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  1. Vhf problem

    Hey Ian it's a lowrance LVR-250.
  2. Vhf problem

    Hey guys I'm having issues with my vhf, I can hear people perfect on it but no one can hear me maybe issues with the mic. Anyone know how I can fix it or know anyone that fixes them?

    I'll be out there tomorrow aswell, call sign FinFinder
  4. Reef Magic tuna report

    I'll be out Friday looking for a fin out wide anyone else heading out?
  5. Yellowfin off Sydney

    Hey stacko I sent you a pm.
  6. Heading out again this Tuesday

    It's going off every boat was hooking up we ended up catching 3 and then headed in home biggest 70kg.
  7. bluefin arrive off sydney

    I'll be out tomorrow. Call sign FinFinder
  8. Heading out again this Tuesday

    Anyone fishing tomorrow?
  9. Bluelabel heading out Tuesday for tuna !

    Weather doesn't look the best for tomorrow.
  10. Bluelabel heading out Tuesday for tuna !

    I'll be out jb way aswell if weather stays good.
  11. Big Winter Dollies

    I caught a 1.3m 7kg Dollie today just passed the shelf in 20.6 water.
  12. SBTuna & Sydney

    I'll be out Thursday around heatons, if weather stays good.
  13. Anyone heading out tomorrow? Im heading to browns...

    Anyone out tomorrow? And any reports from today?
  14. Anyone heading out tomorrow?

    No good, went out to browns, past browns everywhere around browns for zero current still pushing hard around 4.1knots. Didn't hear a thing on radio other than dollies around fads and traps.
  15. Anyone heading out tomorrow?

    Hey guys heading out again tomorrow to browns for a troll, anyone else heading out?