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  1. looks like the cool water is being pushed way back down south. No chances of a bluefin sydney way but maybe still a yellowfin. Has anyone heard anything?
  2. Lately I've been thinking about trying for a swordfish off sydney. However all the bent butt rods they seem to be using are atleast $750. I've been looking at the shimano status PE 5-8 as a budget alternative, but it says it is designed for deep dropping with electric reels. Is there something about the design of these rods that make them unsuitable for swordfishing? There is also a tiagra bent butt at around $350 with runner guides and a roller tip that looks like the next cheapest option. Has anyone used these rods before or know of another cheap equivalent? At the moment my plan is to use: Status or Tiagra bent butt Tiagra 50A or Tyrnos 50LRS 1000m 80lb braid + 80 or 130lb mono topshot Thanks
  3. anyone thinking of heading out this weekend? flying up to sydney friday night to fish saturday and sunday for toona! On a side not.. Whats everyone using for their water temp? ripcharts of fishtrack? been using fishtrack for a while but it doesnt seem as good as ripcharts when I used it a few years ago. Is it worth getting the premium subscription or just the standard?
  4. years ago when I used to fish long reef in a yak with my dad, fresh squid drifted around on jigheads always seemed to work pretty well. Especially on snapper but also kingfish at times. Fish for squid the night before in the harbour, then use it at dawn at long reef. If you get a big calamari put one big tentacle on a 3/8 ounce jig head. Almost always produced a nice fish. And just use the navionics map to find the reef. Theres usually atleast 10 other boats out there so shouldnt be too hard to find goodluck!
  5. Anyone heard any news of tuna off sydney yet? Looks like some good water south east of botany bay but quite a far way offshore. Heard from some facebook pages that longliners have been getting some good fin around the 2000fathom line near Bermi. I'm down in Melbourne for the next few months so want to be sure before flying up to go for a fish. Cheers
  6. Had a few big calamari harass my live baits at Lion island on sunday so that might also be an option. You can also catch yakkas at Juno point if you burley up, but west head is definitely the better spot as Scratchie said
  7. Avet do left handed jigging reels. Check out Look at the 5 SXJ. Should be around $330 Edit: The 5 SXJ might be a little low drag wise for you so the raptor editions might be better. Look at the Avet 5 SXJ 6/4 raptor Or avet mxj 6/4 raptor. The narrow models would be more suited for jigging
  8. Thanks Jon, I think I'll be going for the 50/200 transducer and the LSS2-HD. Thanks for all your help! Now I've just got to ask some stabicraft owners about using a transom or through hull
  9. ok so with the addition of the sonar hub its getting a bit too expensive again just like the simrads. Is a 1kW transducer completely necessary? What about if I went for the HDS12gen3 with a 50/200 lowrance 106-77 with a 3d structure scan? Would the 106-77 do everything I want to do offshore if I ran it at 50Hz? Also does the gen3 allow a 3D transducer without a sonar hub?
  10. The boat is currently coming with a lowrance hds 12 gen 3 so instead of switching it out for the simrad we might stick with it. Few questions, does the hds 12 allow mulitple transducers to be connected unlike the simrad? Or would i need an additional module?
  11. A combination of kingy snapper fishing in 20 - 100m, trolling beyond the shelf and some deep dropping 300-500m
  12. I like the sound of that second option. Researching it now. Regarding the b265LH, it says its suited to boats over 8m. Would this be a major issue? The boat would be parked at marina its whole life so there would be no damage caused by a trailer, except for when its put into the water for the first time. Thanks for all your help by the way, hard to find the right information online.
  13. Thanks for your reply amkr! I think we've decided on the NSS9 evo2 + BSM3 + 1kW transducer for now, as we have a roughly $5k limit on the sounder. Then later on we could always add the 3D structure scan transducer. Now I'm wondering what 1kW transducer to get. We'd like a thru-hull transducer for the ability to see bottom at high speeds but would love recommendations. The hull is 6mm aluminium if this helps..
  14. My family is getting a new stabicraft 2400 in the beginning of 2017 and I've been tasked with doing all the research regarding sounders. So far I've decided on either a simrad NSS9 evo2 or NSS12 evo2. However I'm confused as to whether we need the bsm3. We want to run a 1kw transducer as well as a structure scan 3D transducer. Is anyone running a similar setup that could give me some information? I've read conflicting posts on different forums that you need the bsm3 if you want to run 2 transducers, but cant find any information from simrad to back this up. Thanks in advance!
  15. Great report Jon! Were you using frozen pillies? or the ones bought fresh from a fish shop?