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  1. braid(again)

    I’m really no expert but I’ve always been told to use lighter leader than main braid line so if anything is to break it’s the few feet of leader and not the main braid line. As for joining try using the double uni knot. Others more experienced may know more than me. good luck

    Happy Birthday fellow fisherman. A quiet ale will top off the day 🍺🍺🍺
  3. Expanding Fuel

    Yes they both appear to be okay. Going to double check today
  4. Expanding Fuel

    Good afternoon to all. I have a 2000 model Seafarer V-Sea with an under floor fuel tank (80L) Last week I was going to sea with a mate and when we pulled up for fuel he said I’ll get this one. He is my normal deckie and we share expenses. Enough of that, I think (I’m sure) he put to much fuel in. We headed to Gymea ramp the I got a phone call that terminated the day, no fishing. The last couple of days have been hot, with today touching 40+ The wife tells me she can smell petrol near the boat. I go to investigate and yes there is fuel dripping out of the centre/lower bung holes. I take cover off inspect the bilge area and yes petrol dripping from joins in pipe that leads from fuel tank to filler. I lean over the back of boat, undo fuel cap, remove and a at least a good two litres of fuel erupts/gushes out. I know the reason and understand fuel expanding etc etc, but would this be considered normal ? I ask this question only because I thought there would’ve / should’ve been a release valve or something to overcome this happening. Thoughts, etc (Please)
  5. Boat Street Parking in Sydney

    I wouldn’t be happy if someone decided to park their boat out the front of my house. I don’t know what others think, but just my thoughts
  6. Integrated livebaittank and cutting board

    There are a few around if you search the net. here is one for example https://www.prowave.com.au/store/bait-boards/bait-board-bait-tank-removable-with-window/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0O2mwazi2AIVkxmPCh1gcQhZEAQYASABEgJk-fD_BwE
  7. Boat ramp drama

    Sounds like luck was on his side, because if he had started and motored away it surely would have sunk. Well done
  8. Reel Selection (Help Required)

    I had a physical look at the Tyrnos 30 and 20 yesterday. Definitely don’t need One the size of the 30 and the 20 is nearly the same size. Does anyone know anything about the Tyrnos 16. It’s capabilities and how does it compare in size to the 20
  9. Reel Selection (Help Required)

    Happy New Year to all the Fishraiders. I have a Live Fibre Overhead Rod (RLFTX16) 10 - 15 kg rated there are some specials running at the moment and I would like some input what would be a good reel to suit this rod. I will be using it to do some light trolling, some live baiting and some occasional bottom bashing. I had done some researching and have been thinking of a Shimano Tyrnos 20. Some suggestions from Raiders would be nice. One further question - is a two speed needed ? thanks
  10. Where to get outboard motor parts in Oz

    I’m in Mount Annan. If if you have any difficulty try the blokes at South West Marine at 1/40 Stennet Road, Ingleburn, they might be able to help out I think they have onhy been there a couple of years. Ive used them a couple of times and found the owner Nick to be a experienced and a knowledgeable mechanic. https://www.swmarineau.com/
  11. Where to get outboard motor parts in Oz

    Where are you from
  12. Where to get outboard motor parts in Oz

    There used to be a large outboard wrecker around the Charmhaven area on Central Coast if NSW Not sure where you are located but found these in the internet. Hope it helps
  13. Replacement Clears Needed

    Yes the cover is a perfect fit, good breathable material and repells water. The cover, I think was around $1750 I think. Ive also heard good reports about http://www.mobileboatcovers.com.au/ the picture above showing cover on my 2000 model Seafarer V-Sea
  14. Replacement Clears Needed

    It’s not out your way. I’m from Macarthur area and got this bloke to make mine and an all over cover. He does great work and I believe reasonably priced. http://www.streamlineboatcovers.com.au/
  15. Installing Rod Holders

    I would start with a 50mm Hole and then slow make it into an oval shape with a round file checking fitting regularly as you go I dont know a lot about metals, but I’m sure I read something once about mixing S/S with Aluminium - someone else may know better. Check these out https://www.whitworths.com.au/deck-tech-aluminium-30-rod-holder