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  1. Brisbane Waters, Wonderful Whiting

    Well done. Sounds like a good session with some whiting for a good feed.
  2. Swordies bag out on crabs

    Well done guys!
  3. Fish ID help

    Fish 1 looks like a trevally.
  4. Successful Flathead on SP

    That was nicely written. Some really good tips there.
  5. Squidgy whip bait vs fish

    Yes I have caught jewfish on the 125mm whipbaits in the white lightning colour. I prefer the squidgie fish when I can get them but the lures usually come bent out of the packet so that is one huge downside. The whipbaits are a little hardier, come our of the packet straighter and are better suited for fast moving and deeper water because they have less resistance travelling through the water and that makes it not as laborious to work them. They each have their place. The first fish is a tough one to crack. You can't go wrong with a paddle tail and if you persist, you should see results. You could always get both and see what you like better.
  6. SP’S Around Sydney

    Depends on the species. Flathead will take anything so long as it's worked along the bottom. I would choose longer hardbodies to prevent biteoffs. Yellowfin bream prefer diving hardbodies which are short and fat around 38-45mm long in natural colours. Particularly browns, greens, blacks, clear with some accent of red or orange for the underbelly. Whiting prefer much of the same as bream when sub-surface but on topwater they love poppers and walkers worked without any pauses. Yellow, pink and white are a big hit on top water. Tailor, they prefer expensive lures that have just come out of the packet...
  7. WHAT IS THIS? "Large Scale Saury"

    Yep, probably a painted grinner. Topic has been moved to the aquarium section.

    I'm liking this new change.
  9. Newest Site Sponsor DINGA.com.au

    Welcome aboard Gordon. It appears you already have a small following from Fishraider already.
  10. Emmaville Cod Trip

    That's an amazing trip! Cod galore.
  11. Swordies fish Glenbawn

    Very nice photos. Have fun guys!
  12. First king on plastics!

    Well done Mike89. Props also to Derek for showing you the ropes.
  13. Happy birthday mrsswordie

    Happy birthday Donna. I hope Stewy spoils you today.
  14. Cooks metre jew

    That's a top mulloway Stewy.