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  1. nice report That certainly would be a great story to tell at school
  2. Love the boat, looks really good in black
  3. Love the report mate Good to come home with a feed Is it actually 22kms from Apple tree bay to the heads? seems much less than that
  4. He engulfed the lure nice work mate
  5. Sounds like a good session
  6. Not sure tbh, never tried
  7. Spewing Hopefully you get him next time When the fish is near the boat, I tend to back the drag off a little bit, to give me a bit more wiggle room Majority of time the fish is lost boatside or close to landing
  8. What 4X4 did you get?
  9. Nice work mate
  10. Nice work mate What skirt did the damage?
  11. Always love reading your reports You provide such a good insight into fishing Sydney
  12. Now that is a solid jew Well done
  13. Hate being sea sick If im offshore then ill make sure im always looking into the horizon, seems to help for me But if its really rough, then theres no stopping the sickness
  14. Love the video mate