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  1. EPIRB

    You will need to replace the EPIRB. You can dispose of the old one at Battery world - if there is one near you. I think, if it GME, you can send it back to GME as well, but it is more economical to just replace (at least it was when I did mine last year).
  2. looking for VHF radio advice

    GME have a good reputation and I believe are an Australian company located in the Hills District of Sydney - that's a plus for me. Standard Horizon units have got pretty good reviews on the net (mainly overseas for their higher end models). Icom also have a good reputation. I have a very old Icom in one boat, that despite looking very average, still works (10yrs old) and an old GME 27 in another boat that works well. good luck!
  3. Solar Charging

    Thanks everyone, after much reading on the interweb I determined that as I was not trying to recharge my batteries from 50% or less or run appliances a smaller panel would be ample for my needs. I went to a well known chandlery retailer & purchased a 40w panel with shottkey Diode & a controller. I believe that this will be sufficient to keep my 'house' batteries topped up even if the bilge pump needs to run occasionally. I am yet to install it, so time will tell.
  4. Solar Charging

    Hi all, I am looking for a little guidance on the subject of solar charging... As background, I have recently purchased a boat & it is on a swing mooring. the main bilge pump is connected to the house batteries which are 2 x 85 AH in parallel (170AH total) I want to ensure that the charge to these batteries, is maintained as well as I can manage, whilst the boat sits on the mooring. can anyone give me some guidance as to what sort of system I need (i.e 120 watt panel or 10 watt panel)? Of course I am currently googling away to see if I can get guidance, but thought someone here may be able to offer help. thanks
  5. Johnson Outboard - Oil Leak

    If I am looking at the photo correctly, I suspect that what I'm seeing at the bottom of the skeg, is oily exhaust residue. It is hard to tell from the photo's.
  6. Johnson Outboard - Oil Leak

    doesn't appear to be an oil leak to me. looks like carbon & / or exhaust residue. are you sure its oil?
  7. Painting Old Aluminium Boat

    if you don't remove all the old paint, you will fin that it will "bloom" when you apply the new etch prime. in other words, remove all the paint! good luck
  8. Fishing Turon Gates

    Fished there a very long time ago. in fact I think the property was called Turon Gates - water was very low & only 1 or 2 big pools. early pre dawn starts saw trout the size of whales leaping from the pools taking indeterminate insects! I threw everything I had in my tackle box at them eventually giving up & resorting to sticks & rocks in sheer frustration (kidding of course, I didn't throw any sticks...... ) But I did enjoy the excitement of watching them leap (whilst contemplating the purchase of a shotgun ) And I did get to see a platypus cruise up & down the river right in front of me. Sorry not much help, but thanks for the opportunity to reminisce.
  9. Is there such a thing?

    appreciate the input - thank guys. What I am after is a single switch. The way I have my lighting set up is that the individual lights are powered from one switch on the main switch panel - each light then has a seperate single switch - I want to be able to see those seperate single switches in the dark at a glance.
  10. refueling at sea

    Keep it simple I reckon. have a second portable tank. I have an underfloor tank & a portable tank. Both tanks are plumbed into a manual three way valve. I run on the underfloor tank first (just in case the fuel gauge stops working) then switch over to the portable if required. I generally use the thirds rule - third out, third back & a third for the mower when I get home! Good luck.
  11. Is there such a thing?

    Abecedarian, I eventually found the Narva switches - I was looking for something a little less "automotive" if thats the right word. something a little understated, but effective - Yeah, I know, I'm fussy!! But thanks anyway - I appreciate any help. I will keep fiddling / looking - see what turns up.
  12. Is there such a thing?

    Burnsie Thanks, My electrical knowledge is poor! I am not concened about the possibility of leaving the LED's in the individual switches powered because I will only be swithing the main switch on when its dark & the main switch is illuminated when in the "on" position, PLUS, I always switch the main panel off as soon as the boat is on the trailer. (famous last words!) I may sacrifice a LED "on when on" switch & see if I can modify it, if I cant get what I want - Fuses are Cheap!
  13. Is there such a thing?

    Thanks guys, I will be powering these switches off a central switch panel, So that when I first power up the central switch panel, the idea is to have all the individual switches illuminate. that way they are easily seen in the dark. But being fussy, I dont want bulky switches, just smallish rocker switches.
  14. Is there such a thing?

    Hi all, looking for some ideas. I want to install some small LED illuminated rocker switches (12v). The thing is, I want them illuminated when in the "OFF" position. (so they can be easily located in the dark) Does anyone know if such a switch exists? I have googled & I have spoken to a couple of suppliers, but have not yet had any success.