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  1. Super Trawler issue

    That 2 year ban put on by the fed govt is not worth the paper its writen on so i have been told, there are certain clauses in it which will enable it to fish legally, so before you to start to rejoice to much i think you should do a bit more research. i believe that they are buying up a whole load of lincences from other fishers which gives themthe right to fish and there could a bit of truth in this, why else would she be still if they cant fish,DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THIS GOVT IS TRYING TO TELL YOU.THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO TELLYOU THE TRUTH
  2. Seen on back of a 4wd

    Fancy trying to explore that wilderness, you would end up being like them, totaly lost
  3. ACT fishing

    I am amazed that in the ACT you do not have to dispatch carp to the next world and bury them under a fruit tree where they might do some good with their miserable lives but then again i guess they are in the right place, afterall dont all the other unwanted DISPICABLE species live and work in the great halls of power that we call PARLIMENT HOUSE. In S.Aust VIC.and N.S.W you are not allowed to to put to return them to the water..........KHOMBI
  4. When will it end !

    As long as there are people in politics that are trying to justify their positions,you will have problems.But as you probally know by now these people are usually the types that have never had a fishing rod in their hands or never worked the land or had nothing to do with any thing other than a computor from which they get their so called imformation, most of these are the ones that are making all the rules by which we must live, like it or lump it you are stuck with them.....KHOMBI
  5. Gee I'm SORBLE

    The goverment in connection with the local council of yankalila in Sth Aust built a new jetty at a place called Rapid Bay asthe old one was falling down and was dangerous.with in two weeks of it being open it was virtualy covered in rubbish,everything from disposable nappys to beer cans bait plastic bags. Rang the dept of marine and harbours only to be told that due to a shortage of insps there was not much they could do but would make a note of the complaint,that was 18 mths ago, was down there two weeks ago and found it to be tidy with no rubbish to be seen anywhere. Well done to those who took the time to clean up
  6. Welcome To All Guests And Possible New Members

    hello to everybody and thanks for accepting my application,i wont put my age in as i dont want keep reminding myself how old i realy am,i live in Adelaide in the southern suburbs and enyoy both salt and freshwater fishing and enjoy camping whenever i can,[using my old 1976 VW kombi].I have 4 grandsons who also like to fish and often invite themselves along on my campjng trips but thats ok.I look forward to reading and sometimes posting a comment on your forum pages about any of my trips and catches REGARDS AND THANKS CHRIS TAYLOR