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  1. Most fishermen have a lot of gear adding up to a lot of money. You will find none of them bought all the gear at once. Start off with what you need and add to your collect as you require it. I suggest by good quality it will last longer if looked after. Just my opinion
  2. I’ve used Grays Point and it’s good. I’ve only used weekdays so I can’t talk about how busy on weekends
  3. I may be wrong, but the Bigfoot series has a stronger gearbox. Not 100%. All reports they are a good tough motor
  4. I take my 5m Seafarer v-Sea out several k's and this boat handles most seas. I always take my fishing buddy when going wide. There a many boats around the 5m size that would be good, but I totally agree with PaddyT, it's the skipper and his experience more than the boat. Get some offshore experience before just venturing out. Good Luck
  5. A great reminder for us fishermen (and ladies of course). Ive been around the water all my life and as I have fair skin I'm regularly seeing my skin cancer man. In fact I'm off to him at Kirrawee tomorrow so in support of this original post - get regular skin check if your always in the sun. Wear a hat, glasses and a good sunscreen.
  6. I anchor over reefs a fair bit. When I do I change anchors and use one of these (picture). They will hold your boat and when retrieving they will bend/straighten out if stuck hard. Carry a small pice of pipe to assist with rebending. And I always use a large bloat with a stainless snap hook to float up anchor from deep.
  7. Probably no help to you, but I can say that there is squid a plenty on the south coast. We and others have been catching them for two weeks around South Durras and I spoke to a bloke the other day and he tells me they are alive around Jarvis Bay also. Good Luck
  8. Well me and Wazza went to sea. Beautiful morning, seas not bad & light NE breeze. Started fishing in about 50 - 60 meters of water off Depot Beach, south coast NSW, water temp was around 22 - 23 degrees and we were smashed by green toads. Could not get a bait down. If you don't know they are, they just chew your line. Moved a few times and they kept finding us. Had seals playing around us, what a great sight. Moved down near Wasp Island and NE wind blew up and made it very uncomfortable so packed up, headed to shore, put boat away and had a few coldies. NO FISH - ALWAYS ANOTHER DAY
  9. It's probably all been covered, but I used to have an early 90's 60 hp Johnson. This also had the push key in choke. When I first got motor I was told to push key in and turn to start. Didn't take long to work out that I flooded it every time. For me the following worked. On cold start always have fully charged battery. Pump fuel primer bulb. Turn key with no choke, if no start check primer bulb still hard. Turn key and while holding key press it in (choke) only for two or three seconds. Repeat process and as soon as you hear it kick leave the choke alone. This is worked for me - your situation might be different.
  10. And what if you can't be at he Soft Plastic Day ?
  11. Don't get me wrong fellas, I'm not unhappy with performance, I just think that the cavitation plate should be running higher and I could get a little more out of her I'm going to raise it one or two holes and see what happens, but not in a position to do this until end of March as I'm going on a couple of trips between now and then. Ill check prop prop size over the weekend
  12. Hi Dave Put the bolts through (thread underneath) then the rubber washer, then the plastic disc and tighten nut. I'll look over weekend and see if I still have instructions. If your still unsure let me know and I'll type out detailed instructions from memory. It's easy
  13. Hi noelm the addition of the hydrofoil has not really changed the RPM's (maybe a slight reduction if anything). im not overly concerned, but I'm lead to believe that the motor should be set up so the cavitation plate is level with top of water when trimmed out. My cavitation plate (now with foil attached) is running about 1 inch or so below the water. This is an interesting article I just found
  14. The new hydrofoil is running just under the water (for some reason I can't load the video I have taken) about maybe 1 inch or so.
  15. Goodmorning FishRaiders. Took my Seafarer V-Sea (Johnson Oceanpro - 115hp two stroke) for a test yesterday after putting on an SE SPORT 400 hydrofoil that my lovely wife bought me for Christmas. Seeing she bought it, I thought at least I should give it a try. I must say this definitely got this heavy arse boat up on the plane quicker and kept it there at lower revs, it really is a different boat. Enough dribble, what I did note today was that the best revs I can get out of her is about 5250. I then had a look while running just above 3000 revs and I think the motor might need to be lifted a hole or two. It is currently in the second hole from the top of 4 holes. What are the thoughts of the experts. IMG_2110.mp4