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  1. HI! Im heading up to North Arm Cove in two weeks for a few days. Taking kayak to do some fishing is there any good fishing in the cove or do i paddle to different spots on the lake . Plus i want to try using crab traps for some crabs as ive never done this before is it a good spot for traps. Thanks for any help.
  2. Not real well about half dozen nibbles all day .But its still good to get out .
  3. G'day Raiders,Driving up from Blue Mountains tomorrow to central coast for a fish thought I would try the Ettalong foreshore or is there somewhere better in the cool seasons , Will be just land base using bait and s/p. Thanks
  4. Hello all .i finally got a few days off and was thinking about going up the coast from central coast to foster for a fish any ideas where to go or is it a waste of time after the rain or i stay home drink any help would be great Cheers
  5. Hi all ...About 15 years ago we stayed at a bunk house place around brooklyn that was real cheap cant remember where but was wondering if anyone has any idea where or one is ...As me a few mates are going down that way in a few months and want somewhere to put how heads downs for a few nites Along the river would be great as we are fishing up and down river in a boat .. .Cheers