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  1. Very nice photos. Have fun guys!
  2. Well done Mike89. Props also to Derek for showing you the ropes.
  3. Happy birthday Donna. I hope Stewy spoils you today.
  4. That's a top mulloway Stewy.
  5. Cracker snapper Jeff.
  6. Well done Donna. That's a top fish. Also, good on Stewy for getting one too.
  7. Lol, he is unjustly taking you for granted Donna. Well done guys, awesome photos and report.
  8. Happy birthday Stewy. Hope you have a great night.
  9. Nice one Royce.
  10. I'm going to miss all the people the most. We all can associate a face with a lot of the usernames on the forum but there are many that post that we read reports of, or have grown accustomed to their activity and presence on the forum. I'm not looking forward to the day that this all disappears...
  11. I am deeply saddened by this news. Even though some of us were aware of this possibility for a long time now, I know at least for myself, this is still a shock to the system. I know this wasn't an easy decision to make but life goes on. I admire the tenacity of the admin team for hanging in as long as they have in keeping Fishraider going and having the undeniably positive influence within the community through its brand and members. Also, the rest of the mod team whom have worked tirelessly to keep the forum in check and a pleasant experience. I've had the pleasure of having met pretty much everyone and I look forward to more fishing adventures in the future.
  12. That is an eye opening event. All the best to you and the communities involved. Keep us updated.
  13. Fantastic effort boys! That's some cracking trout.
  14. Port Hacking has plenty of options for whiting.