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  1. I am fine with the rule, I am just indicating my view that there seems to be a slight inconsistently with how the two versions are expressed?
  2. so along that "it's very simple really" kinda line of discussion, can you clarify which precise rules are to be followed? the new ones announced in post #1 of this thread: or this one: which seem to only prohibit the "promotion" of a business? I personally did not take rule #8 to mean you shalt not 'name' any business that is not a sponsor? and I am sure that many others would not read #8 the same way? my point is - if the rule that you want to be followed is that you are not allowed to NAME a non-sponsor business, this should be stated unambiguously in the official rules for the avoidance of doubt. particularly if a breach of the rule results in instabanning?
  3. as per the rule: as long as you are not promoting/plugging them, seems it is OK? but rule #8 is not the same as what has been decreed in the above post by Admin, i.e. that the must not be any: so anyone not reading this thread risks being banned, without notice.
  4. ahahh! thanks for clarifying
  5. great stuff!!! that is great news but can i ask about the hook? #6 is very small isn't it?
  6. as per the flathead fanatics thread, i found this on the same site:
  7. i thought so, that's why I added the link
  8. is that a rhetorical question? not sure what the point of this thread is? EDIT: to add something of substance, here is how Greenpeace is currently dealing with its concerns:
  9. land based? or waterside? i could only cast 50% of the way to the mangroves with my biggest casts from the north side... i was chatting to a local who was blackfishing near the pontoon who said a similar thing you 'yak-based yet? opens up the whole of MH for ya
  10. sweet mate - well done! invest in one of these maybe?
  11. no worries mate, we've been going to Garigal since high school, the boys an I know it fires in spring... was just looking for a place for a easy quiet flick I moved around a fair bit, started up under road bridge (vibe eater!), then went up stream, then down to water pipe, then down to pontoon, then to the creek side... water is so clear, probably would have been more success with bait
  12. whoah!! faster than Usain Bolt!!! hope your finger is not too bad
  13. not this arvo
  14. so knots are a seasonal thing? now i have heard everything! PS i have learned WAY more from the search function than from starting new topics... PPS - you havent even told us what line weight you are asking about!??!? good luck tying an albright in 40lb line!
  15. yep, no worries! was not sure what Catchin Jack was getting at...