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  1. Estuary Perch

    Some cracker Eps there, big bucket mouths on them 👌
  2. Crab dawn raid

    Yeah definately wouldn’t say no to either
  3. Crab dawn raid

    Can’t beat that mate, blue swimmer in my opinion is better eating then Lobster
  4. Brisbane Waters Flathead

    Hey mate I am normally searching for fish so always casting, but they are just as effective drifting and lifting up and down, little bit of scent the flattys can not resist
  5. Anyone Fishing Offshore Port Stephens Tomorrow?

    How did you end up going mate
  6. Brisbane Waters Flathead

    Hey mate in 7 meters, drops off to around eleven. Was caught on a bigger Samaki vibe in midori mullet colour
  7. Wooli Round 2

    In the bay today just look for the birds
  8. Brisbane Waters Flathead

    Hearing mixed reports lately of some Jew poking around I thought it was about time I gave them another crack with a high change just after dark. Threw a combination of plastics and soft vibes and marked some good fish but could not tempt them. Landed this cracker flatty though as a by catch which was 2cms shy of my PB but was well and truely heavier. She was released after a quick photo. Kept a few smaller models for some beer battered flathead tails tomorrow night!!!
  9. surface flatty

    That’s a dusky any day of the week, the spots are generally to do with what ground they are predominately sitting on for camoflague
  10. Wooli - Spanish Mac with video

    Awesome 👌
  11. Mahi mahi

    Nah not the fad mate they hug the coast line, just have to chase the tuna birds in close can be very frustrating when they are boat shy they move ridiculously fast
  12. Gerringong & Kiama Fad

    Good Dollie mate, so much fun on the light gear
  13. Mahi mahi

    5inch zman Paddlerz in Pilchard colour I think it was
  14. Mahi mahi

    Cheers mate, you need to chase the longtail, won’t stay around for too long 🤙
  15. Mahi mahi

    Had a brief opportunity yesterday to head out at gentleman’s hours launched at Terrigal at 8.30am and was greeted by a southerly blowing at around 10-15 knots with not the best conditions. Marked a bit of bait but no matter what we did could not get them to eat so rather then wasting the short amount of time we had headed straight to Terrigal Bait. Water temp was still good around that 23 mark with slight current to the north, slight green tinge to it. Only boat out was thinking the dollies May have move on but first few casts we were on, majority were undersized rats and released. Few legals with the best going 75, so they are definately still out there but require a bit of effort. I think liveys are key to get the better fish