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  1. Harbour Blackfish

    Absolutely killed it fellas! Looks like there was some solid ones in there too! Well done cheers scratchie!!!
  2. Macleay flathead

    Nice work! Certainly a good area to fish. Well done 👍 cheers scratchie!!!
  3. Port Stephens 20/5/2018

    Unlucky baz! It looked pretty lumpy and windy out there. I didn’t mind as I was working! The snapper are out there though. My mate headed south of Fingal and landed 7 snaps up to 60cm on sps! He said the ride back to soldiers was a challenging one though! I also seen a nice 8kg red come off the inner v on Friday! I can’t wait to get out there. Should be a cracking snapper season. Catch up soon! cheers scratchie!!!
  4. Hey Scratchie, My mate keeps telling we are going to his house in port Stephens, so far hasn't kept his word, thats ok lol.

    I have booked myself and my wife in at shoal  bay caravan park in one of those cabins from the 6th July and depart 11th July, Im bringing my own boat up and really hope you can put me on some snapper, I know where all the squid is though lol , if your to busy thats ok, hope we can catch for a bear.



  5. Only One Red

    Good fish baz and on sps too! Your berley must have drifted from the bay haha! I think the smile says it all. Well done cheers scratchie!!!
  6. Botany Bay

    Very cool. The weather looks fine in the photos. A lot better than up here over the weekend! Nice mixed bag there! Cheers scratchie!!!
  7. weipa

    Some nice fish there! It’s on the must do list one day! Cheers scratchie!!!
  8. West Coast Fishing

    Stop posting photos of those beers. Your making me thirsty
  9. West Coast Fishing

    Living the dream alright baz! Hasn’t stop blowing its ass out for the past 4 days! Should bring the snapper on the chew later in the week. Good luck tomorrow! I hope you get stretched out. Looking forward to a report. Cheers scratchie!!!
  10. is there something wrong with my S factor??

    Looks fine to me! More important to get your lure in the strike zone than sfactor! Cheers scratchie!!!
  11. Going outside on Saturday?

    Haha not many in the pens. They are all small atm. 1.7m still enough swell for some burley!
  12. Brisbane Water Mulloway

    Nice work. Jew on lure is always rewarding! Cheers scratchie!!!
  13. Port Stephens- late arvo sesh!!

    Borrow away champ! Think we’ll have to do a full day next time. A big southerly push this weekend should fire them up!
  14. Port Stephens- late arvo sesh!!

    Thanks Jim. That was pretty much the scenario. There was some real good ones amongst them but tailor need to be eaten within 24hrs imo.
  15. Port Stephens- late arvo sesh!!

    Enjoy Baz! I hope the weather is good for you and the reel is zinging!!!! But sorry mate, big snapper only count on Home ground! Haha! Go get em!!!