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  1. Good report mate, won't be long before the dollies show up again 🤙
  2. Got the one good female, same plenty of 45-50cm fish. So much bait getting around
  3. Any luck this morning mate?
  4. Good luck, they are about, I saw your report your fishing the right areas, maybe throw some bigger lures and fish the deeper drop offs on the edges leading into where your fishing around St Hubert's 😉
  5. Cheers mate plenty of good ones, both have been on the last of the run out, been trying different spots and finding them on both tides, big girls definately easier to find bottom of the run out though
  6. Seems to be a common trend have been getting plenty of good sized lizards all throughout Brisbane Waters on a variety of soft vibes, plastics and blades. Go to plastic has been the 4inch swimmerz rigged on a tt 3/8th jighead fishing drop offs from around 4-8meters. Few small soapies getting around as well
  7. Haha anywhere you go on the wkend there's a big group of boats, even bigger groups at the ramps that have no idea what they are doing
  8. Kings were absent at all spots we found them a few weeks ago so not sure where they have gone, Tuggerah Reef that in close?
  9. Should be mate, we were finding big Schools of bait and birds in close to Winney, we went out to the 50 meter mark and there was scattered bait balls everywhere
  10. We found the schools off Terrigal the afternoon also, we could have bagged out on bonito. Jigged a couple of wrecks and couldn't get past the pesty barracoutta
  11. Good flathead drift through there, start at The Green Chanel marker to the main Chanel and work the edges, near the racks off to the left also hold good lizards
  12. Cheers mate good to mix it up from chasing Jew
  13. Launched at Terrigal, im fairly close off North Avoca mate We were fishing on the 20-30 meter mark mate, just chased the birds working. Not always like that mate, I chase Jew most of the time and I can tell you I go plenty of trips without em. Cheers mate can't beat em, I just love the harder you pull they pull harder back
  14. Nice session fellas, sneaky little trip down to the cooks maybe in order
  15. Had a quick window to get out late arvo with the plan on chasing reds on plastics with a tide change coinciding right on dark so only took some light gear. On the way to the spot we saw a school busting up which we thought were Salmon. As we got closer soon realised they were a school of kings with the majority rats, with a few legals mixed in. We stuck with the school in over an hour and a half lost count of how many we landed with a few bigger models smoking us. Even managed to land a few rats on 12lb. Best fish landed went 74. All fish caught on a variety of zman plastics, using snapper gear. Got to test out my new lox ambassador 6-16lb jewy stick, solid rod no thicker then your average bream stick. Ended up running out of time chasing snapper missing the tide and light but that's fishing.