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  1. That's a cracker of a bass mate!
  2. Hi mate, I've used your everyday super glue without any issues when using ZMan grubs on TT Headhunter jig heads before I discovered TT Headlocks.
  3. Thanks for the report Brew. Hopefully they stick around and I can get my young bloke onto a few Sunday morning. Cheers Peter
  4. PM sent with 2 charter options mate.
  5. Hi Mate, as some of the guy's have already mentioned, save yourself some money and throw metals at Tailor. 10 or 20 gram Raider should do the trick.
  6. TR Marine at McGraths Hill are a Mercury dealer, I'm sure that they service all makes. Blakes Marine are also at McGraths Hill and are a Yamaha and Susuki dealer.
  7. Cracking Jew mate, well done.
  8. Some cracking fish there mate. Nice part of the world to spend sometime in.
  9. Well done mate, nothing beats a feed of flattie.
  10. Cracker of a fish mate, nothing wrong with occasionally keeping 1 for a feed.
  11. Thanks for the heads up Foosh.
  12. Nice catch mate, which ramp do you use in the Hawkesbury?
  13. Nice way to kill 45 mins, with a good result.
  14. Awesome feeling tackling Salmon on light gear.
  15. Nice feed of Snapper there mate!