod went off screaming and I could see the bill smashing around out the back. What a rush! My mate got the decks cleared quickly and efficiently whilst I held on. We then played it well and had it at the boat after about 15 minutes. Then got it off at a nice distance from the boat as I had no intention of keeping it or having the potential damage trying to bring it in. Happy the gear and knots all held up. Caught on 15kg on a Shimano TLD 20. Was off long reef area in 105m of water. It was 23.2 when we got it. Fair few birds out and some big schools of bait around. Was kinda hoping for a big dolly to take home but no complaints. We only managed a little bit of video as we were both a bit preoccupied. If anyone could help with a guess at what it is it would be appreciated. It was about 1.40m-1.60m long (not including the beak). Anyway, thanks for the tips on this site. Don't think I could have done it without. https://youtu.be/3QNGhbQ7_cE Cheers (now it's time to invest in some outriggers so I can run a better spread rather than my hacked together rod holders out the side)
  12. FADs quiet

    It looks like there is a lot of warm water coming down now so that's surprising. I'm heading out tomorrow to do something similar so I'll let you all know if we have any more luck.
  13. I'm heading out from Broken Bay this Friday if anyone has any tips. Otherwise I'll let you all know. Not many new posts lately from everyone!
  14. Hey all, I know how secretive we all can be about our bass spots but I thought I'd give a 'location' report. I normally throw the yak in after work up past Galston. The water hasn't been the colour that normally means a successful evening for fishing. It's been a bit brown after the huge amounts of rain. We normally like that milky green hue. That coloured water and the cicadas pumping in the afternoon always means fish. So far this season it's been...slow. Whilst we are still getting a few each time we head out they don't seem to be the normal fun size. They seem to be topping out around 20-25cms. Whilst still great having them hit the lures while sitting on the water it's not the same this year. Ideally we'd be hitting at least one 40cm+ each 2-3 hour session. Yet to clear 35cm this season. Anybody else finding the same thing north of Sydney? Too much rain??? Either way, it's still great to be in the local creeks catching native fish and letting them go. My latest addition to the yak of a nice soft net has made the whole catch and release much simpler (except the lures stuck in the net). Also as a side note, the savings I've made in lost lures since owning the yak have easily covered the price if anyone is getting pressure on buying one! On a side note, has anybody actually eaten a Bass? I've heard the most mixed rumours about the whole thing I've never even considered it. In saying that even if I heard they were delicious I would most likely let them free anyway. Just curious is all... Cheers guys. "Tight lines" MJ