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  1. Port Stephens on fire!!

    All escaped fish from the Huon pen down the road haha just kidding good session, good bite on the beakies off the Central Coast and Sydney yesterday, predominately stripes Any reports of any blacks from up your way?
  2. Dolphin Fish Mahi Mahi

    The fish are there if you can filter through the small ones, water at Terrigal Fad was only 22, IMO I prefer water temp to be 23.5+, we still managed a few legals. Get there early before all the crowds and you should score a few, only way to get info is to head out there yourself your not going to catch them sitting on the lounge
  3. Lesson Learnt - Terrigal Fad

    Yeah still a bit hit and miss, all the reports from Gold Coast and that their run has been the best in years, fingers crossed it kicks of here
  4. Lesson Learnt - Terrigal Fad

    Yep exactly what I was planning, may go get some liveys and chase the bait balls on the inshore reefs and wrecks next week after the weather calms down, been a bumper season in blacks up north hopefully fires here
  5. Lesson Learnt - Terrigal Fad

    G'day mate boats a 5.2 stager centre console, F70 Yammy on the back, perfect for the style of fishing I do I predominately fish lures for Jewys and lizards in the estuaries, chase reds on the inshore reefs, on s good day gets me to the fad and beyond. Yep sure are traps in the 140 meter mark, mate hit them last week and the water was not great, after next week I'll hit them up Cheers
  6. Lesson Learnt - Terrigal Fad

    Biggest we got was 72, majority were undersized smaller then 60
  7. Took advantage of the perfect conditions yesterday and decided to give the fad a crack. Cruised out at 20 knots with glass like conditions. On the way out water temp was reading 23.4, with big schools of bait holding in close. My mate had never got a Dollie so insisted on hitting the Fad, once we got out there water had dropped to around 22.4, plenty of small dollies holding on the Terrigal Fad, we managed a couple of just legals before all the other boats arrived and they shut right down. Coming in spoke to a few mates who both scored blacks off those bait balls mentioned, the oldest saying in the world find the bait find the fish. Still a good session regardless
  8. Big Seas Next Week?

    Bring on the southerlys let's hope we get a couple in a row to bring that good warm water in close
  9. Sashimi Bonito Always A Risk!?

    It's all in the preparation but bonito sashimi or cervice is amazing if the fish is treated well, same as any seafood though
  10. record blue marlin

    On a Bonze lure too, gun lures
  11. Half tide rocks flathead

    Haha it is a joke, I tried to help a bloke who clearly had no idea at Woy Woy the other day after waiting 20minutes whilst he was retrieving his boat and was clearly struggling to cop an earful of abuse and how dare I interrupt in reply
  12. Mid north coast

    +1 for Wooli, Wooli itself is a bar crossing which if your not experienced is not fun especially when the arvo nor Easter is blowing with a run out tide. Minnie is a beach launch, once your out the options are endless. Not much in Wooli, the pub does a gun feed though.
  13. Bag of fish of the central coast

    Fads will start to kick off shortly mate, keep watching the SST and currents once it gets up around that 23 degree mark it will fire. No point fishing deep out there the Dolphin Fish stay in the top third of the water column. Read somewhere there were lots of tiny ones down in Sydney
  14. Rileys island central coast flathead

    Nice little edit mate, plenty of morons out on Brizzy Waters unfortunately.
  15. Anyone tried the FADs yet?

    Mate I was off the broken bay and terrigal ones last week we got as cold as 17 and green, water on the shelf was blue and around 23. Spoke to a few blokes today and said similar still a bit xold