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  1. Wow that is an absolute monster Well done
  2. It seems so much shorter than that whenever I go out, Maybe time goes so fast on the water and I dont even realise. Just out of curiosity, what app is that?
  3. nice report That certainly would be a great story to tell at school
  4. Love the boat, looks really good in black
  5. Love the report mate Good to come home with a feed Is it actually 22kms from Apple tree bay to the heads? seems much less than that
  6. He engulfed the lure nice work mate
  7. Sounds like a good session
  8. Not sure tbh, never tried
  9. Hi Raiders, Went out for a fish a few days ago but didn't post a report straight away because I wanted to make a video as well. Fishing with my brother as per usual and we launched the boat at Tunks just before sunrise. Tried to get a few squid but no luck, but did manage to get a few yakka. Plan was to try and target some kings with the live bait. We went near north head and managed to hook up a bonito on one of the yakkas but spat the hook near the boat, apart from that not much else was happening. This was until we saw heaps of birds working a patch of fish about a couple hundred metres away. We quickly motored over there and saw a huge football field sized school of salmon busting up all over the place. I always have a light rod with a small metal lure rigged up handy for times like this. Threw the 10g halco twisty out but was having no luck, the salmon just weren't interested at all. After a couple casts I changed the lure over to a very lightly weighted soft plastic in a sort of clear/greenish colour. We re positioned the boat so the wind was behind us, that way we could get the most distance on the cast. I casted it out and as soon as it hit the water it got smashed and I was onto a nice sized salmon. Now I'm using a very light outfit with only 6lb line and leader so I had to play it safe. The fish jumped several times and I was worried it was going to bust me off. But after a 15 minute fight, finally had it boat side and netted it. The salmon felt about 3kg and very healthy. We had a blast chasing the salmon around for the next hour and catching them on light tackle, their were a few frigate mackerel mixed in there as well. All the salmon were fat and looked very healthy. The swell and wind picked up by then and it became too uncomfortable so we went inside to try for some flathead. Tried a few spots for flathead using soft plastics but no luck. Ended up going to manly and having some food. All in all it was a wonderful day and really good to be out on the water. With uni break finishing, I don't know when ill be able to go for another fish. I've been meaning to put more effort into making videos but have struggled to find the time. So hopefully you guys enjoy this video. Cheers
  10. Spewing Hopefully you get him next time When the fish is near the boat, I tend to back the drag off a little bit, to give me a bit more wiggle room Majority of time the fish is lost boatside or close to landing
  11. What 4X4 did you get?
  12. Nice work mate
  13. Nice work mate What skirt did the damage?
  14. Always love reading your reports You provide such a good insight into fishing Sydney
  15. Now that is a solid jew Well done
  16. Hate being sea sick If im offshore then ill make sure im always looking into the horizon, seems to help for me But if its really rough, then theres no stopping the sickness
  17. Love the video mate
  18. Nice work mate where were you camping?
  19. cheers mate
  20. Thanks for the report mate What lure did you get the bonito on?
  21. Nice work mate Always good to get a feed of flatties
  22. I'm looking into getting a kayak soon so I would love to join as well
  23. If your after jewies, a good place to start is juno point or the railway bridge. Also you can get flathead working the edges of cowan creek Even anchoring in one of the bays may get you onto a jewfish
  24. Would love to see a pic of the new boat