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  1. Middle harbour

    Thanks for sharing
  2. Unforgettable Day

    awesome effort mate well done
  3. The struggles and excitement of Clifton

    Great write up mate Bonnies are always fun to catch
  4. Botany Bay - TREVALLIES ON FIRE

    Nice work mate, What size was the biggest trevally? What bait were you using?
  5. Land based Sydney harbor

    Nice report, cant go wrong with fresh flathead fillets
  6. First legal kingfish!

    Nice work guys those kingys would've tasted great
  7. Harbour session

    Thanks mate, they all loved it Thanks mate, I hooked it on a small 3inch clear flickbait on a very lightly weighted jighead. I always keep either this or a small halco twisty rigged up on the boat in case there is a bust up, so I can be ready to cast out straight away Will keep an eye out for your boat. I was using a very worn leader, so I wasn' very hopeful from the start.
  8. Harbour session

    Yeah it can get quite tight getting the boat into there haha always worth shot, might land it next time
  9. Harbour session

    The Bonnies are still around, so you haven't missed out yet. I'l be sure to try your recipe next time. Bonito taste pretty good. The boat ramp is Tunks Park Boat Ramp
  10. Harbour session

    I have a 455 quintrex escape with a Honda 40hp outboard If you see me, come say hi. It'll be nice to meet some raiders.
  11. Harbour session

    Thanks BN, I had heavier gear with me but it would'e taken too long to rig up a plastic on that. So I used the lighter gear Hopefully next time I'll land that kingy
  12. Harbour session

    Hi Raiders Had a fish on the boat in the harbour last week. Arrived before sunrise to the boat ramp, we launched and we were on our way. Plan was to get some livies and head to north head and maybe long reef to target some kingies. Could not get any live bait whatsoever and conditions outside the heads a bit rough, we changed our tactics and decided to troll around north head for a Bonnie or a kingy. Managed to get a couple bonito and a salmon as well. Caught on trolled halo twisty and Xmas skirts. Also got a few casting into busting up schools. As my brother was reeling a bonito in, there were a few kingys following it. Told my brother to leave the bonito in the water and I quickly got a light plastics outfit and dropped it over the side to try and hook onto the kingy. After maybe 3 secs of the plastic being in the water a fish takes it and goes for a screaming run. I was only using 6lb line and leader so i didnt have much hope of stopping this fish. The fish kept running with a lot of headshakes so I knew it was a kingfish. But after a couple mins into the fight my leader had snapped and the fish was gone. Overall still a good day and got a feed . At the boat ramp while I was filleting the fish, there was quite a few people looking at what I had caught. One person said if they tasted nice, So I cut some up into sashimi pieces and gave it to a few people there with a bit of soy sauce and they all loved it.
  13. Maitland Bay

    Nice photos

    Nice work mate, The harbour is alive at the moment
  15. Barrenjoey Wide 12/1/2018

    Nice report That is a good feed of flatties