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  1. We are running low on good bait and tackle shops down the south end of the coast. Umina bait and tackle was good for fresh prawns and live worms its a shame it closed..I will be having a look at the new one at Woy Woy in the morning hopefully they sell some fresh bait.
  2. Thanks for the well informed information Rick. I agree 2 traps per person,4 per boat is reasonable. Tim
  3. Capy100 asked for opinions on crab traps and as far as can see if the opinion is not the one he agrees with then it's wrong.
  4. Don't know why they are banned in Brisbane waters and never really bothered to find out but for last 30 years I have just used handlines to catch them I know blokes that struggle to handline then net the crab so they go to the Hawkesbury to use traps which is great..more crabs for me 😁
  5. No traps of any sort allowed in Brisbane waters which i think is a good idea.Lake Macquarie and the Hawkesbury should be the same its not hard to handline for them.
  6. 30years of fishing Brisbane waters and have never seen or heard of anyone catching kings inside of halftide rocks. Not even a pub story ☺
  7. + 1 for lipgrips and pliers especially fishing off the rocks
  8. Its good to see a few around.where did you get yours Regan
  9. I got these ones at Avoca
  10. I've been trying to get out for squid session for a few weeks finally got out this morning got 3 between 6am and 7am then all went quiet I assume it was due to a small shark cruising. Jig size is 2.2
  11. Mayweather will win on points if McGregor doesnt knock him out before the 6th round.Mayweather will sit back and let McGregor be the aggressor and just counterpunch for points.Mayweather doesnt have the power to knock him out.
  12. Is it an annual fee or a one off joining fee
  13. Plenty of small flathead about at the moment.i got 13 last weekend off the beach at half tide rocks last weekend.Only 2 were keepers.
  14. Yeh hope the frigates and bonnies will turn up soon...went out last weekend squidding.got no squid didnt see any bust ups and the charter boats looked like they were struggling to get yakkas
  15. Near heard of or seen a frogfish in brisbane waters in the 30 years fishing here thanks for the replies.