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  1. Thanks hooked up i would appreciate it if you sent me the name of the charter
  2. Hi guys, my mate is going to NZ end of the year with his family and wants me to join him once his family flies back so that we can book a few kingy charters but the issue is i don't know of any that are worth going with other than the big names.Just wondering if anyone had any info or recommendations.
  3. Sorry am I missing something
  4. If you decide to get an epirb and want to go out further let me know and i will send you some marks that hold good fish but they're more than 2nm out and you're boat will be fine ona good day.
  5. Nice work,was also at long reef yesterday very quiet on the snapper but managed a 90cm kingy as a by-catch
  6. 30k fully equipped 175hp 4 stroke suzuki, custom rocket launcher/canopy furuno 587 electric anchor winch etc.basically everything i would want so not much to spend at all sorry only mentioning this because I don't know what's a good price
  7. Hi guy's,I've been offered a polycraft Frontier 599 cuddy cabin through a mate. I was just wondering if anyone was able to give me any info regarding issues etc and how they are regarding going offshore. Thanks in advance
  8. That's awesome mate how deep were you fishing
  9. We were using pilchards
  10. Hi guys,had a day off yesterday so decided to head south for some snapper fishing. Arrived to the ramp at about 7am and conditions were amazing. We fished a few spots floating baits but the barracuda drove us nuts.We finished with 5 snapper between 30 and 67cm which put up a great fight.I want to upload a pic of the biggest fish but don't know how to do so.If anyone can help me out that'll be appreciated thanks.
  11. Wow that's awesome
  12. I know for a fact that in the past guys have been asked for a fishing report to put in the paper and they have just made up the most ridiculous reports and it makes the paper. I wouldn't pay attention to the report but that doesn't mean it's always untrue
  13. Do you plan to use it for spinning lures or bait fishing
  14. I'd recommend 50 pound braid. Still thinner than 30 pound mono and gives you a better chance of stopping the bigger fish while still fun on the slightly smaller fish.I landed a 97cm on 50 pound braid in the harbour and honestly went real hard with heavy drag setting.Just ensure rod isn't a broomstick.