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  1. Transducer Flipping Up

    pm me your number, had the exact issue and fixed it for good.,
  2. Where to buy bulk lead

    I got an old racing seat weight weighing in about 18kg. It's yours for $30 I am in Ryde, PM me if you are interested.
  3. Port Macquarie assistance

    Hello Raiders I am heading to Port Macquarie shortly and was in need of some help. I want to try and fish outside for snapper. Just wondering whether anyone would have some generic GPS marks that could help me as a starter. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. PM me if you like
  4. Prop Selection

    Prop size seems ok, maybe drop the motor on hole spot. You should get better holeshot but a lower top speed by about a knot or two.
  5. AGM 100amp. 10 years old and still going strong. Important to have a good battery charger.
  6. We're the snapper on baits only?
  7. Leaking Quintrex 570 Lazeabout 2013

    What about running a hose through the bait pump? Sometimes there are leaks throughout seals. Like this https://vimeo.com/179553448
  8. Leaking Quintrex 570 Lazeabout 2013

    Send me a PM of your number. It should be the live well but it's easier to explain over the phone how to fix it. Every quinnie built leaks from their live wells
  9. Trailer Maintenance

    Spray it with penotril, you will never see rust again
  10. Snapper grounds in Southern Sydney

    PM me your number
  11. Hummingbird onix sounders

    Anyone have a humminbird onix sounder? Just wanted to talk to someone about what they think of them. Pm me if you can help
  12. Charging batteries

    Buying a bigger boat that needs more thrust.
  13. Charging batteries

    Stewy, so are you charging your 24volt set up with a 12 volt charger or a 24 volt charger?
  14. Charging batteries

    I'm running a 15amp ctek charger