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  1. One tackle shop owner said that blue eye congregate high in the water column so I wouldn't be too worried about being so close to the bottom.
  2. Same story for us. 4 squid in 4 hours and zero kings. Sydney was quiet.
  3. That was us in the green trophy, we landed an approx 50kg YFT. We thought for sure it was a SBT, considering I had a reading of 17.5 degrees at one stage.
  4. Awesome fish mate. Just out of interest can you give me some idea on how you connected the rod to your alvey, I would to do something like that to mine.
  5. Thanks for feedback. From what I have heard from other people, I think the solo 1kwis the way to go. What 1kw transducers are a good all rounder?
  6. I'm looking at finally getting some new electronics for my boat and need some advice on the transducer set up. Firstly I'm looking at going a furuno 587 sounder with a Simrad nss9 for the gps. Furuno have a great reputation so thought this was the way to go and the reason for the Simrad gps is due to them being compatible for mercury engines and the smartcraft gauges. With the new setup I will be using it anywhere from 10m of water for jewfish/kingfish, 50m for snapper/kingfish and browns mountain for blue eye cod and tuna/marlin. I was thinking of running 2 transducers, a 1kw wetbox and a 600 transom mount. I want to do this so I can fish a variety of depths and not spook fish with the 1kw transducer. Can anyone suggest if this is a good idea or a bad one and any suggestions on what transducers to use? I am totally new to the serious electronic side of things so any help would be appreciated. Thanks Frank.
  7. Just wandering if anybody uses the fresh hawkesbury squid bought from any bait store regularly for jewfish and have success using them? I need a back up plan as catching squid at night can be a pain in the neck sometimes. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I was thinking along the same lines as Ken A but in reversal. We will probably start fishing at around 2am and work our way towards dawn.
  9. I'm thinking about doing an overnighter for snapper off stanwell on Saturday and was curious to hear what people's thoughts were on catching snapper at night. Has anybody had much luck? Thanks Frankp
  10. That is an absolute senstaional report. Top stuff.
  11. Still tossing up whether we head out Sunday and not sure whether it's snapper or tuna.
  12. We'll be out tomorrow, green trophy and call sign "anetta".
  13. Awesome stuff Albert, great work. Is that a stick bait in its mouth?
  14. With a few of last years YFT in September caught on poppers, stickbaits etc I'm trying to prepare my gear for a possible similar run this year. I was thinking of buying the terez 50lb rod 7.2 as an option to popping and also as a bit of an allrounder. My question is to whether these rods will do the job of popping for YFT off sydney? Thanks.
  15. What do you guys think of the weather? Looks a little average to me, possible southerly change and 20kt winds for tomorrow.