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  1. wow what a shock! thanks to donna & stewy and our mods for running this place so well. Even though I am not fishing as much anymore, I still check in here for reports and will be sad to see FR go. thanks for everything guys!
  2. thats awesome stuff, great stuff that you finished better than expected. love the cerebus jersey
  3. I also have been absent from here for awhile. Well done on the site upgrade btw. But apparently my profile has been deleted from the Trivia page.
  4. you forgot to add that most of the ads are either for funeral insurance or income insurance..... boxtel is just as bad.
  5. thanks yowie, we were actually looking for some leatherjackets, have caught lots there in the past but didnt find any.
  6. hi Raiders, finally managed to get out for a fish. I took my OH who is not a fisho at all, so wanted somewhere easy. His choice of location was "somewhere south" and we didnt leave sydney before 9:30.... Have not fished the harbour before, my observation is that it is an early morning / early evening spot. Did hook up some small bream & snappers on a rising tide, best bit was seeing a massive ray swim past us - easily 4ft + across....just awesome. Heard the lake is fishing well but it was wall to wall with holidayers, so went to Minamurra instead. Run out tide, fast current. On second cast (no weight, 30cm leader and size 12 longshank with prawns) get a big hit, nice bream just under legal. In the next hour and a bit managed to catch 3 nice bream and a blackfish, all just under legal. Lost something much bigger too, but thats how it goes. The OH did not catch anything as he was unable to tell the nibbles from the water movement, but he went swimming and was happy with that.
  7. great story roberta, after several years of suggesting one as a present my hubby just bought me a standard ukelele for Xmas...i'm sure he will live to regret it..... my only problem is being left handed. I believe it may be a lot easier if i just learn to play right-handed. I am lucky to be able to get lessons from the local music store, who has already suggested I should consider joining the local Uke group if all goes well.
  8. I actually would have liked to do jury duty (love true crime stories etc) but due to not being able to sit for long periods of time have a lifetime exemption.
  9. Hi all, I got an email from the Shooters & Fishers party advising of public forums to contribute to NPWS management of feral animals. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the email, but apparently one of the Greenie groups is trying to have Trout a declared noxious fish in NSW. Anyone else seen this item?
  10. ha ha ha! The shark expert's name - John West! I cant believe no one else noticed
  11. im at claremont meadows, currently carless but happy to share costs or just company occasionally. Don't seem to get out fishing much anymore.....havent been out at all in the last 8 months! Awful.
  12. I much prefer "river monsters"
  13. Mr Silverbike is a tech rep and has driven one for a while, this is his opinion - useless computer system, worst A-pillar blind spots in any car he's ever driven, never ending electric problems, so-so handling.... unfortunately once he started he got onto how his 30 year old ute is a better vehicle, and that was the end of the discussion....
  14. happy birthday, hope it was a great one!
  15. Thank you!