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  1. Bass cross ep ??

    It’s a bass for sure
  2. Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Welcome to fishraider
  3. Deep dropping with Team Bait Catcher

    Got an invite from the team to fish out wide for yellowfin and deep drop for some ooglies and boy what a great day with Adrian,Bernie and Nathan. The boys did a superb job of finding the fish and ended up with 4 monster blue eye cod a few perch and a small gemmie and some great blue swimmer crabs 🦀 can’t believe we did score some of those jumbo fin that were out there but there is not one thing wrong with the quality of top table fish we caught. Thanks heaps fellas .... what a top day out
  4. Fly Fishing - Lithgow/Blue Mountains

    Try green woolly buggers at thommos or a gold bead nymph about a metre deep with an indicator
  5. Fish ID please (Starry toadfish. Arothron firmamentum.)

    Well identified
  6. Site advertising and sponsers

    Thus far they have not and if that be the case in the future you will all be notified
  7. A message from your wife/partner

    I know right!!!!!!
  8. A message from your wife/partner

    Thank god I have all of the above in multiples and a very understanding lady 💕
  9. insanity of cod fishing

    Great reporting there my good man and every cod is worth the effort
  10. Estuary Perch

    Took Johnno out for a shot at his first EP and luck was on our side with a double hook up and a cracking 43cm EP for Johnno.... well done bud and thanks for a top day again with plenty of bream,perch and breambos all caught on 65 ml squidgee wasabi with 2g jig heads
  11. Last 2 trips to the Murrumbidgee

    Nice cods there Neil 😛
  12. Estuary Perch

    It’s chipping norton lakes at lansvale and perfect for your vessel
  13. Estuary Perch

    It’s set of lip grips and we don’t eat the fish
  14. Few BREAM

    Swano and I had a quick chuck today landing a few nice ones but no jewies again but managed to catch my friend the black cod for a second time at the same spot
  15. Big Thank you to nbdshroom

    I would like to thank Pete aka nbdshroom personally from Donna and myself and all the members for Pete"s great contributions as a moderator on Fishraider but due to work loads Pete has decided to stand down as Moderator but will now be a GOLD MEMBER instead. Well done Pete and your input has always and will be invaluable. Regards Stewy and Donna and all the members.
  16. Well come on raiders what about a BIG WARM WELCOME to Mike and his team. Its great that Fishraider will continue for everyone to enjoy. ONWARDS INTO THE FUTURE
  17. Swordie takes on lake fishing in the UK

    A bait called a boile like a Jaffa but pink
  18. Swordie takes on lake fishing in the UK

    Yes Neil it costs but it was definitely worth it and it’s all catch and release with lots of specialised gear
  19. fitzroy falls reservoir

    It’s Campbelltown sportsfishing club ANSA and trout fishing around the Lithgow area may suit your needs
  20. Port Stephens- team scratchie

    Good work boys
  21. Bloody Media And Boffins.

    You wouldn’t have liked the bite she got old boy and it was big and you are no marine expert so leave the discussions to experts
  22. Raiders have recently been reporting that anchor ropes have been severed by persons unknown, suspected to be divers. I contacted NSW Maritime Authority and spoke to Mr Marcus Cahill. He stated that this practice of anchoring and allowing divers underneath anchored vessels is not illegal. It is regarded as a courtesy issue. Cutting of anchor ropes is a criminal offence and is reportable to the NSW Maritime body within 24 hrs. The link below is the downloadable forms available to report. From the application link below find Miscellaneous Forms and download the VESSEL INCIDENT FORM and the WITNESS STATEMENT FORM. CLICK HERE FOR FORMS Gather as much information, including pictures and description of the vessel, registration number etc. All forms received will be investigated. Send completed forms to Marine Investigations Unit NSW Maritime, Locked Bag 5100 Camperdown, NSW, 1450 OR fax to (02) 9563 8699 Mr Marcus Cahill suggested that if enough letters of concern are received by the Authority, the laws regarding distances between anchored boats and divers may be reviewed. Should you wish to voice an opinion on this issue, send a letter to Mr Brett Moore General Manager Recreational Boating Locked Bag 5100 Camperdown, NSW, 1450 Cheers swordfisherman
  23. What is the best leader knot

    5 turn surgeon knot under 10 lb and FG or Bobbin knot which I use for anything above 10lb leader