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  1. First Keeper Red

    Nice work mate 142km/h?? what boat and engine do you have?

    Nice report Water there isn't the best quality and so isnt recomended to eat fish there
  3. Big shark Botany Bay

    Awesome footage

    Thanks for the report Any photos?
  5. Patonga Creek tomorrow morning

    how many lb line were you using?
  6. Beach Fishing

    Try fishing a deep gutter towards sunset with ganged pillies Generally will get salmon and tailor on most of the beaches up that way
  7. Hairtail?

    Ganged pillie with a glow stick and metal wire Those critters will bite through normal line very easily
  8. Narrabeen Surf Fishing

    Thanks mate Did you go morning or afternoon?
  9. Patonga Creek tomorrow morning

    If I saw this earlier, I would of tried to come How did you end up going?
  10. Bondi luderick on fly

    Top effort mate
  11. Newcastle Beaches

    Nice work mate Did you get them on Worms?
  12. Lake mac

    Still a solid effort Well done
  13. Sydney Harbour 6/2/18 - Amazing Day Out

    Still sounds like a great day on the water The yakkas are thick everywhere, And most a very large size so they dont make good livebait
  14. FADs

    Hi Raiders, Never been to the FADs before, and ive been dying to catch my first dollie. I have all the safety gear and experience as I have been fishing the close offshore reefs and marks, but haven't gone that far offshore before. I was considering going to either Sydney Harbour FAD or the Close FAD off botany? Which one would be better for a first timer both in terms of safety and how likekly it is to produce fish at this time. I don't think I will go to Botany Wide FAD until I have a bit more experience Thanks
  15. Outboard Motor - 40HP Mercury Lightning XR

    Not sure, Maybe the put the parts together better But most people with mercury/ tohatsu have had problems with them.
  16. Sunday king with my daughter

    What a great way to spend the morning No doubt she will remember that for a long time
  17. Port Hacking

    You always get a good feed Well done
  18. Outboard Motor - 40HP Mercury Lightning XR

    I personally would be sticking to something like a Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki. I've had a few mates with tohatsu and mercury. and they've had so many problems with it. Spends more time in the workshop than on water. Is this your first boat?
  19. PB Dolly

    Well done on the PB, that is a stonker
  20. Swansea Flathead, yum

    Bag of flathead fillets, yum Well done
  21. Callala beach

    Cant go wrong with a feed of flathead and bream
  22. Terrigal Dolphin Fish, finally some good ones

    Solid dolphin fish there mate And those photos look really good
  23. Narrabeen Surf Fishing

    Your most likely going to catch bread and butter, like whiting and bream. If you get a tailor, throw a fillet on some big hooks, you might get a jew. Let us know how you go
  24. Rip bridge

    Nice work Always fun to go for a sneaky fishing session