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  1. Swansea Flathead, yum

    No photos, chased a few reds in close this morning, started well. Reds in the berley straight away, all good till I pulled the hook on a nice one and shutdown time, doh! Out for a few flatskulls, good bite with a few doubles. Got my ten in just over an hour with a few upgrades. Nice bag of fillets! Gave the electric a run, all good. Cheers Marlin
  2. Sounder help

    I'm with stevefish, a 587 Furuno and a tm260 will cover all bases. Marlin
  3. Any news from South West Rocks

    Still fishing well last week with Mackerel and Tuna still around. Snapper also in reasonable numbers. Just had two weeks and fished almost each day with only one poor catch. Plenty of bait, caught yellowfin, bluefin, Spanish and spotted mackerel along with snapper, Jew and a few pearlies. Well worth the trip! Cheers Marlin01
  4. Mid North Coast still firing

    Fished the southern end of the Grassy Middle Grounds, not much show on the deck but a little baitfish action. Certainly a lot less sharks. Got a few reds on the inner grounds but did better south towards fish rock. Cheers Marlin01
  5. Mid North Coast still firing

    No Spanish this trip, didn't actually target them. Some big spotties in the bag though. Marlin
  6. Lucky enough to spend the week at SWR. The tides were good, the weather was better and the fishing even better again. The Spotted Macks were keen to bite each day with some days being ravenous. A big mix in fish sizes from 2 Kg to my new PB of 8.5 Kg. Also managed a good bag of Snapper from 1Kg to 2.5 Kg just to break the spotties up a bit. The river bar is very shallow but I had no trouble, just avoid the dead low. Had a look at the goal ramp and it looks pretty good. Again the Sharks were a big hassle at Grassy middle grounds so we avoided these grounds and only lost one more fish thereafter. Bag of reds and spotties Nice Little Wahoo Back up in three weeks for a fortnight, can't wait Cheers Marlin
  7. Seafarer v sea centre console

    Initially, Seafarer DID produce the VSea in a centre console, my Dad fished SWR in one in the early Eightys. Good boat. Got some old pics around here somewhere. Will_I, The 445F is a very able hull, capable of punching above its weight. As you point out it is still a 4.5M boat but it will get you home in that crappy 20knt NEaster or 25 knt southerly, a little wet perhaps but safe and quite a reasonable ride. I've had mine over 30yrs and have trouble matching the ride with anything around the same length so on we go! Cheers Marlin01
  8. transducer problems

    A picture would be invaluable here. Just checking the basics, not aligned with a strake, transducer is below the bottom of the boat, how far is the tranny from the motor leg and prop?
  9. Fun morning. Macs Bonnie's landbased

    They actually look like frigate mackeral, great live baits, big king jelly beans. Nice session. Marlin01
  10. choosing a motor

    I am not an outboard mechanic and as such won't come up with reasons why these particular outboards did not perform to their expected standards, EPA or otherwise, only that they didn't in these cases? I guess every brand has lemons in their lineups I have been unfortunate to have chance exposure to several under performing examples. My statement was factual and not influenced with allegiance or economic advantage with any manafacturers . Cheers
  11. choosing a motor

    Reece, I have fished on several boats with both Etecs and Yamaha four strokes. I will get howled down for this but if seasickness is a factor I will say the Etecs were very fumey at low revs, also the newer motor (12 months old) suffered a fouling problem after trolling live baits for an hour. On the other side of the equation the Yammie for strokes I have fished with have been faultless especially when slow trolling. I am on my second Yammie four stroke but if my motors were rubbish I would not hesitate to bag them. Just some feedback from someone who has fished on boats with both motor brands. Cheers Marlin01
  12. Post Fishing Trip Boat Cleaning

    We clean our boats at the ramp ( probably not available at some Sydney ramps). My mate normally cleans the fish and I wash the boat with biodegradable wash and chamois off, normally takes 3/4 to 1 hr including rods. Most of the time I'm finished first ( cause we catch so many fish). It is only 14 1/2 foot long. Parked in garage so good to keep it smelling acceptably, I always finish with a dash of disinfectant straight on the floor. Great to get home and only have the inside of the evakool to clean, put the boat straight away. Drinking beer much quicker!! Cheers Marlin
  13. Changing a tyre

    I would think you clip it on and actually reverse a little. Great concept.
  14. Rust on trailer springs

    I built my trailer 11 years ago and I just gave the trailer another full birthday. I was pleasantly surprised with the condition of all components which had been coated with lanolin spray a couple of times in that period. I didn't notice a build up of any dust or anything else on the lanolin which I found to have a hard outer skin. Having actually tried it I would thoroughly recommend Lanolin or tectol ? as a protective coating. Cheers Marlin
  15. Bait Tank Pump

    Transom mount with scoop works fine. One less hole to leak. Just ensure pump is minimum 750Gph and you will have no worries. Cheers Marlin