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  1. Wild cod country

    Nice to see you listened to the advice when you came in the store Stewy! How was the water level when you went up?
  2. Cracking the beach jew

    Mate! Congratulations! Cracker of a beach jew! What was your rod/reel set up? And standard running sinker rig? Cheers, and congratulations again!!!
  3. North Narrabeen 9/8/14

    Ah legend! Cheers Marky haha Yeah, the salmon are always good fun in the surf! But then again so is just about anything you catch! Haha
  4. North Narrabeen 9/8/14

    Made the last minute decision after work on Saturday to make the drive to narrabeen and soak some pillies off the beach. Arrived at about 6:30 and got two rods set up with baits out, only saw tbe last hour of the run in for nothing but a small tailor, then the tide turned and fished the first two hours of run out for these two lovely sambos that both accounted for themselves very, very well. The first (slightly smaller) one took to the air about 8 times which was great fun, and upon inspecting him closer something had taken a big fresh chunk out of his right shoulder! Was a great last minute session on a beautiful, clear night with some good results. Photos of the two sambos to come (when I can figure out how
  5. cut the throat at the beach and get it on ice straight away, will be a thousand times better eating then
  6. BFTs Exist!

    Fantastic report! And bloody well do e on the fish! Outstanding BFT!!
  7. Life is a Beach

    like reubs, I too am curious as to what area you were fishing? cheers, dan
  8. Hawks nest fishing locations?

    Steve, how did you go?? Dan
  9. any bluefin whispers

    May or may not have heard of blues already being caught at the edges of a large eddy in the currents off sydney at the moment.. can't say exactly where obviously, but it was out wide..
  10. Squid in bobbin head

    Was this land based or boat?
  11. Great stuff! Do you mind if I ask what weight jigheads you were using? it looks like it might be as bit as 1/6th oz but I would have thought that was too heavy! Haha congratulations on a great day's fishing!
  12. Hey Raiders, I was just wondering if anybody knew of any half decent land-based bass spots around the central coast area? Or even around north sydney? (Hornsby/Dural etc). Any help at all would be MUCH appreciated, got my first taste of bass fishing last week, and now I am well and truly hooked!! Cheers! Dan
  13. Fishing the fish

    you can camp at Flat Rock reserve on Mutton Falls Rd. It's one of the favourite spots on the fish mainly due to ease of access downstream. but I believe there are also a few other places further upstream you can hitch a tent.
  14. Beaches around Bulli?

    Ended up going down to Austinmer for a couple of hours after work on Tuesday night. I always rig a surf popper to my paternosters on the beach, and 80% of the fish I land are taken on the popper over the bait. Anyway, long story short, landed countless undersized flathead (3 keepers, on pippies), the tailor were out in force, but only 1 actually landed, and 4 smaller salmon on the ganged pilchard. Also had an eel on (about 1-1.5m) that spat the hook in the wash, I'd never caught or even hooked an eel off the beach before so this was an exciting sighting for me!! Anyway, not a bad little evening session overall.
  15. Beaches around Bulli?

    Hey Raiders, I'm down in Thirroul/Wollongong/Bulli for the next two weeks for a uni placement and am wondering if anyone has had any past experiences fishing the beaches in the area? Will mainly be targeting salmon. Cheers!! Dan