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  1. bloody weather

    Launched pre dawn on Saturday and jigged plastics on sunrise for Kings. Caught 6 and 2 were 66 and 67. Weather went bad not long after 9am and we got rained on for 20 min. We found a gap and lucky for us the Kings were in the calmer parts. On the way back in found a whole bunch of Luderick sheltering in the ramp. Good sized ones as well, and lots of them.
  2. Squid taking plastics but not squid jigs

    Your jig may have not been getting right to the bottom. When this happens use the plastic to bring them up and even better if you can bring them to surface then present a jig to them. Have caught loads of squid doing this.
  3. Urgent help required

  4. Wet Weather Tactics

    Yupp that’s the type of quality you need for Winter Fishing. Worth the money toasty all night and day long. Add sailing boots and leggings and you are oblivious to the cold, even when underway with no shelter or hard top Quality sailing gear like what they use in the Ocean Racing. You literally can’t get wet or cold.....unless you fall in.
  5. Wet Weather Tactics

    Best is to buy a quality Sailing Jacket. They cost from $500 - $1500 but you can get some really good prices at Boat Shows. I got a $1000 one for $400 at Sydney Boat Show with a small imperfection. These are incredible. Light weight, Warm, Total water proof and pockets everywhere. I can stand in rain and wind all day even in Winter. Have had crew almost get hyperthermia while I have been toasty. It’s all about having the right gear. They do more than keep you dry
  6. Comon courtasy

    Not a fan of Jetskiers. I always cringe when I see them in the water. Is it that good people become W*****s when they get one or do only W*****s buy and use them. They are consistently the most detretious of all water sports participants.
  7. Bay reds

    Nice work, great looking fish there mate. Took my brother in law out on a few days ago from Bellambi. His first time fishing in Aus as he is a Kiwi. Second drop in Australian Waters and he straight away gets on and lands a 68cm snapper. Some good fish around at the moment
  8. My advice is to start with a small jig over reef so you get the hang of jigging and catching on them. You will be amazed at the variety of fish you will catch, many you probably have never seen or caught before. This will also build confidence that you are doing it correctly. They work really well on Pelagics and we have had some pretty good snapper sessions on them as well. We go to spot X marks and jig. Sometimes bait is more productive and sometimes jigs are. I find jigs more effective than plastics in deep water. We have even used them to catch flathead with good effectiveness. For flathead use a inchiku style jig and slowly slowly wind off the bottom. Has to be a slow drift or it does not seem to work as well. You can also fast jig the inchikus up the water Column for Kings and Samson fish. A new style of jig which is being used hard out in NZ is the Kabura or slider. My brother in law got me some for Xmas and I am very keen to try.
  9. Can soft plastics be re used??

    Of course. I have a squidgy flick bait 2 years old now, chewed up, cut up and caught loads of kings legal and rats. Reckon it has a session or two left. Gulps have to be put back in the juice or they dry out. And you have to be careful to only store Z man with Zman. You can’t store Zman and Squidgy together. They seem to melt. You can leave them on the jig head as well. But don’t put jig heads into the Berkeley gulp juice as the lead seems to leak out and makes a mess.
  10. port kembla / shellharbour

    Don’t think it would be worth it. Long way and be much easier by car. If you fish in port make sure you don’t anchor in the harbour as you can be fined and same goes for getting within 50m of the jetty’s. There is also a restricted area you can’t go into so make sure you know where that is before venturing further up into the harbour.
  11. port kembla / shellharbour

    There is also a ramp at Shellharbour. Kings are off the break walls and around the islands. Be careful going between the shore and island to get to Hill 60. Very shallow and can break where you don’t expect it. Orange mark is ramp at port Kembla. Bugger all parking though.
  12. Burleying in deep water

    Get a coil burley bomb. Looks like a car suspension spring. They are called a wobble pot. The action brings them close to the boat and spreads the burley out. Your lures or baits will always be further out and wont tangle. Putting burley on the anchor only works when your boat is in line with anchor warp which is not often when deep.
  13. Failed Fishing Trip - Curious?

    Can be a fine line some days between success and failure. We often fish where there are lots of Trev when we target pelagics. If we want to catch them we go small lures and if we want to slay them we go small micro jigs. Same with Amberjacks, if we want Amberjacks we have to change the rig to one we know they will go for. Some fish you need to know what and how to rig for. Guys fishing lightly weighted baits with dough on smallish hooks and light gear will outfish you with big circle hooks all day everyday when it comes to Trevs, Yellow Tail, Slimies etc. Watch what they are doing and replicate. If you want to increase your catch rate have a plan and approach for each species.
  14. How to catch Kings in port hacking?

    Try finding the bait and Jigging Soft Plastics from the bottom up. Use a 5/8 Jig head.
  15. How to set roller heights on new boat trailer

    I helped a mate to this a few weeks ago on a 5.5 Fiberglass boat. We just followed our noses and used common sense and it worked out well. Make sure you have the right tools. Get a spanner and tie it to your wrist so if you drop it you don't lose it under the boat. Very easy to drop tools when reaching under. Don't do it when the ramp will be busy, people will get annoyed. It will take longer than you think. Also wash is really annoying. The key was to have it lined up nicely off the transom to the edge of the trailer and then adjust the front pillar to suit. You should have an easier time of it as smaller and much lighter craft. We struggled to man handle the fibreglass boat but you will have no issues with yours. To make it easier take as much weight out of the boat. Will make it easier. It's all common sense. And I would not do it on my own. Get a friend to help.