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  1. After some Leatherjacket tips

    should you use some thick line? Whats the secret to not get your rig/line chewed off by these species? In relation to the south side of spit bridge... are they near structure or would they be anywhere in the water? and should you hit the bottom or midway?
  2. hey man, what pliers do you use? do you use the alvey worming pliers? I find that when i grab onto a worm, the worm just slips through the pliers. Am i not sqeeuzing hard enough or do you recommend a different type of pliers?
  3. Newcastle Beaches

    thanks Dave. Will see how i go
  4. Newcastle Beaches

    Hi mate, what size rod and reel did you use to catch those fish in the surf?
  5. Whiting, worms and longshank hooks

    with the bulk worms.. do u just laeve it in the surf and it acts as a real worm?
  6. Harbour Jews 5/02/2018

    hi abs, what is your rig set up when rigging the yakkas ?
  7. Beachworms in North sydney

    i was thinking of potentially going too this week haha. good luck
  8. Beachworms in North sydney

    did you get out turtleTown?
  9. Narrabeen Surf Fishing

    Guys when fishing the beach for whiting... i find that im just using a 7" Rod.. smallish star sinker. I find that the waves just move my rig around quiet a bit. Any pointers as to how to best fish from the beach where there are decent waves around? Should I be using heavier gear or going at a specific tide? Im using a Long shank hook with a beach worm i caught earlier in the morning.
  10. Beachworms in North sydney

    i think they do. I know Mona Vale, Narrabeen do for sure, as that is where i have caught. Try to target the spots where there is less foot traffic.
  11. Bream lures for the flats

    Also... could you use hard bodies and SPs to catch bream and Whiting at a beach? My guess is it would need to be a beach with minimal waves?
  12. Bream lures for the flats

    do bream hang around the flats? would you actually need to be near structure to find the break? I wouldnt imagine you could simply cast into open calm water?
  13. Whiting for dinner - Newcastle Beachs

    really helpful thanks James
  14. Whiting for dinner - Newcastle Beachs

    guys, for me when fishing beaches such as narrabeen...i find that my rig gets moved around a lot. There are decent sized waves and i think im using a fairly decent sized sinker, but should i not be targeting beaches which large waves? any advice?
  15. Beach set up

    Hi, i am after a new beach/rocksoutfit. I was looking at the penn prevail 12” rod. Can anyone please suggest a real to match? Would a 5000 reel be suitable? Targetting salmon, tailor, jews, bonito, kingfish. Please suggest in the pleuger, penn, abu garcia range only