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  1. And This Makes THREE

    Nice work
  2. Pittwater Success

    Nice work, legal reds are pretty difficult to catch landbased So well done
  3. Ripper day

    Cant go wrong with a feed of bonito, they taste great
  4. Bream bonanza

    Nice work, cant go wrong with a feed of bream
  5. Dollies and Flatties

    That is a very good day of fishing, your certainly going to be eating well
  6. Crab dawn raid

    Nice work mate, they are some good looking blue swimmers
  7. Sydney Harbour FAD

    Thanks mate, yeah they are great fun to catch. They jump out of the water a lot which make it fun to watch
  8. Sydney Harbour FAD

    Got a few of them, but threw them all back. Might take one home next time if they get a bit bigger
  9. Sydney Harbour FAD

    Lucky i didn't get spiked, if i dont know what a fish is i generally dont touch it.
  10. Sydney Harbour FAD

    Thanks mate
  11. PB Bream

    Thats a quality bream
  12. Gerringong & Kiama Fad

    Nice work mate That is a stonker dollie
  13. Sydney Harbour FAD

    Hi Raiders, Headed out to the close Fad a couple days ago before work with my brother. Got to boat ramp at 4 am. And headed get some lives near balmoral. Took a while to get the yakka going but eventually got 5 yakka. This was the first time targeting mahi mahi sp we were both full of excitement and anticipation. Also we both had never caught a fish off a livie, so we were hoping to tick off a few things off the bucket list. At the crack of dawn we headed out past the heads on route to the FAD. Once we were were a couple hundred meters away from the FAD, we threw to skirts out and trolled the rest of the way. Almost instantly got a hook up and we were on to our first ever dollies, as my brother was winding in the other line to clear it out of the way, that line hooked up to a dollie as well so we had a double hookup of dollies. Bring both to the boat and not them but they were both undersized at about 50cm. After that we did some drifts past the FAD with cubed Pillies and live yakka. Almost instantly the live yakka gets a hit , and the line starts peeling off, I strike and set the hooks. Not long after a just legal dollie comes up which was kept for a feed. From then onwards the dollies were swarming everywhere and anything we threw out was getting hit. But they were all well undersized. Ran out of livies pretty quickly but the bite continued with pilchards. Back inside the harbour at about 9am. Ended up with 2 legal fish and had a great time. Also could I get a fish ID on the second pic, it was caught on pilchard piece when catching yakka. Was about 30cm in length and we caught a couple of them Thanks
  14. Jb kings & snapper - 17 & 18/3/18

    Great work mate
  15. Hill60/basspt/stanwellpark

    Just being on the water is great, catching a a fish or 2 is just a bonus