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  1. What an interesting session. Congratulations on your catch
  2. My first wife died of colitis.
  3. We have caught quite a few in the various sandy bottom bays around Pittwater, mostly around the warmer times of the year.
  4. Game 2 will be brilliant. I hope JT is back as I love to watch him play, even though I hate the maroons. go the mighty blues.
  5. Blues all the way but without Gallen it might be a bit tough. Mind you it's always very tough.
  6. there is a mob at ultimo (02) 9810 0336
  7. It is a bit weird. Usually these are just stress cracks and they inhabit only the top of the gel coat. Bit unusual to see so many running horizontal and close together, definitely looks like it has taken a blow of some sorts. Any marina will have a shipwright and they will take one look and know what to do, if you need to do anything.
  8. Great day mate. You are a great fisherman
  9. Looks great in yellow.
  10. Happy birthday mate
  11. The site has been saved apparently.
  12. Good work mate.
  13. Just read that Jon Jones may be fighting in July. I have watched one of his fights and gee he is good.
  14. Jim, I had a similar occurrence last year. I was riding up the old pacific highway from the central coast to Sydney and I was passed by a couple of young guys on sports bikes. For some stupid reason I decided to show them that my FJR could out accelerate them and it did but lo and behold a tight corner was looming and I was well into 3 figure territory. I hit the brakes for all I was worth and managed to get around. The sports bikes left me in their rear view vision mirrors. I scared the you know what out of myself. It was weird really because I usually just potter around. wretched motorbikes do that to you.
  15. That is seriously scary. I feel for the guys in the boat but there is a big lesson to be learned for everyone from that video.