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  1. Terrigal Dolphin Fish, finally some good ones

    Cheers, thanks mate.
  2. Terrigal Dolphin Fish, finally some good ones

    Thanks mate. What size outlaw do you have? Cheers
  3. Terrigal Dolphin Fish, finally some good ones

    Nice work mate! Is the boat you went out in a Renegade?
  4. Catti Creek Boat Access

    Thanks Macman. Hopefully give a crack in the next few weeks.
  5. Broken bay wide

    Well done mate! I was out there last Thursday and picked up 1 undersize dollie and 2 stripe tuna.
  6. Catti Creek Boat Access

    Thanks for the reply Matt. I've checked out the Pitt town ramp and I wouldn't lauch there without a 4WD. I just rang Riverside Ski Park to see if I could use there ramp, unfortunately it's out of action at the moment and won't be ready until easter. For my first trip I'm just going launch at Windsor and see how long it takes to get to Catti creek. Cheers Peter
  7. Catti Creek Boat Access

    Thanks Swordfisherman. Is the ramp concrete or do I need a 4WD to launch? Cheers
  8. Catti Creek Boat Access

    Thanks Berleyguts. I know of both those ramps, I'll check out some of the van parks. Cheers Peter
  9. Catti Creek Boat Access

    Hi Guy's, I was wondering if someone could let me know of a ramp where I could launch a 4.5m side console in Catti Creek to chase some bass. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Peter
  10. broughton island

    Hi Rick, Good see that there are still a few good guy's around willing to share their years of knowledge. Cheers
  11. New PB Bass!!

    That's a cracker of a bass mate!
  12. Soft plastic glue

    Hi mate, I've used your everyday super glue without any issues when using ZMan grubs on TT Headhunter jig heads before I discovered TT Headlocks.
  13. Bonnies and Tailor - Barrenjoey

    Thanks for the report Brew. Hopefully they stick around and I can get my young bloke onto a few Sunday morning. Cheers Peter
  14. Soft plastics advice

    Hi Mate, as some of the guy's have already mentioned, save yourself some money and throw metals at Tailor. 10 or 20 gram Raider should do the trick.