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  1. Middle harbour King mushy

    I've read Samson fish and Amberjack can have the same paraste.
  2. Hawkesbury Soapies

    I've been catching quite a few Jewies from 45-60cm in the Haekesbury, but at the Berowra side of the Hawkesbury. I did snare one at easter at 75cm. It won't be too long before all these soapies become bigger specimens. I look at it as being encouraging.
  3. River to sea.

    Good evening raiders, After finding that my trailer needs a but more maintenance than I thought, it was too late to do anything about it. So after dinner, I headed to the river to see if I could get a Bass or 2 on surface lures. I found it tough going for the hour I spent there, but ended up using a Berkley Fatdog that I still have,and with a small 18cm Bass hitting the lure with ferocity!. After that, I headed Sydney bound. Arrived at my destination, and a couple of young kids were just packing up. They told me that they had been there most of the day, and it has been quite. With that not being any deterrent, I started fishing. Within a few moments, I was on. 34cm Tailor. Not a bad start. I stuck around for only a few hours, with a couple of undersize Bream, a sweep and 2 more Tailor 37 and 42cm. Apart from breaking a rod due to my carelessnness, I had a ball!
  4. Tight line Tuesday

    Looks like I made a mistake uploading the bream pic.
  5. Tight line Tuesday

    My sons friend has been nagging us to take him fishing for a while now, and being school holidays, I took the 2 teenage friends fishing. After hitting a wallaby at slowish speed only a few kays from the ramp, stopping, and finding minimal damage to the car ( wallaby took off), we hit the water. With a slow start, and the boys using bait, I tried to encourage them to have a go at using soft plastics, but wanted to persist with bait. I tried plastics, and after a few colour changes, l landed a 38cm Dusky, and released it. A little later as the tide started to turn, I anchored up on a drop off. Within a few minutes, 4 Duskies between 50cm-56cm were landed, and 2 were kept for the plate. Alot of tailor were caught by the boys around 25cm, and at least that kept them interested until the fish stopped biting. I also ended up with a shovel nose ray and a bream nudging 39cm, which must be my PB for a bream. These were also released. A great day out, and we'll do it again soon. Thanks for reading Raiders.
  6. Barracouta

    Thanks for your input guys, I caught one around the 50cm mark the other night. It had that oily smell similar to that of a Pike, hence my question about them being any good for bait, maybe for Snapper. It didn't look appetising anyway, so it was put back where it came from.
  7. Barracouta

    Hi Raiders! Are Barracouta good for bait or the plate?

    That will teach me from jumping the gun! I was reading other posts, and realised what I did, but it is great news that this site will remain open! I enjoy seeing people catching fish, learning and mastering new skills, achieving PB's and how people mentor others. Here's to looking forward to being part of it all, one way or another.

    I hope there is something as good as FR. I'm greatful for all the posts I've read, the tips and advice I've received making me a wiser and better angler. Thanks to all all of you that have contributed, from all the administration team that have taken the time to run this site, and the members that have contributed with reports, and to all that have even read my posts. Wishing all the best to you all. Rob
  10. Please Id. (Spotted Wobbygong)

    It was a cool catch, but I can't take credit for catching it. I did net it though😁. I was surprised how aggressive it was.
  11. Please Id. (Spotted Wobbygong)

    Thanks Blackfish
  12. Easter saturday on the Hawkesbury

    Thanks guys! It took a whole pilchard on a sliding snell rig Harold.
  13. Please Id. (Spotted Wobbygong)

    Hi raiders, my friend caught this yesterday in Pittwater. Is it a wobbegong? We'd like to know what it is. Thanks in advance.
  14. Not much to report really. A very slow day for us. We started off in a foggy Berowra, worked our way into Pittwater. An unusual by-catch came onboard, but we're yet to ID what it was exactly. It looked like a Wobbegong shark, but I'm not certain. Only a flounder and a Mulloway were bagged in a 10 hour day. I'm not complaining though, as it was my first legal size Mulloway in 16 years!
  15. Middle Harbour mudshake

    Due to the lousey weather leading up to the Pirtek challege, I decided not to compete. My wife persuaded my to have a go, because I had been looking forward to entering. So off I went with barely any expectation of catching anything, so I decided land based it is. So 6am came around, and I dropped a line in while I set the other rig up. I picked up the unrigged rod, and put it straight back down! I must of dropped the bait straight on the nose of this 67cm dusky! So now I'm thinking 'glad I listened '. I ended up quite happy after 5 hours with a 30cm snapper, 3 bream between 30-37cm and something I've never caught before. An aussie salmon at 48cm on a soft plastic!