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  1. Heard today of some good action around Heatons, with a triple hookup , we are going for a run out there on Friday so hopefully they hang around. Cheers, Gaz
  2. Well done mate, was out there today glassy conditions boated a few at the Sydney FAD but the biggest went 30cm lol,, Cheers,Gaz
  3. Hi mate, Jibbon Bombie only a 100m or so out to the right of Jibbon point, and if you turn left head towards the point, Osborn Shoal and the Merries reef await..... be careful of the swell's there mate and be sure to check charts, also lookout on Saturday and Sunday mornings as there will be up to 60 big boats flying out of the Hacking for the game comp that is on this weekend. Good fishy water out there mate, but be safe Cheers
  4. Hi mate, just thought I'd add to al the good tips previous, I spent a lot of time throwing lures around for Barra in the NT and always tied the "lefty's loop" and never once lost the lure due to it working it's way off, mind you the lightest leaders we used were 30lb, as mentioned using 10lb I'd go the swivel/clip , but try some nice supple 20lb mono , longer leader ,you'll cast further and land a bigger fish when it comes along.
  5. Well done on the beakies mate, we spent all Saturday pulling lovely looking spreads around some stunning looking water but didnt turn a reel. The Sydney Game comp. was on and from the skeds we heard of a 350 kg plus blue captured , 200kg blue captured, and a estimated 30kg dollie taken, also a couple of wahoo further North. Reports today the big blue was in 1000fa East of the Hacking.We didn't even find bait so you did well, Cheers
  6. Fantastic news guys :), as mentioned, the amount of fish that myself and mates have caught from reports when fish are on, spots we have fished that are other fisho's GPS marks that have been shared, to tips on rigs, gear, etc etc etc is what makes this site unique and a site I am proud to be a member of , the least we could do is to contribute something back to the people that provide this service for us. Gareth
  7. Yep the Hacking really can fire when we get these big lows off the coast, swell out the front when we were out was not to bad but I wouldn't attempt it today even in the 35...but im seriously thinking of getting into the bay surf on a SUP!!! ,the fish love the rich water inside mixed with the fresh coming down,it seems from about SW arm entrance to Jibbon is the spot to work , we like to run small skirts find the fish then you can change to plastics or hardbodies, there are some big fish amongst those schools busting up!! Cheers
  8. Yes mate, the rock platform next to the jetty facing North is a great land-based spot, I like to fish it when the seas are heavy , theres a small reef to the right and good size tailor are there , fishing the bottom produces nice flatties and if you work the area on the other side facing Bundeena beach there are good squid.obviously you cant fish off the Jetty when the ferry is running but the first spot is not on the jetty, today would be a good day as there are so many tailor and Bonito in that area now, Cheers
  9. Rained off early this morning , so my self and my boss are sitting in the "yard" and a good mate and owner of the the co. we get our materials off says......"WTF are you two @#$%$ doing here? why the %^&* arn't we fishing???!!!... we looked at each other...he's right....lets go....!!!!! so at 10.00am the now crew of 3 picked me up at Bundeena jetty already holding up a nice 85cm Kingy(taken out the front of SW arm channel).......we ran back down the channel and before we passed Bonnivale 3 rods go off with 3 good size tailor , one more upgrade tailor(off the balast heap) about 70 cm (will post pics later when the lads send em) and we keep heading towards SW arm, went up the arm for a bourbon and and a sanga, threw some baits out, but on the slack water we got zilch.Headed back out towards Bundeena as the tide came in, then as the wind eased ,we did a few laps of the Bombie for 4 rats, but along the edge of the white water on Jibbon Point we smashed the Bonito, kept 6 good size, Some good salty water out the fron,t from Maianbar to Jibbon point, so get into it before the seas mellow, Cheers, Gaz
  10. Been good size live bait off Bundeena Jetty,and some good Watsons leaping bonito too, also worth a look and some breadcrumbs is the "rock" on the point around from Gunyah beach in front of the houses , plenty at Jibbon too
  11. Day started well with heaps of live bait at Bundeena, headed out with a spread to the Sydney Fad. nice glassy morning , a few boats at the Fad with a few small Dollies jumping but no takers on the live baits and after 45 mins of bugger all happening we trolled out to the Canyons , pretty decent current running had us at 10.2 knots at one stage , followed current lines , did anything we could but we didn't turn a reel, lots of coral spawn but it thinned out as we headed East, water temp average about 23 but patches out wide up to 26 . Listened to skeds coming in from a Sydney comp, but the only report was a mako, and a few small blacks hooked further North. Sent some live baits in around Jibbon Bombie before we called it a day and couldn't even tempt a King lol , so it was just one of those days....but as always good company and some nice cold bevo's made it a great day regardless, Cheers
  12. Up the back of bonnivale mate
  13. Good on you for helping out mate, we cant do much about the twits that get them selves in to trouble out there, last week I was chucking poppers out off the end of the spit at Maianbar and watched this 50 footer with to old blokes at the helm drive inside the channel markers and on to the rapidly emptying flats...... full stink forward /reverse/forward, sand ,weed going everywhere till the muppet dug a trench somehow back into the channel.... the twits are out there in many different shapes,colours etc..... but at the end of the the day its always good to help out and give advice to try... lol, and keep the water safe for us all.
  14. Well done mate, headed out from Seaforth yesterday, out to the Fad,12 mile for nothing, the ocean seemed very devoid of life ,went back inside north head where the sounder lit up with some serious Kings against the cliffs but they didnt want to play. Cheers
  15. Hi all, i fish the flats a lot for whiting on lures and find my best sessions are during the low tide , the Maianbar whiting like to hide in the pools left on low tides, also prefer the afternoon as my shadow is not on the water i'm flicking into, the smaller fish can be very agro with the bigger ones a bit harder to tempt, At the moment Maianbar is getting smashed by a couple of "licensed bait collectors" who had over 3000 nippers last week.....if you want to try and land some elbow slappers head up the Basin on the flats there past the bridge....theres some monster whiting up there but pretty hard to fool reckon a light fly outfit would score some of the big ones! Cheers