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  1. South Avoca Rocks

    That's a good area for squid Rock Hopper. I use a 2.2g or 2.5g jig there.
  2. Intro and a avoca report.

    Yeah Rock Hopper salmon released I don't normally use the squid as bait either but they were only small so I thought why not throw throw one out and try for a kingfish. Tim
  3. Intro and a avoca report.

    I was out there at 5am today I saw a few bonnies caught early on Pillies under float. I managed to get 2 small green eye and floated one out only to be taken by a big salmon. Didn't bother wasting the other one. Tried for a few more calamari but no luck. The water looked green and dirty. Tim
  4. avoca 02/01/2018

    South Avoca rocks is the spot Anthony Park near the surf club. Once you get out on the rocks you will see everyone fishing you just have to find a spot..or try Terrigal Haven for Bonnies Tim
  5. avoca 02/01/2018

    There are a few coming in the Haven ARC it's still hit and miss some days they are there other days nothing. I'll be heading back out here in a few days when the tide gets lower in the morning.
  6. Opinions on sinker placement please

    Arron, I fish landbased in Brisbane waters or off my kayak. With bait fishing I always use a running sinker straight to the hook. At the moment I have been fishing around Ettalong/Umina beach area using a bean sinker (size varies on current flow) and a 3/0 circle hook with half a Pilchard as bait and getting some nice flathead. Usually I can feel a tap,tap then some weight starts to load up on the rod and I strike. Tim
  7. Half tide rocks flathead

    Just a running sinker down to the hook. Always a bean sinker and as small as I can. When the current flows a bit harder just up the sinker size.
  8. Half tide rocks flathead

    It's was crazy the amount of boats out there. I left when 2 people came over and both started casting over my line 😬
  9. Half tide rocks flathead

    Salted pillies Rick. The current flows pretty hard so I just walk along the beach(poor mans drifting)
  10. Half tide rocks flathead

    Went down to Ettalong/Ocean beach this morning for a fish. Arrived at 6am and back to the car at 9am. Result 4 flathead around the 40cm's and 1@53cm. Not a bad start to the day Tim
  11. Brisbane water Flatties

    I only keep a couple to feed myself, the missus and my daughter
  12. Brisbane water Flatties

    2 that went 64cm and 72cm both released. About 20 under size and 8 keepers over the last 4 weekends
  13. Brisbane water Flatties

    Nice catch Arc. its good to see Brisbane waters producing great fish. I've been getting some flatties myself lately
  14. The struggles and excitement of Clifton

    Great read mate. Always good to get a mixed bag of fish and Bonnies are great fun when busting up in close.
  15. Single hook or trebled?

    I put on Owner 1/0 single hook this morning. Dropped a couple of fish but releasing the fish with minimum damage was much easier with the single hook.